scythe-rps  asked:

Behind the scenes!


“Hi Adrien!”

“… Why do you enjoy hurting me?’

“Whatever do you mean?”

“… Like, you hurt me all the time, and you only just started.”

*whistles casually* *can’t actually whistle* “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Well let’s see. You’re intentionally getting me sick with Nath-”

“Hey, that thread is cute and fluffy! You two just started dating!”


“Hey you and Nath are cute together.”

“That wasn’t my point. Yeah, I guess that thread is cute for now, but what about the one you just started where I about had an anxiety attack over him almost dying!”

“… That was his idea.”

“Fine. But how about you burning me alive!?”

“Okay, I have no excuse for that. But you know, it wasn’t initially my idea…”

“YOU WROTE THE STARTER!” *hisses angrily*

“Fine. I did. But like, you saved Ladybug at least.”

“Yes, I suppose I did, but how about that Verse you made where I betray her? Huh? What about that? And the stalling on the actually nice threads, like the Pokemon AU?”

“… You’re guilty about it? That’s gotta count for something? Also I’m not stalling. The other mun is away right now anyhow. They RP Felix too you know.”

“… Oh, yeah, about Fe. It’s great to see Felix, but…” *takes a deep breath* ”Why on earth did you ENTER ME INTO A MURDER VERSE!? DO YOU HATE ME!?”

“No, no. I think you’re awesome. Angst brings out the best of you.”

“… You are the worst.”