Prayer to Tyr

Great warrior of Asgard
Bravest of the Gods

Guide me Tyr, as I seek to be strong
Help me find the bravery I need to face my monsters
Help me find the courage I need to sacrifice when it is needed
Help me find the patience to grow healthy again

As you are strong, so shall I be
As you are brave, so shall I be
Meeting my challenges with firm feet, even when I am afraid

Stand beside me Tyr as I face another day
And remind me, when I want to keep what i must give up
That there are some things I must let go

Stand by me
Bravest of the Gods

(Written by me.)

I have always found great strength and inspiration in Tyr as I seek mental health and recovery from self-destructive behaviors.  I’m sure I’ll write more on this over time, but do feel free to ask if you’ve got questions. I enjoy discussing it. :)

Tiwaz ( T; Tyr, the sky god)

- Also known as Tys, Týr, Ty, Tir, Tiw.

- Named after the god Tyr, who is the god of law and justice.

- The rune of the balance and justice ruled from a higher rationality. Also the rune of sacrifice of the individual for the well-being of the whole.

- Helps obtain victory and success in competitions and legal matters.

- Develops the “force of faith” in magic and religion.

Tiw is a sign that spells confidence to the prince;

It holds true over the mists of night and never fails.

Finding Tiwaz is auspicious, and indicates victory.  After the battle or contest begins and has progressed to the point where one side has the momentum, Tiwaz assures victory.  When It appears two consecutive times?  Insights gratefully appreciated.

When Tiwaz appears does it indicate to trust the momentum? Or does it indicate to keep pressing forward?   Is It a Rune of Action or of Faith?

meanings of runes!
  • FEHU: Good Luck, wealth, money, property
  • URUZ: happiness, fulfillment, good fortune
  • THURISAZ: Good news, safe travel, inner strength
  • ANSUZ: Achieve goals, transformation, life changes
  • RAIDHO: Clearing mind, journey, seeing through illusions, finding the truth
  • KENAZ: Inspiration, ambition, life-strength, determination
  • GEBO: Weddings, love, promotion, extra power
  • WUNJO: Good life, happiness, comfort, security, property, wealth
  • HAGALAZ: Harmony, unity, good for couples, love spells
  • ISA: Stillness, quiet, peace, inner strength
  • NAUTHIZ: Free from distress, letting go, releasing the past
  • JERA: Rewards, promotions, increase salary, reaping benefits from hard work
  • EIHWAZ: Breaking up, ending a dispute, major change, closure,
  • PERTHRO: Material gain, new beginning, wealth, fortune
  • ALGIZ: Removing blockages, visible growth, making ground, success
  • SOWILO: Guidance, renewal, change, advancement, new locations
  • TIWAZ: Wisdom, victory, success, justice, enlightment
  • BERKANO: Birth, marriage, creativity, new beginnings,
  • EHWAZ: Transformation, new home, progress, new goals, new outlook, trust
  • MANNAZ: Male energy, male influence, new career opportunities.
  • LAGUZ: Life energy, manifestation, movement, progress, spiritual energy
  • INGWAZ: Family, children, spouse, relatives, new energy, family benefits
  • DAGAZ: Awakening, love, attraction, realization, white light
  • OTHALA: New possessions, inner qualities, new attainment
  • When choosing a wand, you may wish to find the magical properties of wood, below is a list of woods and their magical strengths
  • via witcheslore !

Victory Runes you shall know
Write Them on the hilt of your sword
Some on the grip; Some on the guard
And call out twice the name of Tyr. 

Tiw is a sign to the nobles,
spelling faith in the outcome,
It holds true through the darkest night.

Tiwaz is a sign to the faithful,
doubt will deny victory as assuredly as loss,
Be thankful for victory in advance for it assuredly comes as day follows night through the night make be long. 

Hadn’t seen the Tyr posting in a while, but needed to post it as original paeans aren’t my strong suit, so kudos to the person who created it.

The first quote is from Sigdrifa, I started to adapt it substituting the word ‘pen’ for 'sword,’ but it is allegory so remains.  The second is Anglo-Saxon rune poem though I adapted the second line, 'nobles’ I was going to replace with those free from doubt, but that led to the third  stanza, my update borrowing heavily from the New Thought writers.


This custom seax is finished! The runes on the blade read “onwards”. 

The rune on the sheath is the Tiwaz rune its meaning is Tyr, Honor,Justice,Leadership and Authority.

The Magical stave is the Helm of awe.

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Thanks everyone! 

A (very) brief look at the runes of the Elder Futhark

These are my basic interpretations for each of the runes of the Elder Futhark. While these explanations may reveal the basic meanings of these symbols, at least according to my own research and experience, they only scratch the surface of the layers of wisdom that can be found in the runes. For deeper study, there are many wonderful books out there that expand on them. I would personally recommend Diana Paxson’s Taking Up the Runes as a great starting point.

