Megatjp : This is Richard. He’s 85 and a Wichita local, born and raised. He doesn’t know who I am or what I do. I met him today, we both ate alone at the bar in the diner and he gave me one of the nicest conversations I’ve ever had. Really reminds me of my family who are coincidentally from KC Missouri nearby. Often times I feel like Dean Winchester. Traveling city to city, and I meet ppl who either have been looking for me and know exactly who I am or don’t know me at all and I can pretend I don’t do what I do. Also instead of monsters…I’m hunting Cruiserweights…but I guess what’s the difference? #CarryOnMyWaywardSon

TJ Perkins - You’re Worth Fighting For. You

TJ Perkins - People flirt with Y/N and TJ gets jealous so expresses his feelings to her and they end up in a heated makeout session. 

- Warnings - Fluff, Angst, Swearing

Word Count - 2,279

Requested by: Anon.

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One new Women’s Wrestler, one who was admitedly fast-tracked to the main roster was destined to gain immense amounts of heat from others. That heat presumedly in the form of hatred, instead she recieved a different, more affectionate heat.

“You lot seen the new girl running ‘round here?” A seemingly over-excited Rich Swann exclaimed in amongst the large catering table swarmed with cruiserweights. “Definitely a catch.”

“I saw her walking in earlier with Lana, Pretty sure she has her debut match tonight.” Cedric Alexander added before reaching for a drink.

“I’ll certainly be watching that then.” An eager Noam grins across the table, “Wonder what the lass will be wearing.”

Chuckles not only seemed to fill the room but apparently Noam’s head as well and he snickered another presumptuous remark bearing a grin at the same time, “Hope it’ll be tight.” 

“You know what, shut up Noam.” An angered voice arose, silencing the fading laughter.

“Ay, calm down Perkins-” His words were cut off when a familiar blonde, some would say ‘ravishing’ woman walked in, besides her walking this ‘new girl’… “Speaking of the devil.”

- Your POV -

You excitedly pressed through Catering’s door, longing for the recommended Mashed Potato after a long day of vigorous training. Walking solely forwards, mind-set on discarding your growing hunger, you paid absolutely no attention to anyone in the room - Pretty much to the point where even if Barack Obama was in the room you wouldn’t have known; completely oblivious. That was the sole reason you failed to recognize the crowd of superstars whispering your name in the back corner of the room. Slowly after finishing your (must admit, overly large) plate of food, you decided to get a drink from the large table placed coincidentally in that very back corner of the room, forcing you to acknowledge the sea of new faces ahead of you.

It was clearly evident to almost anyone, that everyone - literally everyone in that group of men, were completely unique. Even if everyone one of them stood out, only two merely captured your attention. Both of which your ‘type’- Not too tall, dark and handsome. (Pretty much most people’s type.) I mean how can you resist a guy with dark, piercing eyes and full dark hair to mess up? It felt as though you had been staring for way too long… did they notice? You urgently stopped your train of thoughts, letting a smile etch on your face prior to turning away to exit.

“Ey, you see that, she smiled at me. Already fallen for good ol’ Noam Dar.” A satisfied grin engraved on the Scottish man’s face. “ I’ll be back lads.”

Slouched, your back leant against a crate, you discussed what seemed like your complete life story with Sasha. “So what abo-” Your words were muffled by a strongly accented voice, forcing you to turn to reveal one of the guys from earlier. “Well ‘ello there sweet.”

Your face was instantaneously flushed with the colour of red through nervousness and partly awkwardness as well. I didn’t even know this guy and he’s already calling me ‘sweet’

“Okay I’m gonna go get ready for my match. Catch ya later Y/N.” Sasha muttered before speeding off down the corridor. 

