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I know we’ve seen this before but it cracked me up today when i saw it again.

51 seconds.  Sings in the shower.   Zayn: ‘Liam probably’ while he enthusiastically points in his direction.


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I was wondering if you had the video where Liam was holding up the sheet of paper with wolfie or Wolverhampton on it?.. sorry if that doesn't help much , but I usually see it when people are putting Zayn's wolf tattoo and Liams nickname as wolfie together

First off, this question is in relation to this post x that I reblogged just recently right? Well to answer your question, the one where Liam was holding a sheet of paper did not come from a video interview, but rather from a picture on a Japanese magazine spread (Vivi magazine). One of the questions in that spread was to name their favorite animal. Liam answered wolf: 🐺

But Liam is indeed has been called Wolfie by one his bandmates. I think that’s because he came from Wolverhampton which is a very wolf-like sounding word. Anyway, Harry called him as such during this particular TIU interview: x x

Liam’s favorite animal is wolf and then Liam being called Wolfie…it’s no wonder people would connect those to Zayn’s wolf tattoo. Zayn himself has not shown any prior connection to that particular animal so why did he get that big ass wolf tattoo on his leg then? I Like Your Skirt provided an excellent explanation on that tattoo on Part 4 of her outstanding Ziam analysis videos but unfortunately that particular video was taken down by YouTube due to copyright claims (Hmmm). And that wolf seems to share some similar features from Liam himself, for instance, take a look at Zayn’s wolf’s snout (and I just realized now that lower lip as well! Liam has a fuller lower lip. That wolf also has a fuller lower lip that is not present on a typical wolf tattoo.) x

Compare that to a typical wolf tattoo:


Anyway that’s my take on Liam, aka Wolfie from Wolverhampton who I believe has taken a permanent residence on Zayn’s left leg. As a parting shot, take a look at this adorable video of fetus!Liam barking through interviews:

Thank you for messaging me!

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I think with those comments people are forgetting Liam had to keep up pretenses even with Sophia's private ig. I'm sure not everyone in her inner circle knew of the situation, and it would be weird if 'Liam' never commented at all. Also, people get worked up over the smallest things. The actual candid pics don't lie. Like Liam looking so miserable during the Disney and Cannes trips as recent examples. Let's not forget so quickly

Hey anon,

Precisely.  Obviously those who believed in the mess that was Sophiam will see it as some kind of vindication and it’ll be yet another example of how 1DHQ have set pitifully low standards for how a properly functioning relationship between 2 young people should be and also that Liam is some kind of thick caveman type that still hasn’t mastered the art of spelling ‘you’re’ as perpetuated by the tweets attributed to him and now these insta posts.

Whereas for those of us who’ve never believed in it of course we’ll decry and call it for the bullshit it clearly is.  Let’s face it, he, himself could hardly get away with scrawling ZIAMISREALEVERYBODY all over the comments.  There is a reason why he called himself fakeliampayne and just followed her.

Though at this point right now am suddenly remembering that interview during TIU promo where he was the one pointed out who’d have a secret twitter account, well maybe he has a secret insta where he was the one with all the ‘Ziammm’ comments on there. 

Anyway, yeah.  I’m not going to post pics of them again unless I have to but just remember this when he was with her.

and then remember this just after Zayn had gone.

Now place your bets on what you think is the realest