I love being able to legitimately cite Tumblr posts in my sociology essays as first-person documents because a lot of Tumblr users honestly have fantastic insight on society and societal problems

But I hate citing Tumblr posts in my sociology essays because then I have to, in all seriousness, say “Tumblr user pilgrimkitty offered a different perspective”

Omg so kneeling verse, TK already kneels for G and now he’s the captain here and Mitch goes to him easy as anything and Brayden wants to but he’s never kneeled for anyone but stammer so he hesitates and watches from far away and Nate and killer nudge him towards G, rookies need to kneel to feel centered and at ease and G wants to tell him you can bud, I’m here for you, so eventually once Brayden can’t do it by himself he goes to G’s hotel room and before he can get the door open all the way he’s on his knees. G drags him inside and sits at the edge of the bed and strokes his hair and tells him he’s so good and it’s perfect.