22/05/16 // “There’s a black boy dead for no reason and the man responsible for it’s dead. Let the dead bury the dead this time, Mr Finch. Let the dead bury the dead.” 

the-beatles-are-dead asked:

southern gothic (for the book rec)

  • the sacred lies of minnow bly by stephanie oakes 🌙
  • a magic dark and bright by jenny perinovic
  • wise blood by flannery o’connor
  • other voices, other rooms by truman capote 🌙
  • the paperhanger by william gay 🌙    (x
  • beware the wild by natalie c. parker

poesiaboomerang asked:

Have you ever read To kill a mockingbird? If so, what do you think?

I don’t think it’s possible to reach the age of twelve in the American South without reading TKAM three or four times. I liked it all right but it didn’t change my life or anything and I haven’t really felt compelled to read it again since high school. I feel the same way about Gatsby and seem to be in the minority on both counts.

21/05/16 // I’m so nervous for my English exam on Monday - luckily my school is doing a breakfast revision session where they’re bringing in food and we can go along and ask any last second questions, but I’m really worried a minor character will come up for the 47 marker who I haven’t planned for…

We saw To Kill a Mockingbird today.

The play was amazing. It was a little mature for our 6th graders, but wow. I need to read it again.

Field trips are always stressful, but worth it. Most of my kids had never been to a formal play, so I am glad they did this. They definitely learned a lot about etiquette…

also my problem with gsaw: how did Jem die? I assumed he died in ww2 (I haven’t actually done any math but I assume he would be about the age to get drafted at some point in time), but then there was when Atticus and Scout were “standing on the spot where Jem died”… did I miss something?

edit: thanks to everyone who messaged me about this, but I have my answer!