Two Faced

Prompt: TJ and the reader “can’t stand each other” and end up being forced to share a bed together. Then feelings get confessed. @caramara3

I’m combining with another request for Bad Boy TJ being in love and not telling the reader until she makes the first move saying she shouldn’t want him but she does. After they have sex, TJ admits his feelings. @irishpoetlover

I have written a Seth fic where the two share a bed so I hope I’m able to make this one different. I’m crossing my fingers that I can get my creative mind going.

Again, tags suck.

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can we get rid of the idea that women liking wrestlers always has to do with looks?

i’m a fan of people like tj perkins, finn balor, kenny omega, and marty scurll (just to name a few) because of their WRESTLING. their WRESTLING is what makes me like them.

as attractive as they are, that doesn’t have shit to do with why i like them. ring work comes first. dont fucking assume just because i’m a female that i only like finn because of his abs or something fuck outta here with that

Pro wrestling is very serious sport for very serious people… part two, the seriousness strikes back.

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TJ Perkins, 205′s resident MemeLord. 
I can’t for a second believe this dabtastic tumblr shitpost in human form is 32 years old ie. OLDER THAN MUSTAFA/DAIVARI/JACK GALLAGHER no, nope. Not having it.
He’s the peppy, energetic, annoying baby brother backstage who deserves all the noogies he’s getting to that perfectly pomade hair. 

He’s gonna be sending everyone fanfics he finds amusing and having competitions on who has better fanart with Mustafa Ali and diverting their driving routes for Pokemon Go, and yelling at Youtube comment sections and writing five-page essays about Legend of Zelda conspiracy theories before he inevitably gets dragged off by Mustafa/Jack to adult. 
I’d cut him some slack though—-he’s had it rough growing up being homeless and shit, so if he wants to dab/do nerd things then please child be one with your inner nerd forever. 

Also one of the easier guys to draw because he has a face practically made for Shonen anime.