tk the artist

“Showtime” - Produced by DJ ABBY AB - a smoothed-out rap tune laid over a silky bed of soul music featuring TK The Artist on Vocals. Featured on the album “Balance Love Power”.

Also featured in the erotic, short, fashion film “Balance of Power” (ch.3)

Photo by Abdul Malik Abbott

Aniseed is an asshole and TK doesn’t seem impressed.

TK doesn’t seem to appreciate the reminder of his shortness…

I’ve wanted to draw this for some time but always found myself distracted or drawing something else…

Anyway, enjoy my weekly draw, I did it instead of studying.

Got the idea from real life because I do this to my little sisters all the time.

Aniseed belongs to me

TKSans and quantumtale belong to the wonderful and talented @perfectshadow06


It’s all on instagram, but just because everyone’s posting theirs here too, I’ll follow the trend. 

Artist challenge meme, I drew Juvia in others’ styles: clymacs | luciasatalina | blamedorange | blanania | kkumri | and lastly Arina Tanemura-sensei style because she is my shojo mangaka idol

Thanks for letting me butcher your styles, and then graciously complimenting me. Y’all are too talented and too kind.

Oh…my… Davros! We hit 3000 already! Thank you all so much!

and a great shout out to our newest artist Tk for this picture of Sha and Dinky has Rocket and Groot!

Now for the Winners of the Dalek Sha contest! Reminder of what they winners will get!

Third place will have any of their oc in the background of a update.

Second place will have their oc in the background and a Sha poster signed by me Delta.

Third place will get a custom Dalek Sha plushie and a story role with whatever oc of their choosing in Sha.

Now the winners

Third place winner is Ask- Holometa!

Second place winner is triblademaster!

and first place winner…Drum roll!

External image

The first place winner of the first Dalek Sha contest is…..


Both of you come contact me at my mod blog here and we can discuss what to do next. You have till the end of the week to reply.

Everyone thank you so much for your time and following and maybe we can do this again! Just remember we couldn’t of done this without all of you.

I love you all.