Harrison Ford talks about To Kill a Mockingbird

“Come on! I wanna come! I can help!” Scout was trying to convince them and it was getting harder. They needed her and she knew it. But it was hard to get them to say it. “I won’t be any trouble and I’ll do whatever! Please?” She wouldn’t be a dead weight or a bother, she promised herself that. She had to convince them ,not herself.

Reading goal update

I just acquired 6 classics so I plan to break from my current goals to read through these classics. It’ll be a nice break from the YA novels. I’m going to finish I Am the Messenger quickly first, of course. Here’s a list of the classics:
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (reread)
The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Writings by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner
Wind, Sand and Stars by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
The Blind Assassin by Margret Atwood

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GENDER: female

HEIGHT: 4′11"

FAVE COLOR: light rose pink



LAST THING I GOOGLED: “/tagged/mba″


FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Riley Matthews, Anne Perkins, Pam Beesly, Jane Villanueva

FAVORITE BOOKS: Persepolis, The Giver, Uglies, TKAM
FAVORITE BANDS/ARTISTS: The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj, 
WHEN DID I CREATE MY BLOG? this blog: 1 week ago i think idk
CURRENT FOLLOWER COUNT: i have 50 lmao (follow me!)
WHAT DO I POST?: shitititititit

WHAT MADE ME GET TUMBLR? i forgot tumblr is cool
DO I GET ASKS OFTEN? on my other account i get a lot here not really ://

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Star sign-Sagittarius

Height- I’m kinda small I know alright but it’s no shame to be 5′1″

Favourite colors- Mainly cold colours like PURPLE, or blue but BLACK is so cool as well

Average hours of sleep- not enough

Lucky number- 13, 10, 6

Last thing I googled- what do Scout and Jem learn throughout TKAM ( yeah essays…)

Number of blankets I sleep with- TWO, yes i love those

Favorite fictional characters- are you kidding, is this even a question with a proper answer??? but alright i’ll try to answer, Harley Quinn, Marty Mcfly, Tyler Durden, Han Solo, Mcfassy( they are characters okay), Miss Marvel, Macbeth, Mystique, Hulk and so on…

Favorite Novels- Fight Club, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, The Importance Of Being Earnest, Pride and Prejudice, Of Mice and Men, Frankenstein. but fight Club is my 100% fave

What are you wearing right now?- jeans, Ralph Lauren sweater, a PINK one

When did I start this blog?- oooh I’m feeling old right now ( says the girl who’s only 15) around Summer 2013

Amount of followers- 198, nearly 200, A HUGE thanks by the way, love you all!!

What do I post mostly?- MARVEL, DC comics, LOTR, HP, Sherlock, Fassavoy, Brit guys

Do I run any more blogs?- No well yes but not using it cause i don’t know actually, i got this huge laziness

What made me get a tumblr?- Fassy, I used to make these research on him ( not stalker like at all) and I would see this little logo everywhere and I thought ‘does that lead to Fassy World?’ it kinda did! I’m not so social medias, but I fell madly in love with this one and I can’t seem to get rid of it

Do I get a lot of asks?- Not so much, please talk to meeeee

Why did I get this URL?- i guess it’s obvious really

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