I’ve come to the conclusion that haters will do/say anything to point out India’s flaws to make themselves feel better. Like that last screenshot of her “dirty” feet, like bitch she’s at the beach! People make comments like oh her stomach is too toned, her cheekbones are faked with makeup, bitch you wish you had her abs and her facial structure though. Ya’ll kill me. Support her or don’t it simple but there’s no need to go out of your way to put her down if you don’t like her. She doesn’t care tbh



I let Christopher go to Mississippi for a couple of weeks with Bree and Dudi I had photo shoots to do with Morgan and Crys I had a house full this weekend because I had a pool party witch did not go well Chris got into a fight with Duhwayne Richardson.

I had to go pick up Christopher from Morgans house and take him to Brooke’s house she was baby sitting for me after that me Morgan and Crystal went to Los Angeles for our shoot it went well. I guess Chris was mad at me because I took Christopher to brooke instead of his sister Melanie the fuck is this Nigga thinkin’ I ain’t takin’ my damn baby to no bodies house unless I know the bitch!. We were going to a house party after the shoot so we can meet some Niggas as Morgan sais when we got there it was hella big i was stunned when every body started to come me and Morgan had to greet the mutha fuckas while they came in like really Bitch we supossed to be here for the fuckin’ party not to greet hella people the fuck is wrong with this bitch it’s her party so she gotta greet people not me and my damn sister and Crystal just over there havin’ a fuckin’ ball “girl you betta get yo ass over here and help too!!!” I yelled then I heard somebody call my name over and over again “INDIA INDIA INDIA INDIA INDIA INDIA INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I turned to see Duhwayne Richardson the finest Nigga who I called my babies daddy! I chuckled when I saw him but in my mind I was like dayummnnnnn this nigga fine! I walked over to him for gettin’ about Morgan and all the Greeting we talked for a long ass time then he wanted me to go in the room with him I’m like Hell Nawwwwwwwwwwww Nigga who you think I am Bruh? he chuckled and said “think about it Ma” I smiled because he said it so sexy I started to think about it.

(couple hours later)

I saw Duhwayne and he just started to stare at me and point at me to his friends I knew they were makin’ nasty comments about me but did I give a fuck No! so I went on with my damn business then I got a call from my sister I answered the phone and she just came at me “your fuckin’ son is not feelin’ well you need to come get him he is bein’ a damn cry baby I mean I know how it is cuhh I have Kids but goddamn he just won’t stop he has a fever he’s coughing and every fuckin’ thang I mean shit baby girl I think you need to take him to the (E)mergency ®oom

I couldn’t even say anything so I told Morgan and Crystal good bye and went on to get my sick child poor Noonie.

I arrived at the house and I went inside my baby was cryin’ and when I picked him up he stopped all the damn cryin’ we took his temp one more time and it was 100.5 I was broken and scared as fuck, I took him to the Emergency room and they said nothing was wrong with him they said it’ll be gone in a couple of days and it will be scary but I will have to deal with it I started to cry and I realized how much I needed Chris but he was always a damn pain in the back when we got home I called rori and I asked if me and Noonie could come and stay at her house for a while until I get my shit together again she said it was iight and she can’t wait to see us I hung up the phone and started to pack NC was far away but hey we can make it after I got done packin’ me and Noonie’s stuff I put him in his car seat and we went to Moms house I told every body good bye and all they said was, "was this planned or did you just plan this shit today India I don’t think you should go” I said fine I guess I’ll wait a couple weeks because the next week was Morgans birthday we were going to San Diego

(couple weeks later)

I had a ball with all my family and Friends In San Diego and I’m glad I stayed for a couple more weeks we gave our family hugs and Kisses before we left and on we went with our journey hours and hours and hours!!!!!! later we arrived at rori’s house Noonie knew who’s house we was at and he got all extra jumpy and shit “awwww you ready to see Auntie Rori?” he replied in a babbling voice we hopped out the car and rori ran out side and said “NOONIE I MISSED YOU BABY” he started laughing I gave rori a hug and we started to get the bags out the car.

rori (short paragraph)

India and I were watchin’ Insidious I was hella scared I didn’t know what to do I was sleepy too so I tried not to doze off my boyfriend King was comin’ home in like 2hours so I had to clean up after I got done cleaning India was in there knocked out I woke her up and asked her did she wanna sleep in my room the guest room or the living room she woke up for a second and then layed back down I patted her and she woke up again she finally answered my question and she said in here is fine so I let India and Noonie be sleepy heads.


I woke up to go see India cookin’ breakfast I told her she didn’t have to do any of this and she replied “I’m just tryin’ to be a good house mate aha”

I smiled very big and she said “all smiles!!!!!!!!!!!!" I gave her a big hug and a squeeze then Noonie started to cry because he saw a spider we killed the spider then started to laugh because Noonie was so fuckin’ scared bruh then King woke up and ate all the damn food that shit pissed me the fuck off because there wasn’t any food left.


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