The first time I heard this song, I was one my way to my volunteer job at a secondary school. Standing in front of the traffic lights, I was still kind of sleepy and enjoying the wide views of both the landscape and my mindscape. Then, I heard the guitar intro, and before I knew it, I cranked up the volume to such an extent that my poor Ford Ka must have been shaking on its tires… 

That’s what a good song does to me. The band’s Dazzled Kid, the new project of Tjeerd Bomhof, of Voicst fame. One of the few good things to come out of the NL at the moment. Check it out! 

Print sized drawing and background practice mostly! This isn’t the first time i’ve painted background in fire alpaca but it is the most intensive. I feel like I should have put a bit more time into things but when i stare too long at something my eyes cross.

I am proud of some of those rocks though look at all those rocks mmm

This is for sky pirates AU, aka Rhakshiva until we can come up with a better name. The cat boy Savi belongs to Kao, the bird Tjeerd belongs to me. Both of these designs are probably temporary.


Stair House (2013) by Onix

Project Architect: Haiko Meijer
Project Team: Peter van de Knoop
Photographed by Peter van de Knoop and Werry Crone

Location: Almelo, The Netherlands

A house, situated at the edge of a new development area in a town like Almelo and designwise unbothered by any municipal inspectorate interference, not only presents the opportunity to live directly adjacent to its garden: it also makes the idea of literally living at a ‘higher’ level seem quite appealing, which indeed was the case for its future owners Tjeerd Willem and Erna. Following this concept, Onix has managed to develop a dwelling for them, which indeed offers multi-level living possibilities as the house keeps on spiralling upward through a large number of different floor levels, till it finally ends in a roof terrace. Each floor level differs a mere 75 cm from the previous one, giving the building an atmosphere of continuous space. In addition, as these differences in height are quite minor, the use of balustrades for safety could luckily be avoided. For now the house incorporates 10 floor levels, allowing the possibility to build even higher in the future though.


Japan April 5 - 20 2016 by Tjeerd Wiersma *do not delete text