Saiko the “sleeper”

I’vebeen analyzing the Quinx quotes. Here’s a link to Mutsuki and Urie’s.

Here’s a link to the quote (thanks makyun)

I have a feeling that Saiko’s quote goes far beyond actual physical sleeping. I think it’s almost like a spiritual/mental sleep.

Ishida depicts her as a girl who doesn’t care, and that who’s just lazy, and who just sits around and gets fat, but I think that’s just a “mask” so to speak. I think that this is her way of “sleeping”. Considering how she’s describes as a girl who lays around all day, and eats, and does nothing with her life, I’m assuming she’s slightly depressed, or in the state of depression.

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Well. Here’s finally the finished drawing, sorry it took me quite a while ;w;
Actually I have a lot of work to do and I wasn’t supposed to draw tg fanart at all! However, your ask really got me, anon! I just wanted to do a quick sketch, but I had too much fun and in the end…voila.
When you said “seeing” Hide getting attacked, my first thought was that Kaneki would instantly rush in to save him. So I drew that. I hope you like it a little :’)

Hello everyone!!! :D
So I tried using SAI instead of beloved Photoshop and this is what happened! I wanted to draw those uniforms for a while now and… now I regret doing it while testing SAI x’DDDD I had a lot of fun, though! SAI feels completely different than PS and I’m already thinking of how I could combine these two ~
Anyway - have some Kaneki!! (as always)