A question for you, good people - what the hell do you reckon this guy is a priest/representative of? He’s clearly wearing ceremonial robes of some description, and his behaviour indicates that he is one of the few humans in the room. That would make sense to me, since while sims might well be deemed suitable witnesses for weddings it seems unlikely that they would also be used to officiate ceremonies. 

The only vague reference to ‘religion’ comes via Kalique, who speaks of recurrence having a spiritual significance. That’s only an element of belief, not a religion in itself, but I like to think that this man is probably a representative of the religion bigging up recurrence. Either that or he’s a pal of Titus’s who the latter elevated to the intergalactic priesthood for his own nefarious purposes.

Also, I can’t find the actor/role in the movie’s credits. He has a speaking part, so should be there somewhere. Can anyone find him?


Some Nights I Miss Cups (FUN. / Capital Cities / Blink-182 / Anna Kendrick)

I Wanna Bulletproof Dancer
  • I Wanna Bulletproof Dancer
  • La Roux vs. Robyn vs. Whitney Houston vs. Taylor Swift
  • Titus Jones 2010

I Wanna Bulletproof Dancer // La Roux vs Robyn vs Whitney Houston vs Taylor Swift

This mashup is fucking delicious.. it’s pretty ORGASMIC <3


Titus Jones - Some Nights I Miss Cups (FUN / Capital Cities / Blink-182 / Anna Kendrick)

A nice little mix from Titus Jones.  There is a really solid acapella of Cups out now, I’m betting we’ll see more than a few more mash-ups using it this fall.

More big sounds coming your way on this surprise mashup that blends rising pop star Betty Who’s summery hit Somebody Loves You, Calvin Harris’ Summer, and the late, great Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Who’s knew this would work so well? Nashville’s Titus Jones, that’s who. The titanic mix is titled Somebody Loves Summer, and it’ll get your blood pumping and feet hopping with its enlivening energy and infectious hooks from THREE huge tunes.


Titus Jones - Some Nights I Miss Cups

(FUN, Capital Cities, Blink 182, Anna Kendrick)

Was listening to this last night and it’s a fantastic mashup.


Dance Alarm by Titus Jones

I’m really lovin’ this mashup right now, listening to it on repeat. XD