As a personal aside, I would consider myself a fairly conservative interpreter of the runes. I feel that the best basis for them can be found in reliable sources, such as existing lore and the rune poems. As such, I attempt to adhere closely to these sources when it comes to explaining the meaning of each symbol.

Fehu: Fehu means cattle and signifies wealth, but it is a wealth that is best used when moving through the community generously. The rune cautions against hoarding wealth and cites the discord that can result.

Uruz: Uruz stands for aurochs, which was a species of horned cattle common to the ancient world. As such, it is a rune of primal strength and determination. The rune can also mean rain.

Thurisaz: Thurisaz represents the giants of the Norse tales and is a rune of chaos and unrest. It could also be interpreted as a rune of Thor, which would turn the symbol into one of protection against those same chaotic forces.

Ansuz: Ansuz is the rune of Odin, which makes it a rune of wisdom. In the Anglo-Saxon rune poem the symbol also represents the mouth, lending an additional meaning of wisdom through communication and messages.

Raido: Raido means ride and is a rune of travel. While the journey may be swift and joyful, the rune poem warns of the toll the journey will take on the horse. This suggests that one must take care of those who help us along the way.

Kenaz: Kenaz is the torch that illuminates the way through darkness to a warm hearth and good company. However, as the fire burns for warmth, it can also cause pain and may indicate illness.

Gebo: Gebo signifies the rune of gifts and generosity. The rune also represents the cycle of reciprocity and the right-relationship that results when maintained.

Wunjo: Wunjo denotes the rune of joy. It is a bliss that can spring from prosperity, overcoming anxiety and sadness.

Hagalaz: Hagalaz represents hail, making it a rune of destruction and painful transition. All is not for naught however, for the ice seed will melt, giving water and growth to the hardier crops that survived.

Naudhiz: Naudhiz means need, and is a rune of constraint, oppression, and hard work that goes unrewarded. This is a challenging symbol, but the rune also indicates that lessons could be learned from the experience.

Isa: Isa stands for ice, fair to look upon but dangerous to traverse. This is a rune whose message is one of caution in situations where a particular decision seems desirable, but could be perilous. On the other hand, Isa can suggest stability and calm.

Jera: Jera is the rune for year and the harvest. It is manifestation of the rewards for hard work, with prosperity and abundance that sustains the individual or the community.

Eihwaz: Eihwaz is the symbol for the yew tree and can mean strength that is drawn from the line of ancestors. Eihwaz is also interpreted as the rune of Yggdrasil, which implies connection to the cosmos.

Perthro: Perthro is the dice-cup, the vessel from which the lots are cast, and the rune of chance. Perthro can represent uncertainty in everything from light-hearted gaming to the vagaries of fate.

Elhaz: Elhaz is the rune of the elk and the sedge. The shape of the rune resembles that of the antlers of the elk and the thorn of the sedge, making this a symbol of protection.

Sowilo: Sowilo represents the sun, making it a rune of illumination, victory, and power. The rune can also mean guidance, as one can always depend on the course of the sun to lead them to the end of their journey.

Tiwaz: Tiwaz is Tyr’s rune and is a symbol of justice and truth, potentially at the cost of self-sacrifice. Tiwaz also has an aspect of guidance in that right-action will always set you on the correct path.

Berkano: Berkano is the rune for the birch tree, indicating feminine strength and resourcefulness. From this meaning, it can be a rune for nurturing, healing, and regeneration.

Ehwaz: Ehwaz means horse and expresses the relationship between the horse and the rider. It is a rune of partnership, with attention given to those who help us along our journey. Naturally, the symbol can also represent movement and travel.

Mannaz: Mannaz is the symbol for “man” or “human,” and emphasizes the interconnected nature of human relationships. Mannaz can show the spectrum of these relationships, from comfort in good company to the more negative aspects of the human condition.

Laguz: Laguz is the rune for lake, making this a symbol for water. As such, this is a rune of potential and change, perhaps with the suggestion for flexibility through various situations. It can also mean the unconscious mind and the hidden wealth that lies beneath the surface.

Ingwaz: Ingwaz is Freyr’s rune and takes on the domains of the Vanic god as a symbol of fertility, productivity, and abundance. The rune can also symbolize masculine strength and the transforming cycles of life.

Dagaz: Dagaz means day and is the rune of new beginnings. With the day also brings hope, and is a welcome rune when life has been difficult. Dagaz can also signify the present moment and a call to “seize the day.”

Othala: Othala is the rune of the home and encompasses everything that entails, from the physical homestead to familial relationships of blood and heart. Othala also symbolizes the connection to the ancestors, from genetic inheritance to physical property passed on through the family line.

Protection-prayer to Freyja

Hear me Freyja; Bless me your protection!

