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Sherlock: *does nothing*


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Holmes’s and Watson’s pet names

(How Holmes and Watson call each other)

Watson’s for Holmes

“My dear Holmes”: 16 times

“My companion”: over a hundred times (I’m refusing to count any further)

Holmes’s for Watson

“My dear Watson”: 94 times 

“My dear boy”: two times (this means exactly what it sounds like)

“My boy”: nine times 

“My dear doctor”: two times

“My Watson”: three times

There is an awful lot of possessive pronouns here, if you start to think about it…

Could they appear more married if they tried??

I love how in ACD Canon Watson is like.. “My beautiful charming talented friend Holmes..who has long limbs..and I like looking at him..he has this extraordinary mind..He is so good..I like him so much.. I can write pages and pages about him..wait that’s what I do…..whoops I forgot I have a wife I think.. And I am 60% certain she is at her mom’s.”

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Don’t do it, don’t you dare, DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTA-

shit, it’s too late

I gotta hug him, nothin’ I can do now


  • Random person: “BBC Sherlock cannot be a romance because their relationship was always platonic in the books.”
  • Arthur Conan Doyle: “We had a first-class carriage to ourselves — and laying a hand upon each of my knees he looked into my eyes with the peculiarly mischievous gaze which was characteristic of his more imp-like moods.”

“about the man we both love”

I need to start this off with the fact that Mary said in the beginning “if you’re watching this, I’m probably dead.” So she knows that, as she’s recording the video, Sherlock would be watching it after she died. Now anyone who can’t see the way sherlock looks at john, or how he simply acts towards him, must be blind. Mary surely figured it out from the start. And I bet she realised that if she died, she should let sherlock know that she knew, and that she was never against it, hence “i know you two. And if I’m gone, I know what you could become. Because I know who you really are.” She knew they loved each other, and although she really was in love with john, and he loved her, she still recognised the complexity of his relationship with sherlock. She still recognised that Sherlock was hiding his feelings, and John was struggling with his. She’s not dumb. She didn’t see, she observed.

My friend: why do you have a Sherlock Holmes book out on your desk and bookmarked?

Me: Oh I needed to find a quote.

My friend: ….. why?

Me: ……

Me: ……. I was arguing with a stranger online about whether or not Irene Adler was meant to be a love interest.

My friend: Oh. She was, wasn’t she?

Me: *licks finger and flips open to A Scandal in Bohemia without breaking eye contact* First of all-

ACD Canon reminder once again: In the books, Holmes only uses cocaine or another form of drug when there are no cases to be solved, and yet, just before Watson marries Mary, he begins using again. It’s not hard to tell that he’s trying to distract from his own heartbreak.
“You have done all the work in this business. I get a wife out of it, Jones gets the credit, pray what remains for you?” “For me,” said Sherlock Holmes, “there still remains the cocaine-bottle.” And he stretched his long white hand up for it. 



So… I was waiting till The Abominable Bride I could do this video. And really hope someone will enjoy it :)

TFP - EURUS Holms is not real!

There is a woman pretending to be Sherlock’s sister, but how can he forget a sibling?

We don’t know, if there is a real sister of Sherlock and Mycroft, the explanation in TFP is not satisfying. If Mycroft was able to re-write Sherlock’s memories, what else did he manipulate? This would also imply, that he has more power over Sherlock, as we want to imagine.

Sherlock knows her as a blond women, that came to his flat a few weeks ago, pretending to be ‘Faith Smith’ and when he ‘picked up’ John at his therapist (without recognizing that it was the same person) – as EURUS she looks again different, acts different.

Is EURUS real and a missing Holms sibling or maybe one of Moriarty’s or Mycroft’s agents or even sent from Sherrinford, the real secret sibling?

We have seen her in 3 disguises before (Faith Smith, ‘E’xx the woman in the Bus, John’s new therapist) so we don’t know, how she really looks like.

As John points out in therapy, that she barely news Sherlock, she explains ‘Oh no, we met before, we spent a whole night together, it was lovely, we had chips…!

John’s jealous look – let me instantly think about Moriarty’s plan to ‘burn out Sherlock’s heart!

During her introduction to John, EURUS locks the door to the garden to ensure, that he can’t escape, but what is her motive to hurt or kill John?

Culverton gave me Faith original note, a mutual friend put us in touch…”

(Who was this mutual friend – was it MORIARTY???) Consulting criminal - it is his style to use others to separate John and Sherlock, like he used Irene Adler before.

At the same time, we get a proper connection to Moriarty, when Sherlock finds the ‘big one’, the real message that links to Moriarty, hidden on Faith original note!

What do we expect Sherlock to do, when he realizes, that Moriarty is behind it? – He knows that John is in danger and that he needs to protect John.

John is the only person, that knows the name ‘EURUS’ and about her disguises. Sherlock is still finding out about it, when he finds the hidden note.

We know, that she has a real gun – no tranquilizer – and that she really shoots at John.

If we look at the position she is holding the gun, I assume that she hits John somewhere in the shoulder or chest, so he might be heavily injured. (Please not one of his beautiful eyes…!!!)

We hear the shot and see the move of the firing pin, see gun smoke, so the creators want to make sure that we believe that it was a real shot!

I’m convinced that Sherlock found John badly injured, after he got shot. John needs to tell Sherlock before he is fainting, that it was Sherlock’s sister ‘EURUS’ who shot him and about her disguise, because John is the only person, that knows her name at the end of TLD.

John getting shot and survives is cannon in ‘The adventure of the three Garridebs’ Sherlock is panicking and takes care of him ‘It was worth a wound, it was worth many wounds, to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask.“ This is what John writes in ‘The Strand’ after he got shot in the leg in the original ACD story.

