titus jr

Tony: [to Coulson, Natasha and Fury] The only way to tell Rogers something is to write it on a note, and tie it to a brick, and throw it through a window. Of course, now Rogers’s armed with a brick.


Hey Guys!! If you can, please help support them. This is such an amazing group of people and music from Chuck Criss! They are revealing cast members throughout the campaign! Some include Titus Makin Jr (David from Glee); Dylan Saunders, Nick Lang, and Corey Dorris from Starkid; Jon Cozart aka Paint on Youtube and so many more!!!

Update: $30,000 reveal is Sean Astin aka Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings

Update #2: Carlos Valdez, aka part of Team Starkid and Cisco Ramon from The Flash has been announced as part of the cast!


HOLY MOTHER OF GOD SOMEONE PLEASE GIF THIS!!! Wrong Direction doing Bye Bye Bye (Riker has a hip thrust) Help me! (credit to the owner)