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Ok but Magnus Chase characters playing Uno

- Hearthstone and Alex are pretty much unbeatable 

-Uh huh that’s right this badass elf is good at pinball and can slay Uno too mmm

- Like imagine everyone groaning when Alex or Hearth mentions playing Uno

- Like they beg the others to join them

- “Come on guys we’ll go easy on ya this time!”

- Lies. All Lies.

- Amir isn’t too bad himself, he’s probably the third best or something. Like he’s Alex and Hearth’s only competition

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Tuffnut is comedy gold but...

Who writes Tuffnut’s lines?
Does writer of the episode come up with every single one of them or do they write a situation and let TJ Miller fill in the blanks?

Because Ruff seems to be the more competent twin and Tuff the more comedic twin. At least half of his lines are hilarious.

Anyway I can’t wait for more of him in RTTE season 5

Late Night Sex~Reader X TJ Perkins

Plot: TJ wakes you up in the middle of the night for some late night sex but instead of waking you up like he usually does he does it in a more special way.

You couldn’t be any happier with your life right now. Not only because you were apart of the WWE but overall because you had the best man ever in your life.

TJ Perkins

You and TJ started dating about 3 weeks after he won the cruiserweight title and it’s been nothing but heaven on earth. TJ was an amazing boyfriend he was sweet, kind, caring, respectful, funny, unique and so much more he was nothing compared to any guy you’ve met in your life.

You lived with TJ, he asked you to move in not to long ago with him. TJ wanted to be closer with you so you got rid of your apartment in Los Angeles and moved in with your boyfriend. There was just one thing TJ was never able to control ever since you started living with him.

TJ liked to have “Late Night Sex”. As you called it. TJ would wake you up in the middle of the night and ask if you were in the mood and the answer has always been yes. You weren’t going to lie, TJ fucked you better than any guy probably ever could and after all you did lose your virginity to him.

TJ usually only wakes you up about 2 times on most weeks, so it’s not an everyday thing.

You were currently asleep in your bed with TJ by your side. TJ already woke you up once this week so who knows when the next time would be. TJ began to toss and turn on the bed trying to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in.

Eventually TJ sat up in your shared bed and looked over at your sleeping body. A smirk played across his face as he knew exactly what he wanted. You felt TJ move closer to you but you figured he was just trying to get warm or something.

You then felt kisses being left all over your jawline. You tried to ignore them but TJ wouldn’t stop, he started to move down to your neck biting and nibbling on your sensitive flesh. “Mmm TJ”. You moan quietly, half awake and half asleep. You hear TJ let out a chuckle and he continues to pick at your neck.

This was different usually TJ would just wake you up by shaking you or whispering your name but this time he was doing something completely different and you were enjoying it as it continued.

TJ took his mouth off your neck and moved his right hand down your body. You were only wearing one of his oversized shirts and just panties so TJ didn’t have to do much to get your clothes off you. TJ’s hand reaches your pussy and he begins to rub though your panties. Your eyes shoot open as you let out a small moan from him rubbing you.

You felt the wetness beginning to build up even more in your pussy as TJ continued to tease you. TJ continued to rub and came up to kiss you passionately. The whimpers subsided once he placed his lips on yours. But you couldn’t help yourself and started to let out small groans as he touched you.

TJ moved away from you and focused on his other task. “God Y/N your completely soaked”. He says. TJ then proceeds to pull of your soaked panties. You lift your lower body up allowing him to do so. You feel him slide a finger up and down your entrance. “Fuck Y/N I can’t believe I made you this wet”. He comments again. You begin to wiggle and squirm at the contact of his finger teasing your entrance.

He then enters one finger in. “Oh fuck TJ”. You moan feeling his long middle finger move in and out of you. TJ adds another finger and it just adds to your pleasure. “Fuck”. You moan as he curves his fingers inside you. TJ increases the speed of his finger movement bringing you closer to the edge.

“TJ I’m gonna c-cum”. You moan. “Do it baby”. He commands, you feel your stomach tighten and you release all over his fingers. You breath heavily trying to recover from the amazing orgasm. You look up and see TJ licking his fingers tasting you.

TJ puts his face between your legs and begins to lick up all your cum from your pussy, You whimper as his tongue swirls and enters your sensitive pussy licking up all the liquids leftover from your orgasm. TJ comes back up to look at you licking his bottom lip.

TJ then yanks off his shirt, sweats and boxers. He climbs back onto the bed and positions himself at your entrance.  He looks at you for approval and you nod your head. TJ then shoves his whole length into you. “FUCK TJ!”. You scream loudly. He chuckles at your reaction. TJ begins to move rapidly in and out of you getting faster every second. “So fucking tight”. He moans. “Fuck TJ…ha-harder”. You moan. TJ nods and increases his speed. The sound of both your moans fill the room as well as the sound of skin smacking.

“Fuck, fuck fuck”. TJ says gritting his teeth together. He looked so sexy right now, his muscles flexing, his jaw clenching, his facial expressions. TJ moved a thumb down to your clit and began to rub fiercely. TJ was now hitting your g-spot with every thrust. “OH FUCK TJ RIGHT THERE!”. You moan loudly.

“Fuck babe I’m close”. TJ says. You felt his thrusts getting sloppy and his cock twitch inside you. “Fuck me to”. You say. “Tell me when”. You say breathlessly as TJ uses the last of his energy to fuck you as hard as he can. “FUCK, NOW!”. He shouts. And you release all over his cock and he releases inside you. TJ collapsed next to you pulling you close.

“Best…late night …sex …ever”. He says in between breathes. “I agree”. You say. He then pulls you closer into his sweaty body. “I love you Y/N”. He says.

“I love you to TJ”. You say.


Hope you like this one I feel like it came out good❤️

The day TJ had been waiting for for as long as he could remember was finally here. The Dome’s big opening night. The VIP list was impressive, from celebrities to well known politicians; including former President of the United States, Bud Hammond. None of the people on the list mattered more to TJ than one Congressman, Sean Reeves, Republican from Ohio.

Nerves were on edge as TJ got out of the car and was greeted by the paparazzi outside the night club / restaurant. He put on his winning smile and walked the red carpet, posing for pictures, taking selfies with fans (if you could call them that) and even answering questions for the annoying news reporters.

Once inside, he stood in front of the VIP entrance, looking at the names on the invitations. He picked up Sean’s card, looking over the name and then carefully set it down. God, if Sean really showed up this would be the best day of TJ’s life. Sean showing up would mean the world to him. They hadn’t really spoken since that day Sean stormed out of his apartment and this would be a chance to reconnect. It’d been a while but TJ still loved the guy, probably more than he thought after everything.

“Come on, Teej. Time to make an appearance.” Said one of the club runners.

TJ looked up, smiled and nodded. “How’s it looking in there?”

“Booze is flowing, people are dancing. It’s looking good. Now it’s time for you to get in there and show them how fun this place is.”

Part of TJ’s job was mingling among the guests, having drinks, being a social butterfly. TJ’s name on the club meant that he would draw in certain crowds. People would go to the club because of TJ. 

An hour or two and several drinks into it, TJ waved Gunner over, whispering in his ear. “Has Sean Reeves showed up yet?” Gunner didn’t know but he told TJ he’d find out and be right back.