John’s face after hearing Sherlock say that he loves him, and calls him the bravest, kindest, wisest human being (almost exactly what John has said to Sherlock both in person, and to his grave) he has ever known.

Basically John’s face when realizing that his mindset of ‘Sherlock-doesn’t-feel-things-that-way’ has been wrong

John’s face only a few hours later when he realizes this again, while finally looking Sherlock in the eye

We know Mycroft was watching John in the years while Sherlock was gone, keeping an eye on him. We know he was monitoring him, and we know he knew when John started to see Mary. Can you imagine him just thinking of how Sherlock would feel when he found out? How Sherlock would feel when he came back to see John was getting married? He couldn’t even bring himself to warn Sherlock before he went to find John once he got back that the restaurant John was at was where he was planning to propose, and was out on a date at. Couldn’t bring himself to tell Sherlock that John was moving on.

Okay so first of all, I’d like to point out the breakdown of the traditional seating arrangement for weddings: 

We all know neither Mary or John’s parents attended the event so we can get rid of four people already. Which leaves Chief Bridesmaid, Groom, Bride, & Best Man. For the sake of avoiding confusion (Mary and John are suppose to be switched), I flipped the image of the seating arrangement: 

So comparing this to the actual seating chart at John’s wedding (or at least how it was filmed):


Right off the back, this image seems off. First of all, Sherlock is suppose to be next to Mary not John. Mary & John are suppose to be dead center, not John & Sherlock. The way this is framed, it looks like the bride & groom are Sherlock and John. The fact that they’re dressed exactly the same doesn’t help either. 

The more I learn about human physiology the more I’m just like…

Sherlock was in asystole (i.e. flatlining). Chest compressions were performed and didn’t work. Not even an electrical shock to the heart could have saved him. 

The only way he could have possibly survived at that point was if his blood pressure was somehow raised by a vasoppresor agent like epinephrine (adrenaline). Because a human being has no blood pressure in asystole, an ENORMOUS amount of epinephrine would be needed to restore the normal electrical differential in the cells in the pace-making portion of the heart, the sinoatrial node. 

Long story short: despite being, for all intents and purposes, dead, Sherlock’s body released MORE than an emergency medical dose of adrenaline at the mere thought of John Watson.

You know how I know s3 is from Sherlock’s point of view, whereas s1 and s2 were not?

Remember how we all got excited when we realized this was Mind Palace John?

Do you know what I just noticed?  Do you know how long this has been going on?


(And note that at this point, even Sherlock isn’t aware of what’s happening.  He doesn’t yet realize that sometimes the John he’s talking to isn’t really there.  Think about that for a minute.)

Picture this though: we all know its possible John will be the one to kill Mary. Imagine if, after he pulls the trigger, we get a flashback to the muted white and quiet of the hospital. John is sitting by Sherlock’s bed, watching him sleep. Maybe he is holding his hand, maybe he has tears in his eyes, maybe his face is full of barely contained anger.

We see him speak. He makes a promise, a vow: “Sherlock, I swear to God, if I ever find the person who did this to you, I will end them.”

And we cut back to real time and he has done just that.

  • why virtruvian watson
  • why “girlfriend…not really my area”
  • why never fights off couple comments
  • why “saved mine so many times in so many ways”
  • why leave the wedding early
  • why (a date) “that’s what I was suggesting”
  • why hear john’s voice in his head calling him show off and smartarse
  • why “something I meant to say always and never had”
  • why move john’s chair away
  • why call molly as john
  • why come alive at “john watson is definitely in danger”
  • why

(x) god he is literally entering the year 1895 into a metaphor for his heart and it says I AM 1895 LOCKED

like… the screencap… basically says… I AM GAY AND UNABLE TO ACT ON IT… next to a big picture of Sherlock’s face… looking into a metaphor of a heart…

someone needs to pay for this,


Jeanette’s ‘don’t make me compete with Sherlock Holmes’ doesn’t sound like a one time thing or like a passing comment. It makes me wonder how many times John must have bailed on her because of a case or because Sherlock called him to do stuff like pass him a pen or get the milk.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Sherlock kept texting John while he and Jeanette were on a date and John found that what his best friend was saying was more funny or interesting than his girlfriend. And Jeanette must’ve been so frustrated, seeing her boyfriend spend his time with her texting and talking about someone else… and isn’t that such a cliché trope for couples ending their relationships?

Also look at that coat! And the way she puts it on is so reminiscent of Sherlock! Poor John, trying to get over his flatmate and ending up dating a girl that is a mirror of him. Just like Sherlock, Jeanette seems to like being the centre of John’s attention and gets annoyed when she doesn’t receive it.

I also think it’s really interesting how this episode gives us two female versions of Sherlock: Irene and Jeanette. Both wear ‘the coat’ (Irene wears Sherlock’s and Jeanette, a similar one), both have their hair up and they end up representing different sides of Sherlock. We relate Irene to Sherlock because of her intelligence and cleverness, which is the point of the episode, but Jeanette represents a slightly more needy version of Sherlock, trying to capture John’s attention, and feeling offended when she fails.

i just saw an advert for sherlock on the channel ‘watch’ and the voiceover said ‘who said never mix business with pleasure?’ and it showed john and sherlock together on a crime scene and then john calling sherlock ‘brilliant’ and then it had irene saying ‘somebody loves you’ and then it showed several shots of sherlock and john looking at each other and i’m done with this shit i’m fucking done