“Y/N huh? Nice name for a gorgeous woman.” Noam exclaimed, tugging at your shoulder, turning you towards his now topless body. There’s no denying that it’s an incredible body, but it only made the awkwardness more apparent. “How about I take you out for food after the show. My treat”

This was a constant weekly routine for the period of two months, you never made anything ‘official’ though. He was great; his looks, his hidden sweet personality, everything but something just didn’t seem right with him. It’s hard when you think you want something but that something doesn’t complete you how you’d thought it would. You couldn’t quite put a finger on it… why you wouldn’t commit to Noam.

~ Raw: Two Months Later ~

“Hey you.” A tight grasp was placed upon each of your dainty shoulders causing you to shiver slightly. “Oh, hey Noam.” You muttered under your breath slightly, unknowingly shaking out of his grip. 

“You still on for dinner Y/N?” His eyes wandered downwards from yours, clearly looking at your ‘tight’ ring gear. *fake cough* “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be” You snapped, your words forcing his eyes out of his somewhat trance. “Good, I’ll see you then” He winked, turning before walking to the gorilla for his upcoming match. “Noam- I’m sorry for pushing you away for two months, you’ve been making an effort so I don’t see why we can’t try this out, Okay? Now go kick some ass.” Your words left him in complete and utter shock before he wandered down the corridor, a smile clearly embedded on his lips.

Gazing as The Scottish Supernova’s lean build faded out of plain sight, you relaxed slightly, letting off that anticipation weighing you down before you finally gave in to his love. 

“Erm, hi.” You heard a faint voice from over your shoulder. The voice of the now familiar other ‘fairly tall, dark and handsome’ man, TJ Perkins. One of Noam’s best friends. “Y/N can I talk to you about something?” The nervousness within his voice was perceptible, leaving you concerned about what was to come. In the short two months you had known TJ, it wasn’t hard to notice that he hardly ever got anxious about something, not unless it was serious.

“Yeah sure, what’s up?” Your vision lifted from the mesh you were playing with on your shorts to meet with his eyes. He was swallowing his words, choking up whenever the slightest noise exited his mouth. “Er, erm- How are you and Noam?” His mood dropped immensely, his head lowering towards his feet.

“Look TJ, Please tell me what’s up? This isn’t like you at all.”

His breathing became increasing faster. His heartbeat almost loud enough for you to hear. “Okay. Ever since I saw you in catering your debut night on RAW, I started to believe in love at first sight. Heck I know it sounds cheesy but it was true but then Noam came along, all because I didn’t have the balls to tell you how I felt. That’s why I’m here now, There’s a 90% chance I’m too late but it’s worth a try.” His heartfelt words left you feeling as though you had been hit by a truck. A rope already began to be pulled in two separate directions within your mind. Stay with the man you just made official with or listen to TJ who seemed too sincere in his announcement to be messing around.

“TJ-” “I know this was completely out of the blue and completely wrong of me when you’re getting along so well with Noam. I couldn’t just not say anything.” His tone suggested he started to regain the hope he instantly thought he had lost when he approached me. Mine was polar opposite.

“Are you seriously out of your mind!? What makes you think it’s ok to just waltz on up to me and state that you’re in love with me? Especially when you goddamn know that I’ve been somewhat dating Noam for these past two months?” Your tone only grew louder along with temper growing increasingly uncontrollable. Did he really think I would take this comment lightly?

“Y/N I can understand why you’re mad, I don’t blame you but please just hear me out…” His dark, chocolate eyes became misted by the tears that began to form as he literally stood frozen, now not even being able to look you in the face. “This was a mistake… telling you.”

“Normally I would say it’s fine. But it’s not. Actually, it’s in a completely different realm than ‘fine’. You know what TJ- I can’t, I’m just gonna walk away.” Those words were far from what defined you; that sweet, shy, caring character just disappeared in an instant. Maybe it was the heat of the moment when things got to you, it’s hard to determine. The only thing you knew was this totally wasn’t like you. In that exact moment, you turned away, not glancing back his direction once, not wanting to make the situation deeper than it already is.

