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Shock and Awesome - “Cuomo For President”

TJ and the TUX uncover the original John Lennon “Imagine” demo entitled “Imagine There’s No Reagan.” This incredible unearthing coincided with reports that perhaps the ex Beatle was once a Reagan Supporter himself.

The boys also covered their night outside of the Stonewall Inn minutes after the Same Sex Marriage Bill passed in NY. The Village Voice’s Michael Musto shared his perspective on the historic event as well.

TJ described his trip to Tim Pawlenty’s address at the Council on Foreign Relations while Political Strategist Dusty Trice helped breakdown Minnesota’s dynamic duo, Pawlenty and Michelle Bachman’s week on the campaign trail.  (photo: L. Hawker)


RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazilian police are raiding another slum dominated by drug trafficking gangs in an ongoing program to bring peace to areas near Maracana stadium ahead of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics.

It’s never too early to clean up the streets. Maybe that’s why former Mayor Giuliani did whatever it took in the 80’s, to clean up NYC. Knowing that the Super Bowl would eventually land here in 2014 as well.

Former Pennsylvania Governor Rick Santorum has entered the 2012 GOP Field and is “in it to Win It.” He sees a “Huckabee Path” according to Politico. This meaning going from a darkhorse to a contender.

Weeks back Santorum controversially stated that former Vietnam war prisoner and 2008 Presidential candidate John McCain didn’t “understand torture.” The comment was made in reference to how Osama Bin Laden would never have been found without “enhanced interrogation.” McCain was the wrong guy to single out however. The insensitive viewpoint has perhaps made it a tough start to a 2012 run that for Santorum is already more of a hail mary than a long shot.

“Dangerous are government bonds, dangerous is cash. More desirable is probably real estate, especially in the United States at this level (it still can go down 10 percent or so but its reasonably priced or even cheap), equities and of course precious metals.

Dr Marc Faber, who predicted that the US Government will go bankrupt back in 2010. Video below

TJ and the TUX: Gulp


The Chinese military accused the U.S. on Friday of launching a global “Internet war” to bring down Arab and other governments, redirecting the spotlight away from allegations of major online attacks on Western targets originating in China-ABC News

We discussed this on our Fri June 3 Podcast “Cyberwars” Tux even asked , “what if it’s not them, but US triggering the initial cause for a cyber war? The real question is when will the first military retaliation to an internet hacking occur?


Reports of a racially charged attack in Wisconsin while the Dow is up and down like a roller coaster at an amusement park and Obama dances barefoot at his 50th birthday bash. From sea to shining sea…

Reuters reports that casual smoking is on the rise..who can afford to smoke all the time these days anyway?

Today’s Shock and Awesome horoscope for all signs: Hit the beach. The Weather looks good. Ride the waves Spicoli. You’ll be sorry that you didn’t when the leaves start to change color.

After The “Most Humbling Day” Murdoch Should Clean Up The Presumptuos Media He Helped Create

Rupert Murdoch called it the “most humbling day” of his life today before Parliament, following a riveting string of realizations that his now defunct News Of the World" were phone hackers, and may have been hacking the phones of 9-11 Victims. Murdoch is a brilliant businessman and a tireless competitor who may in fact have been sloppy or lazy, yet not implicit in authorizing any classless maneuvers like those aforementioned. What Murdoch DOESN’T deserve right now however, is pity for perhaps being victim to an oversight of his staff who, as Murdoch and his family claim, peformed abhorrent tactics in the name of story finding, unbeknownst to him.

Assuming that the story DOESN’T grow and that the trail DOESN’T lead to the world’s  biggest media name, this saga for Murdoch, will simply act a well needed taste of his own medicine. An opportunity to live in the shoes of the targeted.

How many times over the years has a Murdoch owned media outlet purposely embarrassed, or attacked a public figure for political gain. how many times has it fed off of famous people’s weaknesses? In addition, how many times has a Murdoch publication blown up a story that contained only half truths with the “information” gained from shaky sources? Where were the retractions for stories that were found to be untrue, or lacking the world wide nature of their scope. Where were the written banner headline apologies for ruining THOSE people’s credibilities as a result of the unwanted attention from cameras and microphones? 

MURDOCH is now the one feeling the wrath of negative public opinion based on a story whose facts have not yet all come to light. Maybe Murdoch returns to his seat as king of the media world, relatively unscathed by this all. Regardless, what Murdoch and all Media moguls OUGHT to take from this, is the need to rebrand the vulture like reporting style that seeks only to sell papers THAT DAY. A financial gain at the expense of validity and trustworthy fact gathering. Somewhere out there the late Walter Cronkite, a symbol of old school journalism that once valued time and patience over speed, must be chuckling at the events surrounding Murdoch these past few weeks.

It’s time for the entire media, not just Murdoch, to present BOTH sides of issues. It’s time that both people AND media sources, allow those embroiled in controversy, the courtesy and right of being innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. It’s time we trun down the temperature of a culture that feeds off of headlines that thrive off in bottom feeding negativity. It’s also time that the media stop playing into the culture’s hyperactive need for instant gratification, borne out of the explosion of social media. An explosion that has allowed anyone own the license for a platform. Where the most mundane daily task can be “reported” instantly to a world that now seeks factoids obtained at light speed over having to wait around for any reason.

Maybe Murdoch can help lead the way back to quality over speed, and innocent before guilty. Barring news of an even greater moral turn for the worse from him or any staff members, Murdoch will STILL have the power to do so. With a nice new vantage point that for the first time in his life, now includes a heart felt empathy for the position of being a flavor of the month" target in the press.