Takeru harmed almost everyone important to me. He ditched his brother for Taichi, destroyed Pinochimon’s toys and abandoned him, yelled at Hikari for no reason at 02, acted all stupid and punched Ken. He also yelled at Patamon for saying something pretty normal. I have so many reasons to hate him and still can’t believe so many people love him. Also, because Hikari is my number #1, I absolutely loathe Takari.

A legszebb este volt mikor először láttalak…
Átöleltél szorosan, az ajkamhoz a szád ragadt !
Nem akarom, hogy a jövőbe a múlt húzzon…
Szerelemként érkeztem, barátként búcsúzom !

scawrymonster asked:

I don't like kr/tk because of many reasons but one huge one lately is because they completely erase all that bokuto's done for tsukishima and act like kuroo was his saving grace when it's bokuto's line that keeps being played over in tsukishima's head. You already know I don't like it tho lmao just wanted to be a part of the cause.

lol cole thank you for mentioning this because ive been trying to put this argument in somewhere but i haven’t been able to 😭

Once upon a time I did create a buch of Digimon OCs, these are gen2. the Goggle boy is Sach (14, black, a mix between Davis and Taiki), main girl is Najla (16, muslim, mix between Rika and Kai), the othe one is Sasha (16-17, Russian, genderfluid, mix between Henry and TK), Laura (14, mexican, mix between Takato and Mimi), Ben (14-15, Australian, Mix between Taguiru and Hirokazu) and finally Alex (Mix between Takuya and Thomas)

Ships? Sach/Najla, Alex/Laura and Ben/Sasha. Partners? Sach: Crabmon, Najla: Commandramon, Sasha: Penmon, Laura: Alraumon, Alex: Elecmon and Ben: Kokabuterimon.

Alex was part of Gen1, but gen 1 was huge! (13 characters), and some return in gen 2, like Josefina, Styrbjorn, Hafsa, Caleb and Cedric. 

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i dont like krtsk either because it completely erases the existence of other important people - what about yamaguchi? he was the one who helped tsukki most? and bokuto? and everyone else on karasuno because their development made tsukki conscious of his own - kuroo really didn't do much to help, besides give a few tips here and there. plus krtsk is so...out of character? idk how to explain cause im so bad with words but like, they're just not each other's type :/

you explained this so well dang everything you said about erasing the existence of the other important characters? completely true imo (tho im playing devils advocate here when i say that you could argue that kuroo did more than just give a few tips but i havent read the training camp arc in a while so idk if that’s right)

but overall yeah what you wrote is pretty much my kr/tk hate manifesto


On this day in music history: July 6, 1974 - “Rock Your Baby” by George McCrae hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 2 weeks, also topping the Hot 100 for 2 weeks on July 13, 1974. Written and produced by Harry Wayne Casey and Richard Finch, it is the biggest hit for the Florida born and raised R&B vocalist. Casey and Finch will initially record “Rock Your Baby” as demo during off hours at TK Records studio in Miami, where they are working doing odd jobs. With the two playing all of the instruments, and using scrap tape from the studio (except guitar, played by KC & The Sunshine Band guitarist Jerome Smith), they will record the track in only 45 minutes, paying Smith $15 to play on the track. They will play the finished recording for execs at the label who will declare it “a smash” and to “not change a thing”. McCrae will walk into the studio the next day and hear the track. Casey and Finch will invite him to have a go at recording vocals, which he will complete in only two takes. “Rock Your Baby” will be a massive hit, not only in the US but internationally as well, also topping the UK singles chart and selling over eleven million copies worldwide. The record is also significant in being one of the first “disco” songs to break into the pop music mainstream, kicking off the Disco Era.