I don’t think that the writers will miss the opportunity to show us Sherlock suffering about John’s life!!!

Sherlock needs to find a way to save John, therefore he uses his mind palace, to find the answer. (I already did a post about that, TFP – is Mind Palace, Sherlock’s coming out’.)

TFP is completely mind palace. Sherlock uses EURUS as his mirror, putting him to all the tests, He needs to find out more about himself and to confront himself with all necessary questions. Look at her, she is the female Sherlock!

She has the same brown curled hair, blue eyes and is playing violin.

Villains are always introduced from there backside in Sherlock, like EURUS in her cell.

So just start to think about EURUS as a tool Sherlock needs to discover his own being in his mind palace, she represents his cold, calculating, reflected and violent side.

Just listen to the taped EURUS information’s: Why am I here? No one ever tells me. Am I being punished?’

There is no such thing as bad. Good and bad are fairy tales (? It always comes back to this when Moriarty is involved!) we have evolved, we touch emotional significance of which it is nothing more than a survival strategy of the pack animal. We have the condition to invest stability and utility (‘utility was used by Mycroft in HLV to describe Sherlock). Good isn’t really good, evil isn’t really wrong, blossoms aren’t really pretty - you are a prisoner of your own meat!’ - ‘Why aren’t you?’

– ‘I’m too clever’ that is definitely Sherlock speaking of himself – pure mind!

Remember: ‘Sentiment is a chemical defect, found on the losing side’ – Sherlock to Irene.

This is Sherlock’s moral code, how he had always seen the world, that he is too clever to be a prisoner of his own meat (heart). 100% brain without a heart, he is too clever to allow that emotions cloud his judgement- it is pure self-control and his protection.

We can see him struggle with himself about this many times, e.g. at the fire place in the THoB ‘I need to distract myself from feelings.. it is the fly in the ointment. the crack in the lens.’ In the green house scene in TAB, he repeats that, etc. 

Now he has his doubts, if this is the right strategy for live and for a good reason: He is in love with John and does not know how to express emotions, because he has never allowed himself to live through them before. So he needs to understand, needs to learn quickly.

So how can Sherlock who repressed his feelings his entire life learn to open up to John to let him see his warm heart behind his cold mask???

I am trying to help you. Helping someone is the best way you can help yourself.’  - EURUS in the taped information.

Sherlock solves cases - helping others is his strategy to help himself not to use drugs to cope with his isolation. But he hardly can accept to be surrounded by people, because he does not understand their feelings and is always insecure when they mention his lack of emotions. So he separated himself from his family, does not allow himself to have friends and is arrogant to all people around him to keep the distance, but this was going to change since John is in his life, he changed him, made it possible to open up a little bit.

Mycroft is the only family member that has regular contact with him. But Sherlock does not like his attention and surveillance, feels always in competition with his older brother. Mycroft pretended to worry about him constantly, but is cold, not a really loving brother figure. He monitors his mental state and Sherlock is somehow aware of that. He taught him this moral code once to protect Sherlock, but also protect his political career. Therefore he is reassuring, that Sherlock is observed, all the time.

But why? What is his motive? Maybe that Mycroft was remarkable, but if EURUS = Sherlock, he is incandescent, an era defining genius beyond Newton (?!?), clinically unique, was able to manipulate people since (S)he was 5 and is an adult now, so has now reached perfection in this. 

Is Mycroft jealous or afraid? Is this the reason he needs to control his younger brother?

John is different, he is the only person that accepts Sherlock for who he is, who knows him for real, who completely cares. This is why Sherlock deeply cares about him -  why he fell in love with him. John is selfless, does not judge, helps Sherlock to understand others around him and gives friendly advice when he was rude to someone without knowing. He saves him whenever necessary in every possible way, does not need to compete with him, kills a bad guy to protect him and is offering to die for Sherlock to protect him. John became Sherlock’s world, his new home – This for me represents pure love… (Without any sexual intention for now, only the longing, the fantasizing …)

So here we are again. Sherlock is at the fork of his path, he needs to find out, whom to follow in future, Mycroft (brain, calculating machine) or John (heart).

Stepping closer to the glass, EURUS tells him, that after REDBEARD (s)he could no longer feel the difference between laughing and crying. – So what happened, that was so life changing? – It must have been a real trauma, that changes a little kid like that…

Sherlock askes EURUS ‘Tell me what I don’t know.’ -Touch the glass’

You are not used to being unsure… look at you, the man who sees trough everything is exactly the man that doesn’t notice, when there is nothing to see trough.’

There is no glass, there are no 2 different people… it is just Sherlock, he is in his mind prison, unable to escape. As the hands of Sherlock and EURUS touch, you can see, that he realizes that he is not confronted with his sister - he is confronted with himself.

EURUS is another part of his subconscious mind that knows everything, the hard drive is big enough to remember it all. It hits him and he is afraid because his subconscious mind is violent and attacks him, knocks him out – ‘Stop me killing him’.

EURUS = little girl on the plain = SHERLOCK

(Did some other posts on TFP before if you are interested, e.g. the little girl on the plain…)

Some things support this theory, e.g. there is no photo showing little EURUS in his mind palest after he is informed that she existed, no sign of her in Mycroft’s family movie…) She is not real!!! (Everything else is transport…)

When Sherlock got knocked down by EURUS, in parallel the complete prison is under alert (so clearly mind palace) – and the devil, the virus in the data (Moriarty) resurface, but most of the time as an image. Sherlock was always afraid of Moriarty, that’s why he did not allow himself to have feelings for John. When dream John realizes the voice, he is knocked out, too in parallel.