“I suppose you will… how unfortunate.”

I love Tk sans but I think I love his Infinity Code outfit even more!

well, in any case, this was a small battle in the “future” of the multiverse. And there, very few people remaining; humans, monsters, angels, demons, etc, virtually all of creation, every species whittled down to hundreds of thousands at best. This is due to the fact that Lunatic has almost entirely wiped all of them out and the only reason he hasn’t completely annihilated everyone is that those who remained banded together.

Currently, the ones always on the front lines opposing Lunatic is 

Both future TK!sans’ (cursed and Infinity code) ( @perfectshadow06 )

Lilith and the Crimson Eye Clan ( @lonely-void-flower )

and lastly the strongest frisks, neutral ( @yugogeer12) and Eight (my own Frisk)



안녕하세요 지오아미코리아입니다❤️
케미쩌는 세사람의 화보를 공개합니다❤️
김동한 타카다켄타 권현빈의 열일하는 페이스보고 월요병 이겨내세요💫
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Hello, this is GIOAMI KOREA❤️
The pictorial of the three people who have great chemistry has been revealed ❤️
Please look at Kim Donghan, Takada Kenta, and Kwon Hyunbin’s hardworking faces and overcome the Monday blues💫
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ash: jfc finn are you ok

ash: you can’t just run off to space like that

finn: you see that’s where you’re wrong my friend bc i can

finn: and you know what it sucked

finn: my rocketship is a piece of crap and i got roasted by aliens

finn: but i’m gonna work and work and try again until it’s awesome