Real quick...

TJ Ramini (Vik Desai) was tweeting about some trend that was about race in Hollywood, I mentioned to him and sent him an article written about that subject and how it pertains to Twisted and how the PoC characters are treated (this one: ) (the same one Gavin faved FYI) and TJ RT’d it he also RT’d a tweet I sent him explaining how happy I was that a show cast two POC (Avan and Kylie) in roles that had nothing to do with race.

I guess what I’m saying is I’m happy that at least in part. The cast, and some of the tptb are very aware and take notice to things that people have issues with regarding the show. With regards to Dacers (is that what a group of us is called?) our concerns go beyond just a ship and continue into things that we see effecting both Avan’s and Kylie’s characters. While some other shippers of another ships only outcries is that Danny isn’t with Jo. The fact that we are so serious about this subject and how it goes beyond the ship etc i think causes tptb to take notice (I at least hope this is true.) because I know the cast even though the main cast stays away from the subject publicly, I know they notice and they (at least Avan) does read through tumblr and twitter regarding this issue. How much say they can have about it? Idk and knowing how egotistical writers, directors and others can get creatively, often leading to arguments and such with actors (take George Eads from CSI who they said would be absent from most of the season following a spat with one of the shows writers) the actors need to be careful.

Any way, I’m getting off track. I’m only posting this because I like to mention when tptb or actors take notice of concerns regarding the show.

So, cheers!