CanucksTV - Thank You Fans

My heart is broken, but I will love my team till the end of time. Thank you for a great season boys. 

motherxvillain-archive  asked:

"This is what I live for,"


“Why?” The question slips past her lips, fingers brushing against the balcony as she watches the people gathered below. “The Kingdom is large enough, you did not need to go and expand the lands.” For the only way to do that, was make another ruler fall. It seemed widely unfair and Rose, didn’t understand it, nor would she try to. All it meant was that there was more to control, which gave you less control. Or, more importantly more people’s well-being to look after. 


This video still gets me so excited!! THIS IS WHAT WE LIVE FOR <3


OH MY GOSH who remembers this game??!!? OH THE FEELS!!!!!!


This Is What We Live For: Vancouver Canucks 2012 Playoffs Preview