tj edge

The day TJ had been waiting for for as long as he could remember was finally here. The Dome’s big opening night. The VIP list was impressive, from celebrities to well known politicians; including former President of the United States, Bud Hammond. None of the people on the list mattered more to TJ than one Congressman, Sean Reeves, Republican from Ohio.

Nerves were on edge as TJ got out of the car and was greeted by the paparazzi outside the night club / restaurant. He put on his winning smile and walked the red carpet, posing for pictures, taking selfies with fans (if you could call them that) and even answering questions for the annoying news reporters.

Once inside, he stood in front of the VIP entrance, looking at the names on the invitations. He picked up Sean’s card, looking over the name and then carefully set it down. God, if Sean really showed up this would be the best day of TJ’s life. Sean showing up would mean the world to him. They hadn’t really spoken since that day Sean stormed out of his apartment and this would be a chance to reconnect. It’d been a while but TJ still loved the guy, probably more than he thought after everything.

“Come on, Teej. Time to make an appearance.” Said one of the club runners.

TJ looked up, smiled and nodded. “How’s it looking in there?”

“Booze is flowing, people are dancing. It’s looking good. Now it’s time for you to get in there and show them how fun this place is.”

Part of TJ’s job was mingling among the guests, having drinks, being a social butterfly. TJ’s name on the club meant that he would draw in certain crowds. People would go to the club because of TJ. 

An hour or two and several drinks into it, TJ waved Gunner over, whispering in his ear. “Has Sean Reeves showed up yet?” Gunner didn’t know but he told TJ he’d find out and be right back.