tj scott


My pride may have killed my best friend.

1x24 “Is There a Doctor in the House?” unlike the typical TJ Scott-directed episode, isn’t jam-packed with cool camera angles and stylish editing. In this ep he’s strategic about when to step back from the on-the-ground intensity of the field hospital and create a beautiful image. One of those beautiful images is the above, as Xena gets her first quiet moment with wounded Gabrielle. It’s a moment for regrets and reflections, and TJ composes it with all the gravity and grandeur of a religious painting. Note the symmetry of the three windows; their triangular shape echoes the triangle of Xena leaning over Gabrielle. Also interesting is the significant positioning of the three men behind Xena and Gabrielle: obsolete Galen watching uncomprehendingly from the deep background, Hippocrates too busy to look up as he ministers to the wounded per Xena’s wishes, and Marmax right at Xena’s shoulder, trying to console her.


I’m glad I DVR’d Supernatural last night! I never looked up from my phone once Pana & Ninja started posting pics from Pana’s ‘In The Tub’ coffee table book shoot with TJ Scott… Profits to Breast Cancer Research.

I also lost count of my People’s Choice Awards votes… Oh, well, I voted a lot!