~ 3 days later ~

Nothing since RAW had changed: you still went to dinner with Noam, and you still haven’t made contact with TJ, neither did you tell Noam about the confession. You simply stayed in your own head; away from any drama. However, that time spent living purely in their thoughts made your feelings take a turn for the worse, it allowed you to regret shouting at TJ and somewhat doubt your ‘relationship’ with Noam. Noam was good- but you couldn’t help but think you weren’t ‘girlfriend material’ in his eyes and like you were nothing more than someone to take out to eat since that was pretty much all you ever did.

That’s what lead you to that very moment. 11:00 pm, sprawled across the small bed of your hotel room, twirling your phone between your finger and thumb, once again in an internal debate. Your phone was flicked into your palm, a loud ‘ding’ ringing your ears before you entered your passcode and pressed your thumb upon the ‘messages’ button…

‘There’s someone else.’ Those were the single words running through your head constantly- I guess deep down you couldn’t deny there was… TJ. That missing piece you had with Noam didn’t feel missing when you thought of TJ. The whole situation shattered your heart into a billion pieces knowing you were set to break one of their hearts at the end, in this case, it was Noam. Now he knew there was this other person and finally so did you, nonetheless, TJ now wasn’t aware.

All superstars on the current roster spent their time in the same hotel. Noam being Noam booked his own hotel, his way, claiming it was “too loud.” This meant you were close to TJ, well kinda overly close seeing as he’s two rooms down the hall. After your previous texts, it was inevitable, you had to see TJ.Tears already visibly draining down the apples of your cheeks, you quickly wanted to make your way to his room, avoiding any socialization on the way.

Stood outside his door, an emotional wreck, you briskly rose your hand, placing vigorous beats on the dark oak door. The million thoughts running through your head previously had vanished leaving only the wish of TJ being awake. Your hands were shaking and your knees were trembling. Your palms started to become sweaty; still warm, salty tears streaming to your chin. A click startled you momentarily, looking forwards to witness the door edging open, TJ standing there; dorky as per usual, dressed in grey joggers and a video game shirt, hair still almost perfectly spiked.

“I’m sorry TJ… I’m sorry.” Your voice blurted out before your petite build into a tight embrace. Your sobs started to damp his shirt as you nuzzled into his chest, comforted by his arm, his chin rested on the top of your head.

“Shh, it’s fine alright?” His softly toned voice soothed you, your sniffles became less frequent.

“I didn’t mean anything I said to you before TJ, I dunno- I was scared, scared to admit I liked you but then there was Noam but now there isn’t Noam and-” Your apology was suppressed when he placed a finger upon your lips, beckoning you to stop talking. Lifting your vision to meet his, it suddenly dawned on you… why you failed to realise this was the man you’d been looking for. His touch alone was enough to rock your world, the way he ran his fingers through your hair made all your troubles melt away, then he pressed his lips against mine making that once empty part of me feel whole again.

“Well then… thought I’d find you here, didn’t think you’d be snogging his face off though.“ A rasped voice broke the heat of the moment, a certain Scottish voice you knew far too well. “You like someone’s seconds then Perkins? Thought you were my buddy but clearly not.” 

“Noam stop!” The anger had clearly gotten to Noam as he swung a fist connecting with TJ’s jaw. “Noam, get the fuck out, I seriously mean it, leave now!” You shouted, sprinting to the aid of TJ, glaring as Noam slams the door behind him.

Instantaneously you ran to get a wet towel to soothe the swelling on TJ’s eye, afterwards cautiosly dabbing it whilst cupping his other cheek. A faint giggle however left his lips causing you to stop in your tracks. “What?” you chuckled, placing the towel on the bed next to you.

His soft lips once again met yours bringing you tighter into his body. “I’ve wanted this for too long now.” He breathed between kisses resulting in your face flushing red. 

“Me too. It just took me too long to realise.” You panted, gasping for air between words. It wasn’t long before his Superman top was off, leaving his chiseled build bare to allow your fingers to run down. “Sorry about Noam, you know I didn’t want him to punch you.”

