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【マギ】 Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

“A world filled with peace is certainly a wonderful thing… But… If the Reim Empire joins the International Alliance, even more of the world will be dyed a single color.”

ティトスアレキウス Titus Alexius : @princemaru

ムーアレキウス  Muu Alexius : @arisatounox

写真 Photo: @vicissijuice


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WHO HAS A MIGHTY NEED FOR TITUS??? THIS NONNIE DOES. If it ain't too much trouble, could I request NSFW headcanons + domestic headcanons with Drautos? Pretty please with whipped "cream" on top ;)

I tossed this at @sonsoflucis in discord last night, and she gave me some of her best Domestic Drautos. Most of these are hers, with mine interspersed in there either expanding on hers or their own original thing. Thanks so much to her for sharing that good Tingus ;3; It’s SFW and NSFW mixed in any old way. It’s mostly domestic HCs now that I look at them… but I’m not sure I’ve got enough of a handle on Drautos’s NSFW HCs yet on their own anyway, I’ve never been very good at general HCs. Hope you enjoy anon.


  • Hates laundry, will not fold and put his clothes away without being chastised. Will live out of his laundry hamper if you allow him to.
  • Loves showering with you, but can never understand why it takes you so much longer than it takes him, even as he’s watching you do your haircare routine.
  • Showering with him sometimes leads to sex, but he really enjoys massaging you and helping you lather up. A few squeezes here and there, but he also likes holding you for a moment, water pouring down his back.
  • Uses your products in the shower because they smell nice, no shame.
  • This fucker is disgusted by hair in the shower drain. Why the fuck do you shed. why is it a clump. How quickly can that shit get away from him.
  • He prefers gardening to yard work, but he does the yard work anyway out of a need to prove himself. It’s what he thinks men are supposed to do.
  • Doesn’t cook much, but makes a mean grilled cheese sandwich and gets super excited about them. You are SO sick of grilled cheese sandwiches, but look at how happy he is???
  • Enjoys grilling/bbq, but the thing he enjoys most about it is prepping the meat with you.

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Your stories are the bomb! Thanks for everything! Really like your dick and wally ones. Can I request a headcanon of what dick's or wally's instagram would look like as in what do they post stuff like that? Thanks a bunch!

Decided to do both? This was fun and something new to write but it might be a tad bit short!! hope you enjoy it nonetheless! Thank you for the compliment!!

Wally likes to post about almost everything! If he finds something that is funny, he will probably share it on his Instagram story! Or if he manages to take a very decent photo of how he is currently living – i.e. dying from studying for finals: his notes and books scattered all over the table – Wally will be the one to post it.

Wally is also the type to take photos with his s/o. If his s/o is not photogenic, Wally will always try his hardest to take a selfie with them. Like Wally would be the type to just randomly whip out his phone and will say “Cheese!” and snaps their photo together. But since this is something that his s/o would probably anticipate, it has become a competition of how many photos Wally can snap of his s/o successfully.

If there was an award, Wally would probably win the #SweetBoyfriend award or something. He would be gaining a lot of followers because of how adorable and sweet he is to his s/o. Like his followers will all know just how much his s/o does not like having their photo taken but every single photo Wally has taken of his s/o always end up wonderful – like you could literally see the love his s/o has for him.

Wally is forgetful so sometimes he forgets their anniversaries or valentine’s day or even his s/o’s birthday but he always makes it up! He would make a video about it and to make sure his s/o is not suspicious; he will still occasionally post photos on his Instagram too. Wally’s surprises / make-up presents are always ones that make people go ‘aww I’m so jealous!’ because Wally will always have all of your favourite food, favourite flowers and basically plan the entire thing.

In the occasion that his s/o is someone who is photogenic, his s/o will not be shy in front of his camera. Any photos of their selfies will always get the most likes because Wally always has that love-struck expression on whenever he stares at his s/o – that’s mostly how their selfies are: Wally staring at his s/o full of love or his s/o just lovingly staring at him.

As for Dick, his Instagram is full of aesthetics and he also has a lot of followers too. He takes photos of buildings, objects, people and anything and everything he can think of. Probably occasionally uses the words ‘caption this’ too on some of his posts.

His Instagram is also filled with a lot of photos he took previously when he was younger or photos he has with his current close friends. He also has a lot of photos of the batfam – he even has photos of them during their worst: hangover, when they were sick, drooling, etcetera. The only person whose photos always look extremely nice is Alfred because he seems to always be camera-ready and never not look decent. He even has a photo of Damian sleeping with his mouth open, hugging Titus.

Dick occasionally posts photos of his s/o. If his s/o is someone who does not want to be in the spotlight other than the one they are already under in for dating the ward of Bruce Wayne, all of his s/o’s photos would be of their backs and only their backs. Imagine those couple posts where the s/o is leading their boyfriend by the hand in front of them. Most of Dick’s photos are either like that or photos the family takes of them from afar. There are never photos where he fully discloses his s/o.

But if his s/o is someone who is fine with the extra spotlight, his photos of his s/o are also aesthetically pleasing. There would be photos of them sleeping and he would caption it: ‘my beautiful morning view’ or a photo of his s/o smiling or laughing at his jokes: ‘my favourite smile’. Sometimes, he reposts photos from his s/o’s Instagram because he finds it funny especially whenever his s/o would say something like ‘out of all the photos he could have chosen…’

His latest post is the one that has most likes: it is also the one that is the simplest. A photo of all of his favourite people in it: his family and his s/o having fun as they all enjoy lunch from Alfred in the gardens at the manor, one where he captions: ‘family’.