tito b- northern cali mobbin

one of favorite songs  

In #YorubaLand children are considered the wealth of their parents hence why you probably know so many people whose names are or start with “Ola”.

#HappyBirthday to the one and only #OlatundunSamantha! The only 13y/o I know who’d plan her own birthday party without her mum knowing (she ordered #JollofRice and all the trimmings).

She’s a special one in many respects, funny, caring, a cook (she’s still learning), a friend and #TitoB’s twin)

I pray God’s favour on your life and importantly that He becomes the centre of your being!!

10 years…. I MISS YOU SPEEDY
It’s been a long week for me & Bugsy. Nonstop, filming & editing, alllllll day since Monday at 8:00am. Day turned into night & night turned into morning until we finally wrapped it up last night at 2:30am. Going through all that old footage of us was fun. Remembering times that had slipped my mind over the past 10+ years was refreshing and emotional.
After Speedy passed, I remember sitting in the church at his service thinking I don’t ever want to forget his mischievous playfulness. His laugh. And most of all, the sound of his voice. I’d close my eyes & hear him say my name or crack a joke and I could hear his voice. I never want to forget the sound of his voice. Actually hearing him talking in that old footage was like seeing someone I haven’t seen in forever. It was good to see him.
It’s hard to believe its already been 10 years. It doesn’t seem that long. Time sure does fly…. Live life to the fullest & cherish every moment because before you know it, it’s not long that good times just become good memories. Speedy was my best friend & I’m glad we shared good times & I’m glad to keep good memories.
I want to thank all of you who keep Speedy’s memory alive. I love hearing all those stories of how you grew up bumping his music! Keep em comin’!! lol…. Benny Contreras, Tha Affiliation & Gillateen, lets keep this thang lit! I especially want to thank Bugsy. My brother. I love you Bugs. Coner, Dopey, Abel, No Love, Ant. My circle. I’m forever loyal. STARZ THE LIMIT. R.I.P. SPEEDY LOC! #TitoB #titobstl #SpeedyLoc #Speedy #SpeedyLocTribute #StarzTheLimit #Decoto