Really now, people of tumblr. I don’t get at all, how people manage to be so hateful in a community, that is based on a computergame, that is supposed to be fun and rainbows. 

I don’t get what some people get out of bashing off someones Sims or styles or creations.

I just… Don’t get it! I’ve never had anonymous messages enabled, since right from the beginning, I noticed, that there are people around who get something weird out of sending hate to others, hiding behind that grey face.
I highly recommend you, to turn it off, too, if you know you’d be upset or if you just don’t feel like dealing with stupid, unnecessary shit.

Seeing people leave this community because they were bullied to the point, they couldn’t stand it anymore is something that really shocks me. And it’s been a lot lately. 

All I can say about this is, that I think you should either disable anon and avoid the places that are basically there to spread the hate, or you just laugh it off. 
But letting it get to you and you leaving a place you enjoyed and made friends at, in my opinion just is not the best way to handle things. 




I have the urge to cut my hair for a few days now. I feel like having something mohawk-ish. So I tried this on my selfsim, just for fun. Maybe I should take these pics to my sister (who always does my hair) and tell her that I want this cut, that’d be fun!
Oh and I know that it doesn’t look too good on that Sim and will probably look shit on me but I do not really care, I love experimenting and find it hilarious to look overly stupid for a little while. Yeah I’m weird…

I am soooooooooo tired all day today. I just wanna lay down and watch something. Meh!
I somehow managed to take some pics (of course NOT for the model project…), I queued up for the night. I hope that works, since the queue looked weird. Well, we will see.

Night, night tumbrlland!



Played for a couple of hours and really like what I’ve seen so far, which actually isn’t much, since I am flipping ALWAYS getting distracted by CAS and making over Sims… 
Well and now I am too tired to go on, meh!

I am really positively surprised though! I didn’t feel too excited about this final EP, but while installing and loading it, I got a bit of that Sims-excitement, I love so much and when I started playing it grew bigger and bigger. There are definitely some super adorable, funny and really nicely made elements in this EP.

I spent my weekend with redecorating University Lots and making over Sims. I doubt that I’ll ever play there, but I am having a blast, making everything over.

Some of the madeover Sims turned out pretty cool, I think I should do a little photoshooting with them as soon as possible!

Of course I had to get a super annoying cold on New Years eve, which makes me feel like crap. Byebye Party -.-

To comfort myself, I downloaded a ton of hair and some more Sims. Firing up my game right now and probably will be taking pics all day and night xD


Spending some super fun time with my adorable friend Jule from Berlin. We usually only get to see each other once a year, so we  are really enjoying our days, we have together, right now! 
Posting this, because I won’t be here that much until the 8th, so you all have a little heads up (:

I do however plan to make her play some Sims, because she usually doesn’t and I find it adorable to watch people play this game, when they actually have no clue what they are doing xD I also really want her to make me a Simmie, I can keep and take pics of, once she’s gone again.


I have soooooo much stuff in my drafts right now! After I spent some days with my family, I simmed like a nutcase last night and took tons of pics of some favorite Sims, made some tribute Sims-pics of people I love, betatested something and… wow, I don’t know where to start with the posting! WAAAAAAAAH!

I just thought about how badly I want to play Gus again. Preferably as my Testsim for Island Paradise. I tested Uni with him and it was so much fun!
I really need to find a solution to my Any Game Starter and CC Magic troubles /: