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Sleepy Head ~ TJ Perkins

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TJ x You

“ TJ, love..” you nudge your boyfriend who was sleeping besides you. His face nuzzled into the pillow, mumbling to himself in his sleep. 

“ Perkins” you shake his shoulder. That didn’t work. You tried patting his cheek. That didn’t work. So, you tried leaning down kissing his nose which made him twitch his nose. 

“mm” was the only sound that came from him.

“ No kisses for you then” His eyes opened, rolling on his back as he rubbed his eyes.  “ We have to get to the next city and your not even packed..” 

“ But I wanna snuggle with you” 

“ We can snuggle later love” he moaned reaching out for you, but you managed to escape his grip walking over to your suitcase closing it laughing as TJ rose his hands up in grabbing motion. 

“ Get up dork” you threw one of his shirts that was on the chair hanging. 

TJ and you got into the car driving together to the next city. He was the one driving while you had put on music singing loudly. He yawns, chuckling as he peeks at you from the corner of his eye.When the song finishes, he reaches for your hand, intertwining your fingers.

The drive is quicker than you thought filled with TJ laughing at your jokes, singing together, talking about memories from the past and telling each other little things you loved about each other. As you get to the next city, he is more awake by the time he parks the car. 

You wait for him as he unload the bags from the trunk. You two check into another hotel, sharing a room. When you two get into the hotel, you change into some sweats, a T-shirt and he changes into some basketball shorts and another shirt.

You pick up the phone from table wanting to get something to eat. It was later then the usual time you get to the next city. 

“ Y/N, what are you doing?” He pulls the cover from the bed, sliding in.

“ I’m hungry” you mumble. He shakes his head, “ Bed, cuddle. Now.” 

“ But I wanna eat and you must be hungry too” 

“ But-” 

He pouts, flashing you his puppy dog eyes with his arms open for you. You sigh, putting the phone back knowing you can’t win over with him while he’s being adorable. You crawl in next to him, he wraps his arms around you pulling you into his chest. You snuggle into him, closing your eyes. 

Before you could fall asleep, you hear small snores coming from your boyfriend as he’s fast asleep. As you raise your head to look at him, he has a small smile on his lips. 

“ Have a nice nap love” you kiss his clothed chest before falling asleep.   

Evxdent’s 300 follower follow forever

Wow, I never thought when I made this blog last April that I would end up having even 100 let alone 300 followers. With that being said, there are a lot of people i would like to thank for helping me out and making it so I want to stay around these last 10 months so under the cut I’ll list a bunch after I say something about a couple that I talk to regularly- sorry if i forget a few im bad with these things

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I seem to keep ending up with these bad boy characters. I don’t understand what’s going on. I walk the street in New York feeling like I’m Paul Rudd or something, but apparently no one else sees it that way. -Sebastian Stan


Bones - 12x12 The End In The End
Memories shared by the cast while filming the series finale
Story by: Stephen Nathan
Written by: Michael Peterson, Jonathan Collier, Karine Rosenthal
Directed by: David Boreanaz

When I look back on these past twelve seasons, the thing I will remember most is all of you. Our cast and crew has been professional, dedicated, hard-working, but, most importantly, kind. No matter where our lives take us from here, we have shared something very special together. And I am so grateful for that.” - Emily Deschanel

I just love all the people up here. They respect you, they believe in you. They support each other. And it’s such a great environment to be a part of. I was blessed to meet these people. They’ve got me through lots of stuff in my life. […] We went to war when we started this, and we’re gonna come out with the flag high. […] And I love them all.” - David Boreanaz

impressive things hunk has done because damn he doesn’t deserve this shit:

  • Is literally one of the smartest members of the team
  • found the fucking blue lion with his “Voltron Geiger counter” they would be lost w/o him bye
  • messed w the wiring of a galra tech elevator to get it work in no time at all
  • was one of the two paladins thus far to use their bayards to create a weapon for voltron (very useful on the balmera AND when they were rescuing allura)
  • Hunk knew Rolo was sketchy from the get-go and realized they were faking the ship problems bc he’s a fantastic engineer.
  • like the whole balmera thing
    • He’s the first of the younger paladins to really understand what its like to be a paladin 
    • what a great maturing arc im so proud of him
  • Used algorithms or something (i didn’t really understand it) to help Pidge create a better system for translating Galra to English (basically did something even pidge couldnt do like wow!!)
  • Saved all their asses in episode 10 by signaling that guard with a drone so he thought nothing was amiss.
  • Charged right into the main Galra ship to save Allura even though in like episode 3 or whatever he wanted to flee with the Arusians like it’s only been a few weeks but he’s grown!!so!!much!!
  • stop reducing him to a fat joke he’s one of the best characters in this show bye

Im sorry but why does nobody ever talk about the fact that Eric used to wear 2 shirts to school? Like..Everyday? If you watch literally any video he’s always wearing a random black band tee and a white shirt underneath maybe it helped hide his chest dent maybe he was just weird like that man idk