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Parting Thoughts On The Series Finale | Season 12 | BONES


#ThankYouBones week: Day 12 - 1 Bones Cast. Final thank you

I don’t even know where to begin with this day. If I let myself think about it I won’t be able to stop myself from crying. I’m going to miss this cast so much. I am so proud of them, this show has made their careers, not only the cast but also the crew. We shouldn’t just thank the cast but most importantly the crew. If it wasn’t for them the show wouldn’t be on air. This wonderful cast has changed my life in so many ways. My journey started by watching David Boreanaz on my TV screen when I was 7 years old. I’ve followed him since childhood and continued to follow him to this show, if it wasn’t for David I wouldn’t have found this wonderful show. I wouldn’t have fallen in love with all these wonderful, well-written, complex and thoroughly developed characters. This show gave me something to look forward to when I was growing up, trying to figure out my life, my teenage years. Knowing that I wasn’t “weird” or “unpopular” it gave me something to smile about when a school day wasn’t so good. Didn’t matter if “it was just” a TV show it’s been so much more to me. And now as a young adult Bones has been there for me when the days seemed the hardest, navigating through life, figuring out what I want to do with it. These actors are vastly underrated and literally deserve the world. If it wasn’t for the show I wouldn’t have made some amazing friends through this fandom - on Tumblr and over Twitter. I wish the cast and crew all the best for the future in their future roles and they finally get the recognition they deserve. I will continue to follow them in their projects and will always remember them as the cast that I fell in love with when I was 13 years old. 


I seem to keep ending up with these bad boy characters. I don’t understand what’s going on. I walk the street in New York feeling like I’m Paul Rudd or something, but apparently no one else sees it that way. -Sebastian Stan


#thankyoubones week: day 5 → 8 jack hodgins ‘king of the lab’ scenes

Jack Stanley Hodgins IV is the literal walking embodiment of ‘beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure’. I mean……. LOOK AT HIM. Besides his sweet, kind, angelic personality, he has this innocence and child-like wonder in him (again, similar to Booth’s… but a more “nerdy” version in comparison), and his passion and love for his work makes him one of the best people to look up to and aspire to be like. ‘What I want out of my life is to come in here and sift through slime and bugs. Unfortunately, my family is one of those who secretly run the world’…. this line back in the fifth episode of the entire series itself speaks volumes about his character. Despite all the wealth in the world, Hodgins remains humble and generous and just like any other normal guy out there - you wouldn’t guess that he was the sole heir to a billion-dollar private company. He’s really easy to relate to as well, and his love for conspiracies and being KING OF THE LAB will always be the most endearing parts of his character. All in all, Jack Hodgins deserves every bit of love out there, both from Angela, and from us ❤️


Bones - 12x12 The End In The End
Memories shared by the cast while filming the series finale
Story by: Stephen Nathan
Written by: Michael Peterson, Jonathan Collier, Karine Rosenthal
Directed by: David Boreanaz

When I look back on these past twelve seasons, the thing I will remember most is all of you. Our cast and crew has been professional, dedicated, hard-working, but, most importantly, kind. No matter where our lives take us from here, we have shared something very special together. And I am so grateful for that.” - Emily Deschanel

I just love all the people up here. They respect you, they believe in you. They support each other. And it’s such a great environment to be a part of. I was blessed to meet these people. They’ve got me through lots of stuff in my life. […] We went to war when we started this, and we’re gonna come out with the flag high. […] And I love them all.” - David Boreanaz


#ThankYouBones Week: Day 5 8 Jack Hodgins ‘king of the lab’ scenes

(I didn’t know if it were scenes of him actually saying King of the Lab or moments that make him King of the Lab so both? both.)