tj is just the best ; ;


I’m done. Some Tyler Joseph in adventure time style because why not? I tried drawing him in the clothes he used for the Tear in My Heart and House of Gold videos (which is where I got inspired from) I tried to turn this into a gif but I just couldn’t do it. Oh well. Hope you guys like. They’re transparent so feel free to use any of them. I might draw Josh one too. What do you guys think?


● september 13th 2005 ● happy 10th anniversary Bones!

↳ “the secret to ten years? it’s always the casting. first and foremost, the people up on screen. congrats to the Bones cast.” - Hart Hanson

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Tj being your security husband so when you're both single and of age agreed you get married, buy a house and even share a bed (nothing romantic tj just gives the best cuddles) and you guys foster at-risk teens. Because tj has been there and you were there to help him with his addiction the kids are met with support and love, not the anger they got from their foster homes.

oh this is so incredibly sweet

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Team Japan backstage at 2015 Japanese Nationals (x)

Skaters are rivals, but we also get along really well. … When I’m not doing well, they’re there to encourage you before anything else. Even without saying anything, they’re there encouraging, supporting. (x)

some more jefferchase headcanons yall

  • tj is the single!! most cheerful person on the planet!! he always helps magnus when he’s feeling down 
  • which is sadly often :( 
  • but tj is just the BEST he manages to balance his cheerfulness with also respecting magnus’ feelings what a stand up dude!! 
  • magnus shows tj all the star wars films. tbh tj doesn’t really. get it
  • movies aren’t tj’s strong suit. even after a good 100some years of coexisting with movies he still just doesn’t get it 
  • the language is hard for him to get/follow and he has a terrible time keeping the characters straight
  • but he likes the lightsabers aka “shiny bayonets”
  • magnus is exasperated with his dumb bf because star wars is SACRED but he powers through
  • whenever magnus is on his period (he’s canonically trans in case u didn’t know) tj always brings him chocolate and painkillers and all
  • magnus yells for years and years about how it’s unfair that periods should still exist in valhalla bc seriously !! how is that fair 
  • but tj sticks w him what a good kid!!
  • magnus’ MAIN GOAL in life is to get sam to agree to a double date between them and sam and amir 
  • sam would rather throw herself off mt everest than let that happen but magnus still tries
  • tj and sam grow to be really good friends!! sam is 100000% the embarrasing younger sister though
  • she never fails to tell tj the most embarrasing stories she knows about magnus. it makes poor mango want 2 sink into the floor and die but tj thinks it’s cute so !!