atticus finch??? nah what a nerd what a— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of pages from to kill a mockingbird spill out of jacket] w-what a fuckign dork i— these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of drawings of atticus scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend jus t listen

Everything you need to know about To Kill A Mockingbird, in a single post. Innit blud.
  • Dill: hi
  • Scout: hi
  • Jem: hi
  • Dill: where is boo radley
  • Boo Radley: hi
  • Boo Radley: soz
  • Scout: soz
  • Cecil Jacobs: ur dads a nigger lover
  • Scout: u wot m8
  • Aunt Alexandra: u need to be a lady k
  • Scout: u fucking wot m8
  • Mrs Dubose: ur dads a nigger lover
  • Jem: u wot m8
  • Mrs Dubose: dont u fucking try it
  • Jem: soz
  • Mrs Dubose: no
  • Atticus: soz jem do the thing
  • Jem: ffs
  • Mrs Dubose: ha
  • ---Part 2 starts---
  • Scout: jem stop being older
  • Jem: fuck u scout u cant tell me what to do k
  • Dill: hi
  • Scout: wtf
  • Dill: ik soz
  • Scout: am i still ur truespice
  • Dill: yes
  • Atticus:
  • Mayella Ewell: that man raped me
  • Judge Taylor: u wot m8
  • Bob Ewell: tom robinson raped her
  • Judge Taylor: u fucking wot m8
  • Tom Robinson: i didn't do the thing
  • Whole of Maycomb: U FUCKING WOT M8
  • Scout: peak on u
  • Jem: dnt fcking touch me k
  • Dill: I can't even
  • Atticus Finch: Maycomb u are being seriously peak
  • Bob Ewell: u wot m8
  • Scout: i hate them blurred lines
  • Scout: of hypocrisy in this fucking town oh my god
  • Jem: still dnt fcking touch me k
  • Jem: but i'll take you to halloween
  • Bob Ewell: boo
  • Jem: well fuck
  • Scout: well fuck
  • Boo Radley: hi
  • Scout: well fuck
  • Scout: wait what
  • Heck Tate: Bob Ewell fell on his knife k
  • Atticus Finch: u wot m8
  • Scout: it would be kinda like shooting a mockingbird, wouldn't it?
  • Atticus: scout ur right this novel does not need a contextual ending to give a main point to the story despite the whole plot being a fucking flashback told to us by an older version of yourself
  • Atticus: why not just end it here go to sleep
  • Scout: yeah aight
  • Everyone: bye
  • Reader: u wot m8

Dear Atticus,
You taught me to walk around in others’ shoes
But here I am,
Wearing none.

Why is that,
You ask?

The shoes I’ve tried
Came in multiple sizes,
With string
And Velcro,
And new

They donned my feet
But opened my eyes
To hardships I never knew

‘You don’t really know a person
Until you’ve put on their shoes…’

I’ve walked a mile in each, Atticus,
Just like you said!

And now I can’t go back
To the pair I started in

I’m ‘barefoot’ now, Atticus
Because you can’t see
I’m really wearing all the shoes
That have changed me



Dear Atticus, About the Shoes…

  • To begin with, 😤😤😤 this case should never 🙅❌ have come to trial.📒 The state has not produced ☝️ iota of medical💊evidence 🔍 that the crime🚓🔫 Tom Robinson is charged with ever🚫 took place…👀 It has relied instead upon the testimony of 2️⃣ witnesses, whose evidence has 😡not only😡 been called into serious😠 question on ❎cross-examination❎, but has been flatly contradicted😾👉 by the defendant👨🏿. Now, there is circumstantial💩 evidence to indicate🙋 that Mayella Ewell💁 was beaten👊 - savagely👊👊🔥, by someone who led▶️ exclusively☝️ with his left✋🏿. And Tom Robinson👨🏿 now sits before⬅️ you having taken the oath✋🏿 with the only good hand✋🏿 he possesses… his👏 RIGHT👏. I have nothing❌ but pity😥😭 in my heart❤️ for the chief👮 witness💁 for the State. She is the victim😔 of cruel👎 poverty👎 and ignorance👎. But😤 my pity😥 does not🚫 extend so far as to her putting a man's life👨🏿 at stake💀💀, which she has done👉 in an effort to get rid💨 of her own💁 guilt🙍. Now I say 🙍"guilt,”🙍 gentlemen👨, because it was guilt🙍 that motivated👉 her. She's committed no crime🚓🔍 - she has merely broken😱 a rigid📜 and 🕒time-honored🕒 code📖 of our society🇺🇸, a code📖 so severe😱 that whoever💁 breaks🙅 it is hounded😠🐶 from our midst as unfit🙅 to live💀 with. She must destroy🙅 the evidence📒 of her offense👊. But what was the evidence📒 of her offense?🤔 Tom Robinson👨🏿, a human👏 being👏. She must put➡️ Tom Robinson👨🏿 away from her🙅. Tom Robinson👨🏿 was to her a daily📅 reminder📝 of what she did🙍. Now, what did she do?🤔 She tempted a Negro✋🏿. She was white✋🏻, and she tempted a Negro✋🏿. She did something that, in our society🇺🇸, is unspeakable😶. She kissed💋 a black man👨🏿. Not an old uncle👴🏿, but a strong💪🏿, young👶🏿 Negro man👨🏿. No code📜 mattered to her before⬅️ she broke👊👊 it, but it came crashing down⬇️ on her afterwards🕒. The witnesses👀 for the State, with the exception❌ of the sheriff👮 of 🌺Maycomb County🌺 have presented👐 themselves to you gentlemen👨, to this court💼 in the cynical😠 confidence😠 that their testimony💬 would not be doubted✋🏻, confident😎 that you gentlemen👨 would go🏃 along🏃 with them on the assumption🤔... the 👿evil👿 assumption👿 that all Negroes✋🏿 lie🙅, all Negroes✋🏿 are basically 👿immoral😈 beings, all Negro✋🏿 men👨🏿 are ❌not❌ to be trusted 🔄around our women💁👩💃. An assumption🤔 that one associates with minds📚 of their caliber⬇️, and which is, in 🔄itself🔄, gentlemen👨, a 👏lie👏, which I do ❌not❌ need to point👉 out to you👊. And so, a quiet😶, humble👼, respectable😇 Negro✋🏿, who has had the👏 unmitigated👏 TEMERITY👏👏👏 to feel sorry😔 for a white woman💁, has had to put his word💬 against ✌🏻 white people’s👺! The defendant👨🏿 is not❌ guilty😓 - but somebody🙇 in this courtroom💼 is. Now, gentlemen👨, in🇺🇸 this🇺🇸 country🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸, our courts💼 are the great💪 levelers🌐. In our courts💼, all men👨 are created👦 equal👶🏿👧🏼. I'm no idealist🤔💭 to believe💫 firmly👊💪 in the integrity😤 of our courts💼 and of our jury👔 system📃 - that's no❌ ideal⭐️🌟 to me. That is a living💚, working🏃 reality🌎! Now I am confident😤 that you gentlemen👨 will review📝, without🙅 passion😡, the evidence📒 that you have heard🔊👂, come to a decision👍 and restore♻️ this man👨🏿 to his family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. In the name of GOD🙇🙏, do your duty💼. In the name of God🙇🙏, believe... Tom Robinson.📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