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"This is what I live for,"


“Why?” The question slips past her lips, fingers brushing against the balcony as she watches the people gathered below. “The Kingdom is large enough, you did not need to go and expand the lands.” For the only way to do that, was make another ruler fall. It seemed widely unfair and Rose, didn’t understand it, nor would she try to. All it meant was that there was more to control, which gave you less control. Or, more importantly more people’s well-being to look after. 


CanucksTV - Thank You Fans

My heart is broken, but I will love my team till the end of time. Thank you for a great season boys. 


This video still gets me so excited!! THIS IS WHAT WE LIVE FOR <3

Project: Teen Wolf (#TIWWLF)

Last year, ThisIsWhatWeLiveFor.com was the best collection of Vancouver Canucks fan media on the entire world wide interweb, in my completely unbiased opinion.

This year, it’s gone through some changes. Now more than ever, it’s got style, it’s got class and it’s got hair all over its body! - sorry, I’m getting a little carried away with what we at Canucks.com have been calling Teen Wolf.

Teen Wolf is what sort of comes from the letters TIWWLF, as in This Is What We Live For. Last year fans uploaded their content to the Canucks mosaic and while fans are still encouraged to do so this year, any media, regardless of what platform it lives on, accompanied by the hashtag #TIWWLF, will be automatically added to the greatest collection of Canucks fan media at Thisiswhatwelivefor.com.

This has been a passion project of the entire web team for a few months now, so we hope you enjoy it. Play around with it, get a feel for it and please contribute to it - more than ever before this is content by the fans, for the fans.

Oh, there’s contests too! Stay tuned to Canucks.com and Thisiswhatwelivefor.com throughout the upcoming post-season for a chance to watch the Canucks live, or to take home other wicked swag.

#TIWWLF - Howlin’ for you throughout the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs


OH MY GOSH who remembers this game??!!? OH THE FEELS!!!!!!