With Tiwaz and Thurisaz
Hunt these cowards
That dare threaten me

Terrify and toy with them
Just as cats do,
With their prey

Fly on falcon wings
My Lady,
Eviscerate them all

May those who threatened
Be forever tortured
In your hall

Hail, Freyja!


this is part two of a two part request from @a-girl-interupted

A Spell Reference Guide


Herbs and Plants: Aloe, angelica, anise, basil, bay leaf, caraway, carnation, camomile, cinnamon, coriander, dragonsblood, fennel, frankincense, garlic holly,lavender, lilac, mistletoe, mugwort, mullein, nettle, onion, pennyroyal, rose, rosemary, sage, sandalwood, vervain, witch hazel 
Stones: Agate, amber, carnelian, garnet, jasper, lapis lazuli, moonstone, sunstone, tiger eye, turpuoise, calcite, black onyx, jade, opal, sodalite.
Colours: Black, white, blue, purple 
Runes: Thurisaz, tiwaz, eithwas

Increase Psychic Awareness

Herbs and plants:  Anise, bay leaf, acaia, cinnamon, buchu leaves, celery, honey suckle, lemon grass, lilac, lotus, mint, mimosa,  mug wort, poppy seed, rosemary, sandalwood, wormwood, ambergris, frankincense,  heliotrope, Jasmine, lemon,  magnolia,  peppermint, rose, sage, vanilla
Stones:  Azurite, amethyst, blood stone, calcite, Carnelian,  chrysocolla, emerald, fluorite, iolite, kyanite, labraodrite, lapis lazuli, malachite, moon stone, quartz, snowflake obsidian, sapphire, turquoise
Colours: Red, blue, purple,
Runes: Laguz,  perthro, dagaz   


Herbs and plants: Basil, white sage, fennel, rosemary, eucalyptus, frankincense, oregano, clove, lavender, ylang ylang, vetiver, sandalwood,
Stones:  Aquamarine, clear/gold calcite, citrine, smokey quartz, obsidian,
Colours: White, green
Runes: Thurisaz,       

Re: Bind Runes- *Request*

Here’s a bind rune for our service men and women who are deployed abroad or elsewhere.

It consists of:

Tiwaz (Tyr) (2x) This is the rune of right action. It is the rune that represents our service men and women making the right & just decisions on the battlefields they’re on. It is the rune closest to the god, Tyr. Tyr was a great warrior who was always first on the front lines.

Elhaz (Eel-Sedge) (2x)- This rune of protection that will hedge out all the negative forces that beset our soldiers. It is the rune that will keep the enemies on the perimeter and at bay from harming our soldiers.

Gebo (Gift/Sacrifice): This is the rune of sacrifice. It is the sacrifice of time, energy, and perhaps, even their lives to protect their fellow soldiers, their country, and ultimately us. It is an equal exchange of their service for our protection and the protection of the citizens of the countries they are deployed to.

Othala (Ancestoral Property/ Heritage)- This is the rune of the ancestors. It is the rune of home. We want our soldiers to come home to us after their deployments. We hope their ancestors are watching over them, guiding them, and ultimately protecting them. It is the rune that represents where all fallen soldiers will go when they make the ultimate sacrifice. As Odin had prepared a home for them in Valhalla.

**CAUTION- Bind Runes are a subjective topic. No two bind runes are drawn the same. Remember, you should connect with each of the runes on an intuitive level before you use bind runes in your magical practices**

I tried to make it look like something you could make into a sown patch or something they could wear when they’re deployed. It looks innocuous but holds the secret well for only the soldiers or their wives to know. ;)

Hope this helps. Questions? - Let me know.

James Moore-Hodur

My notes on Runes and their meanings: 

Image above is my Lapis Lazuli runes

Fehu: success

positive:Possessions won or earned, earned income, luck. Abundance, financial strength in the present or near future. Sign of hope and plenty, success and happiness. Social success. Energy

negative: Loss of personal property, esteem, or something that you put in effort to keep. It indicates some sort of failure. Greed, burnout, atrophy, discord. Cowardice, stupidity, dullness, poverty, slavery, bondage.

Uruz: energy

positive:Physical strength and speed, untamed potential. A time of great energy and health. Freedom, energy, action, courage, strength, tenacity, understanding, wisdom. Sudden or unexpected changes (usually for the better). Sexual desire, masculine potency. The shaping of power and pattern, formulation of the self

negative:Weakness, obsession, misdirected force, domination by others. Sickness, inconsistency, ignorance. Lust, brutality, rashness, callousness, violence.

