(not fixing that typo) While I make a new artwork and write for the next page I’ll show you guys how I actually make them to begin with 0:

^^^ Set aside a book for scriptwriting, ‘P’ stands for panels and the dialogue and actions that occurs in it, characters that speak are in all caps. Maybe write notes on the left page for any random ideas that pop up in my head.

^^^ Get a random sketchbook, make a really, really rough sketch, just for finding out panel placement and stuff. This will not be the final sketch.

^^^ NOW you make the final sketch, based off the rough sketch you made, I add more details so it’s easier to ink.

^^^Put in art editor/program, and start editing text first

^^^ Ink and color till you get it all done…

^^^ Upload, or put it in queue so that way it’ll upload when you’re passed the hell out in bed because you stayed up till 3 am and had little food because there wasn’t that much to eat

after that chug coffee, you’re done, rinse and repeat, over and over and over and over x___x