villains’ society meeting one year is just everyone comparing the figures (that they’ve stolen obviously) to the real thing and losing their goddamn minds

Two-Brains makes his steal cheese off the snack table. he’s annoyed that the details aren’t quite correct but sincerely loves all of his merchandise

The Butcher thinks his is gross-looking, but everyone disagrees and thinks it looks exactly like him. Granny May fucking roasts him for the rest of the meeting. They later have to evade paying for meat-induced damage to the motel room

Tobey pretends this is The Worst Insult Ever Known To Man but goes home and makes his figure and his WG doll hold hands

Chuck is embarrassed, but shows his mom. She puts it on display in one of the windows and refuses to move it. Brent buys one too and takes it to work with him. Chuck is dead

Whammer destroys his within seconds. It wasn’t on purpose and he’s extremely upset

Mr. Big has actually sued everyone who’s tried to make a figure of his likeness and instead opts to make his own. It’s kind of terrible; Leslie cringes internally. For fairness’ sake he is banned from adding mind control capabilities to any merch of himself (WG merch remains fair game; he still has loads of the talking dolls). They are of course squishy and easy to squeeze

LRW thinks hers are amazing and of course takes at least three. She takes them back to the copy shop to fuck with her boss

Granny May, who organized the figure heist in the first place, ironically can’t find any of her. The Society takes this as a grave insult. Two-Brains offers to cancel his cheese crime that week to seek revenge on the toy company. Granny isn’t bothered. They all look like idiots and would rather sit back and talk shit about how bad everyone looks in plastic. She laughs. her city now


#ThankYouBones week- Day 11 → 2 families/familial scenes  (platonic or not)

My fav families. It’s not just the Hodgins and the Booth families but also their friends and the people around them. What better than introducing their kids to symbolize this?
T.J. Maxx And Marshalls Tell Workers To Trash Ivanka Trump Signs
Employees were told to throw away signage and mix clothes into racks.

It appears as though T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s are in the midst of fading out Ivanka Trump items from their stores.  The retail stores appear to be following in the steps of Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, which just last week dropped Trump’s brand.

Tyra Banks beauty line “Tyra Beauty” as well as “the Honest Company,” which is affiliated with Jessica Alba have also just announced that they will no longer advertise during “the Apprentice” on NBC.  The online retailer “” has also dropped Trump brands.