A chart of UNESCO’s (2003) “Nine Factors Influencing Language Vitality” along a degree scale of 0 to 5, five being the highest degree for the respective factor and 0 being the lowest degree. The second factor, Absolute Number of Speakers, is not a scalar calculation, but is based, rather, on population count.

Source: Aikawa, Noriko; Matthias Brenzinger; Arienne M. Dwyer; Tjeerd de Graaf; Colette Grinevald; Dmitri Koundiouba; Michael Krauss; Anahit Minasyan; Osahito Miyaoka; Nicholas Ostler; Osamu Sakiyama; Rieks Smeets; María E. Villalón; Akira Y. Yamamoto; & Ofelia Zepeda. 2003. Language vitality and endangerment. Safeguarding of Endangered Languages (UNESCO International Expert Meeting), 10-12 Mar 2003. Paris: UNESCO.


The first time I heard this song, I was one my way to my volunteer job at a secondary school. Standing in front of the traffic lights, I was still kind of sleepy and enjoying the wide views of both the landscape and my mindscape. Then, I heard the guitar intro, and before I knew it, I cranked up the volume to such an extent that my poor Ford Ka must have been shaking on its tires… 

That’s what a good song does to me. The band’s Dazzled Kid, the new project of Tjeerd Bomhof, of Voicst fame. One of the few good things to come out of the NL at the moment. Check it out! 


Japan April 5 - 20 2016 by Tjeerd Wiersma *do not delete text