“He doesn’t matter anymore. Plus you’re worth fighting for.” He delicately whispered into your neck, sending chills down your spine. 

“TJ Can I stay here please?” “Of course you can.” Finally someone who made your heart flutter everytime he touched you, still even if he was near you. This was the very moment I fell in love with TJ Perkins.

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Easier? - TJP One Shot

As TJ made his way into his LA home for the first time in a few weeks he sighed a little before looking over to the couch to see his wife curled up, he couldn’t help but smile to himself.. She was perfect, She put up with his crazy schedule and his constant geeking out for video games even if she has no idea what he was talking about, she worked 10 and sometimes 12 hour shifts as a nurse at the hospital which she had been doing since before they met even though it was clear that she didn’t have to work anymore given his success with wrestling but she insisted that she continued with her career, she did all of this all while taking care of a beautiful little girl who had her daddy’s eyes, Little Olivia was on 5 years old but she had her daddy wrapped around her finger from the second she took her first breath in this world and to think she would be starting school the following day made TJ tear up, his little girl was growing up before his eyes….

As TJ walked up the stairs he poked his head into Olivia’s room, it was a nightly routine for him to check on her when he was home he would even wake up when he was out on the road in the middle of the night thinking he needed to check on her..

As he poked his head in the door for a quick second and then began to walk away he heard a little voice say his name and it immediately melted his heart
“Daddy…” the little girl said and TJ walked in the room turning the light on to see the little girl dressed in her outfit for school in the morning
“What are you doing awake?” He asked her smiling as she shrugged her shoulders
“I was waiting for you to get home so you could read Cinderella..” she said
“Why aren’t you in your pajamas?” He asked her curiously
“I wanted to be ready for tomorrow…” Olivia said innocently
“Well.. I want to make it to tomorrow and that’s not gonna happen if your mom sees you in those clothes and getting them all wrinkled up..” he said and she giggled

After getting Olivia in her pajamas and tucked in bed fast asleep, TJ began to prepare himself for bed while thinking about how his little girl grew up so fast…

The following morning began with TJ making waffles and French toast, Olivia’s favorite breakfast and then have to pose to get a million pictures taken to remember the day, Her mom wouldn’t be able to drop her off seeing as she had already left for work but that wasn’t without a lot of tears being spilled in the process…

Once they got to the school, TJ gave Olivia one last glance in the rear view mirror before pulling himself out of the drivers seat and opening the back door
“Let’s go princess..” TJ said as Olivia grabbed his hand following him to her classroom, it wasn’t long before Olivia was clinging to her father’s leg, so much so that TJ couldn’t pry her off himself and he needed help from one of the teachers, it broke his heart seeing his little girl cry out for him, she was scared and he had made a promise to her the minute she was born that he would never let anything scare her..
“First kid?” He heard a voice ask behind him as he looked over his shoulder to see a blonde walk out of the classroom and look in the same window as him
“How could you tell?” He asked nervously
“Because, unless that’s your pink sparkly backpack and lunch box then you must be new..” the woman said and TJ looked to see he was still holding all of Olivia’s things he began to make a move for the door
“No! Don’t do that! Let me do it.. if she sees you she won’t calm down.. trust me.. this is the third time I’m having to do this.. What’s her name?” She asked
“Olivia..Perkins..” he said and the blonde nodded before disappearing into the class room and returning a few moments later
“Miss Olivia is all set.. and don’t worry dad.. it gets easier..” the woman said before walking away, TJ didn’t know how this was supposed to get any easier…


I started off the video rooting for Jimmy (aka UCE), but ended it rooting for AJ (aka POP). Not entirely certain how that happened. Might have to do (just a little) with Jimmy using the Steelers… (ROETHLISBERGER!!!! *shakes fist angrily*) Maybe…

Bonus: Noam Dar looking adorably confused, and Mikaze explaining it to him.

TJ Perkins: There’s no way you’re actually learning this, man…

Noam: Ah’m trryn ta lern. *laughs*