Today a face goes with the name of the man who was the biological father, to my grandfather.

On your left, is the biological father of my grandfather, Rudolph Tjaden. On the right, is my grandfather, Edmund Rudolph Seipel.

I was able to have lunch today, with Rudolph Tjaden’s grandaughter and a couple of her relatives. They were kind enough to give me several pictures and documents related to the Tjaden name.

Kind of funny. If Rudolph Tjaden and my great grandmother had actually married, I’d have the last name, Tjaden instead of Seipel.

One odd German name, for another. 

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The promotional poster for an old comic that we started on. We finished chapter one, designed the website, had most of the characters and scenes planned out, and an entire group working on it. Then, it just fell apart. It was called GAME=Kinesis.

In short, it was about an apathetic otaku who did nothing but watch anime and read manga all day. He was nearly completely unlikable. One day, after stopping a thief, he met Becci, a pink lady with a god complex. After unlocking his latent ESP powers, she forced him into a game where the winner gets a wish. The only downside, it’s a fight to the death with everyone fighting for their own reasons. It focused on a variety of characters and their motivations and would often change perspective. 

I may post more of it and pick it up again later.