Thurisaz:  conflict/change

positive:Reactive force, change, conflict

negative:Danger, defenselessness, compulsion, betrayal, dullness. Evil, malice, hatred, torment, spite, lies

Ansuz:  communication

positive: A revealing message or insight, communication. Signals, speech, true vision, power of words and naming, the taking of advice, true words, wisdom

negative: misunderstanding, lies, manipulation

Raidho: travel

positive:Travel, both in physical terms and those of lifestyle direction. A journey, evolution, change of place or setting.

negative: being static, or feeling dislocated, out of place

Kenaz: knowledge/creativity

positive: vision, revelation, inspiration, harnessed creativity and knowledge

negative: lack of creativity, false hope, instability

Gebo:  gifts (in a sense of sacrifice and of generosity - balance)

positive: a well balanced relationship

negative: greed, dependance, loneliness (not well balanced)

Wunjo: Joy

Positive: comfort, pleasure, harmony

negative: sorrow, alienation, or other extremes such as mania and rage

Hagalaz: destruction/an unexpected internal storm that will lead ultimately to calm. The greater the challenge the more you gain overcoming it.

cannot be reversed

Nauthiz: need/cravings

positive: innerstrength, a warning to control your emotions and not give into temptations

negative: opposite — give more freely to your emotions, etc. Don’t be constrained

Isa: Ice (frustration)

Ice. Stagnation. Lack of emotion/change. Blocking progress.

No reverse.

Jera: A Year of Good Harvest

Success and continuity. Just rewards for your efforts. Profit, achievement, justice.

Eihwaz: momentum

positive: speed, quick wits, forward progress, moon, confidence, Movement can help with change for the better.

reversed: reluctance, muddled thinking, slowness

Perthro: Mystery, chance, a gamble, unknown outcome

reversed: Take no chances - failure is likely. What appears clear-cut hides a deeper meaning. You are tempted to be rash - but do not succumb.

Algiz: Protection. A shield. guard. You will be safe if you keep your defenses up and avoid recklessness.

reversed: bewared,  you are unprotected and open to attack. be less short-sighted and put up your guards.

Sowilo: The Sun

discovery. victory. energy. awareness. understanding.

no revsed.

Tiwaz: courage, compassion, bravery/fearless. new challenges but perseverance.

negative: naivete, shyness, cowardice, need for concentration.

Berkano: birth/growth (both physical and mental), new beginnings.

reversed: lack of growth, decline or loss. a bad time for new ventures.

Mannaz: the self / humanity / inner self / your ego

balancing mind and body and spirit. balancing ego.  self actualization and self awareness (similar to the hermit major arcana card — note that for reversed)

Laguz: Water

creativity/going with the flow/positive outcome if you tap into your subconscious (deep like the ocean).

reversed: struggling against the current. the tide may take you away from the shore you know but to new horizons.

Ingwaz: internal growth, personal development

no reversed

Inguz is that potential energy that must accumulate gradually in storage before being released as a single surge of energy. It represents the process of a mental ‘seed’ desire implanted by the conscious mind into the subconscious for incubation and gestation, later to emerge as a new creation in your life affairs.Thus, Inguz contains within its lore the true meaning of sacrifice. Such sacrifice occurs when one form is called upon to die so that a newly evolved form may begin to grow.

Dagaz: day or dawn

awakening, awareness, change, illumination, bold new beginning

reversed: A completion, ending, limit,

Othala: homeland, ancestral power

connotations of family and ancestry.

Generally can be a warning to be more forward thinking, not to overall romanticize or focus on the past.

reversed: disrespect/bad karma

Rune of the day: Tiwaz

Meaning: The rune Tiwaz is taken from the letter T in both the Roman and Greek alphabets. Tiwaz or Tyr is one of two runes in the Elder Futhark that is named after a deity and the root word teiwa is known to have the meaning “bright” or “shining.” Words that were often used to describe the gods in the Greek and Roman periods. The rune Tiwaz and its meaning Tyr is a rune that symbolizes not only the Nordic God himself but also his domain. That of the victorious victim and enjoying justice.

Symbolism: The rune of Tiwaz as stated above is the rune of Tyr a god in the Norse pantheon who’s rule was that of justice. However Tyr’s form of justice is not the same justice that we hand out to those who wrong us in the modern era. For Tyr justice is earned, and it is earned though the fires of war and combat. When drawing Tyr and using it to invoke justice to someone who has wronged you, you best be sure that you are right in the matter. Justice, especially the justice of Tyr is not coddling or easy it is a righteous flame that will burn all those wrong in its path, even if you are the one invoking him. Tiwaz also symbolizes the virtue of self- discipline. The rune is very useful when you are going through a time of conflict and need a guiding light to see you through the chaos.

Personally: Now it may be best not saying how many times this rune has come up for me but when I face a problem legally, or a problem in which I have been wronged in anyway I often will draw and invoke Tiwaz. All runes are fairly blunt, without care of your personal feelings and morals but I find Tiwaz to be even more so. If you want a job done, and a job done effectively and efficiently use Tiwaz. Just make sure you have all your I’s dotted and T’s crossed because other wise you will be caught in the cross fire.


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