So! 2 things about these two liquid lipsticks!
1). On the left of both pics is NYX’s Matte Lip Cremes in Transylvania on the right is Maybelline’s Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in Possessed Plum. Pretty nice dupes tho Maybelline’s is more glossy
2). HOWEVER, THEY’RE BOTH SHIT. You can see in the pics, both colors are patchy af and they’re even more patchy on the lips. I’m so sad bc I really want a nice dark purple but like these are shit :(

My point: Does anyone know where I can find a dark purple (for like less than $10) that won’t betray me like this?

ok scary story time i suppose

cos shit man am i scared

i think i was just in a horror film and i felt like i was gonna get stabbed to death. i went to down to brush my teeth and since it’s 6 am and no one’s up, it’s still dark around the apartment and i brought my phone as a flashlight. anyway so when i’d brushed my teeth and opened the door to walk out of the bathroom, i heard voices from the living room. it’s still dark in there so that’s already creepy as it is. since i have to walk by the entrance to the living room on my way up the stairs i stood outside and recorded this.

it’s probably a toy or something that’s lying on a button but like how did that happen when no one’s been in there for five hours and it JUST started making noise when i was in the living room? dude i ain’t going back out there i recorded this and ran up the stairs, locked my door and now i’m not going out until someone else’s taken care of whatever that thing is.

safe to say i’m not gonna be able to sleep. hahahahaha ha. :)

anonymous asked:

SO glad I'm not the only one who went WTF about the "Dirty Money" comment! Really Liz?? I wish Red had not spent his "Dirty Money" tracking down Tom and forcing him to come back so you wouldn't end up in prison and yeah the whole selling the apartment thing to make up for Tom murdering the harbourmaster. Red, please, take ALL your "dirty Money" and search for the best medical experts to bring Josephine back to the woman who was able to really show you love and not this shit you get from Liz

I share your frustration Anon believe me. Red’s dirty money has done more good than anything TK and his worthlessness could hope to attempt. So I’m impatiently waiting for Liz to finally ask Tom the big important questions. Where did he get the money to buy the boat and the three (3!!) Ford Mustangs I’ve seen him driving. The irony of Tom buying the boat shortly after Liz sold the apartment to set up the trust for Ames’ daughter is nothing short of appalling. Liz please wise up for all our sakes as well as your own.