tk music


Can you make bangin’ dance tunes on an office calculator?

TK says yes. Yes you can.

aurousheiress  asked:



DANCE, DANCE, TK-CHAN! Yeah, yeah, TK-chan, go, go!” With her back to the school, Ibuki stuck out like a SORE thumb, hands waving wildly in the air. 

She was slowly gaining ATTENTION- although the person in the middle of the growing crowd was getting more attention than she. 

“Oh! Wait! Hiyoko-chan!”

The musician POUNCED on her passing friend, black nails digging into the shoulder blades of the other. 

“MEET TK-CHAN! HE’S LIKE, THE BABY OF US! He dances and sings! Although he’s the same age of Ibuki!”

At his name, the man in the middle of the crowd flipped fully to his feet, running one finger across the red bandanna that covered his eyes. 

When he saw her, he shot a PEACE sign in her direction. “Yo, yo~”

“Meet Hiyoko-chan, TK-chan!” 

Coming closer, TK never stopped moving, constantly shifting his weight from side to side as his attention skimmed up and down the female.

“Knock, knock, knock, go down and knock on heaven’s DOOR,” was all he said in CONCLUSION, a light smile on his lips.