Nissan preparations!! Or: it’s so fucking hot we’re all gonna die 8DDD (Drown in Changmin’s sweat or get burnt to crisp by the sun - both are quite a way to go, I’m sure you’ll agree.)

Idk if I’ll be able to actually wear the hat, it may be too big (and I’m tall so that’d destroy whatever chances of seeing anything people behind me’d have left). Have to check regulations but I guess I will take it anyway (because queueing for the goods and waitingggggg), and a stoll or two. …Speaking of the goods, still haven’t decided on what I’m going to get. A tshirt and the bottle holder probably? And something I haven’t been planning on buying at all because that always happens with me, always.

I’m both excited and kinda terrified because the weather is really awful here and I’ve never participated in such a huge concert outside. (And I’ve got arena seat for D-1 so no escape from the sun and additional rules regarding what you’re allowed to bring with you and stuff.)

But yeah, Nissan stadium, bring it on! …after I buy everything I need to survive.