anonymous asked:

Hey do you know any sick!fics? Like one of the boys is sick and the other takes care of them, fics with this kind of concept etc? Thanks!

He Pretends He’s Okay (But He’s Obviously Not) by tjstar (1/1 | 2,412 | Teen and Up)

Actually, it all starts with a mild stomachache.

Nap Time by summerdownturn (1/1 | 1,831 | General Audiences)

With Tyler sick, Josh is left alone to ponder about their kids.

Blink Back To Let Me Know by cliqueasfrick (1/1 | 2,310 | Not Rated)

Tyler knew something wasn’t right.

You Can’t Say Things With Your Mouth by donutsfordun (1/1 | 5,150 | Not Rated)

Tyler is miserable, he’s simultaneously hot and cold, his throat hurts like hell and he can barely speak.
He planned on waiting this cold out alone with tissues, cough syrup, and Netflix until his, well lets not call him boyfriend how about, this guy he’s sorta seeing, decides to take measures into his own hands.

Fluff ensues.