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Don’t ask why I made them…
I’m a CTK Fangirl & Freak that’s why
The actual reason is that I was deleting old pics from my gallery until I saw my good old fav pic (Sans Bad Time and Inside Phone) and then I suddenly thought of CTK and I was like “Fack it! I want a CTK on my phone!” And it came to making this altogether (gawd tell me I didn’t spend 8 hours working on this!)

But hey it’s totally worth it when I already put my own customized thing (with my name already there and a sweet sentence that I would love to see and hear every single day of my passing life)
This hawt pirate skelly belongs to @perfectshadow06 (and so the little bit of words & art reference)

anonymous asked:

(Last Question) Can you please draw TK Frisk in a wedding dress and also sans's reaction.(ps. Im not a Frans shipper. I just think its cute to see lil frisk wearing a wedding dress)

TK is at a lost for words…. x’D

This what happens in my week…

My T.L.E Teacher : Okay class now we are at the second quarter I want you to apply what we will learn today and that is… Sewing…

Everyone (Except me because I love Sewing TBH) : *groans, sighs, & complains*

My T.L.E Teacher : No more buts and complains! I want you to make and design your fabrics… ON. THE. SPOT!

Me : *couldn’t think of any design and kind of stitch*

Also me : *suddenly thinks and just flips with the dumb idea in her head* Let’s just roll with a Detailed design and simple running stitches!

The outcome of it…

I’m still not finished (because it’s so detailed that it even had a BG X"DDD)

TK (The practice bean of mine X"D) Belongs to / © @perfectshadow06

Hand sewing Art(?) By Me @sakuraegg / @sakuraegg-rps

Original Undertale belongs to Toby Fox ^^

Note : I might actually live stream on YT while continuing to make this X"DDD


Let’s stay in the same theme as yesterday palette ! Force and Prejudice Tatooine story arc !
Shatti and Xarel in their smuggler “cosplays” / main NPCs for this story arc : Ysa'nora, twilek mercenary, space pirate Keran Jeevi, and Tee-Kaan, Ysa’s partner. (all 3 are @shamusu ‘s of course)

After recovering from their misadventures with Xarel Sith family (lovely people really), he and Shatti went to Tatooine to rescue Ysa, Xarel long time …”friend”, from a gang of pirates.
One of the fun part is that they had to pass for smugglers/mercenaries to sneak in their base… and that means DESIGNING OUTFIT ! 8D (thank you @shamusu to provide me with absolutely very necessary fanservice ♥)
Shatti actually borrowed some of Ysa’s clothes, giving me the perfect excuse to draw her a bit less covered, and Xarel out of his giant, oversize coat. And I’m so grateful for that. Because honestly… they’re pretty hot under their conceling Jedi robes !

Aniseed is an asshole and TK doesn’t seem impressed.

TK doesn’t seem to appreciate the reminder of his shortness…

I’ve wanted to draw this for some time but always found myself distracted or drawing something else…

Anyway, enjoy my weekly draw, I did it instead of studying.

Got the idea from real life because I do this to my little sisters all the time.

Aniseed belongs to me

TKSans and quantumtale belong to the wonderful and talented @perfectshadow06

Last Night Doodles

I’m really using him way too much as a practice bean for almost EVERYTHING I do that’s related to arts or something X"D

“You already did your BEST, and it’s ENOUGH.” - TK!Sans (Random made-up motivation quote by me XP)

Take my Motivation and Chibi Doodles of TK!Sans

This little TK here belongs to © @perfectshadow06

Doodles by me @sakuraegg / @sakuraegg-rps

Programs/Apps Used :

Sony Sketch - For sketching lines & doodling

ibisPaint X - For drawing & coloring

Fotor - For Editing

CamScanner - For cropping (and I recommend AKA advertise it that you guys should use it for taking on paper artworks XP)

went back and did a cleanup of the ref I used during the red phantom quartz asks. though they were a temporary fusion character, i really liked how the design came out so i thought i’d post it up!

ok now back to our regularly scheduled programming