Voice actors of color in Uncharted

in order of appearance; not including unnamed nor multiplayer characters

  • James Sie as Eddy Raja
  • Pema Dhondup as Tenzin
  • Gwendoline Yeo as Rika Raja
  • Sayed Badreya as Rameses
  • TJ Ramini as Salim
  • Merle Dandridge as Sister Catherine and Evelyn
  • Alejandro Edda as Gustavo
  • Hemky Madera as Vargas
  • Brandon Scott as Jameson
  • Usman Ally as Asav

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Uncharted Men of Color Appreciation Week

Uncharted in Color is hosting an appreciation week for Uncharted’s men of color (and next month, closer to The Lost Legacy’s release date, a week for the women of color)!

How: Create content for Uncharted’s men of color - gifsets, edits, visualosities/aesthetics, fanart, fanfiction, meta, headcanons, fanmixes/playlists, rec lists, videos, anything you like, with the tag #UCMOCWeek! Posts will be reblogged here, with a roundup post at the end of the week.

When: July 23-29


  • Day 1: Golden Abyss - Roberto Guerro and Vincent Perez
  • Day 2: Drake’s Fortune - Atoq Navarro and Eddy Raja
  • Day 3: Among Thieves - Tenzin
  • Day 4: Drake’s Deception - Rameses and Salim
  • Day 5: A Thief’s End - Gustavo, Vargas, Jameson, and Hector Alcázar
  • Day 6: The Lost Legacy - Asav
  • Day 7: Free day! Some ideas:
    • Actors of color:
      • Alejandro Edda (Gustavo)
      • Brandon Scott (Jameson)
      • Hemky Madera (Vargas)
      • James Sie (Eddy Raja)
      • Pema Dondhup (Tenzin)
      • Sayed Badreya (Rameses)
      • TJ Ramini (Salim)
      • Usman Ally (Asav)
    • Male developers of color (see our tag page for an incomplete list)
    • Ramón Valdez from The Fourth Labyrinth
    • Multiplayer men of color
    • Men from TFL whose races aren’t mentioned interpreted/fancast as men of color

Those are loose guidelines in the hopes of encouraging content for a variety of dudes, not strict deadlines; don’t worry about being late or early.


  • Tag your posts #UCMOCWeek
  • Please don’t put bashing or other negativity in the tag, or comment with it to appreciative posts
  • No whitewashing or racism
  • No reposts

Optional prompts:

  • Favorite scenes
  • Favorite quotes
  • Favorite personality traits
  • Scene/moment that made you fall in love with them
  • Relationships - friendships, families, enemies, working, romantic
  • Origins
  • Where are they now?
  • AUs
  • Multiplayer fashion and shenanigans
  • Develop someone from a group like Eddy’s pirates or the Bedouins

Spread the word, feel free to ask questions, and have fun!


[A screenshot of tweets from Graham McTavish’s timeline that read: “This fella won’t leave me alone. Literally sitting next to be on the front step while I tweet bollocks… ”

“@TJRamini I remember him…he can be quite vicious……”

“’@grahammctavish: @TJRamini I remember him…he can be quite vicious….’ He remembers you too & says you’re not so tough without your axes.”]