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#ThankYouBones week- Day 11 → 2 families/familial scenes  (platonic or not)

My fav families. It’s not just the Hodgins and the Booth families but also their friends and the people around them. What better than introducing their kids to symbolize this? 


#ThankYouBones week- Day 10 → 3 other favorite ships/friendship

Another hard one to choose. My first one is Brennan/Angela. They have the best friendship. My second one is Booth/Brennan/Sweets. I love their interactions so much. My last one is Hodgins/ Brennan. They are so underrated. 

Dr. Sweets (first line): Ok. Dr. Brennan, Agent Booth, together. A little closer, that’s perfect, beautiful…

Dr. Sweets (last line): You two, the world is a lot better than you think it is.

- Bones 3x04 (The Secret in the Soil) | 10x01 (The Conspiracy in the Corpse)


I love the sabres.


Bones » 2016 rewatch - 2x09 “Aliens in a Spaceship”

Man give you a bottle of perfume like that, it says - it says “I Love You.”                         There. I said it out loud.