Denmark/Norway - At First Light

He learns a lot during early-morning, insomnia-riddled travels.

Before, it would’ve been too mad to even consider, yet now makes perfect sense. In recent weeks, he’s become used to rising from Denmark’s warm bed, leaving the sheets rumpled and the other nation still slumbering. There’s no use lying restlessly in bed, not when his mind’s as tumultuous as it is, and not when he’s longing to rise up and move. Reading won’t send him to sleep, and the artificial sleep of pills will come back to haunt him in due course if he gives into their tantalising offers.

The only foreseeable option remains, as his legs ache and mind works through a makeshift map of the city. Norway throws on his winter coat; shoves his house keys in one pocket; and sets out on a three o'clock meander through sleeping Copenhagen, greeted by the dusky blue of the morning sky.

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anonymous asked:

Why does Papyrus refer to himself, as The Great Papyrus? It reminds me of that My Little Pony character that refers to herself as The Great and Powerful Trixie.

Uhhh, because he is great?? Obviously.

anonymous asked:

I love George, but I wish Charlotte was the eldest child. Just because I really wish I could see another female monarch reign in Britain before I die lol

I know how you feel! I feel the same way about Isabella in Denmark. But at least we’ll have what I’m already calling the Era of the Five Queens: Estelle, Ingrid Alexandra, Elisabeth, Catharina Amalia and Leonor 

The Angry Old Man

batcatization submitted:

When I was 11 my family moved into this old house in Calgary, Alberta and we lived there for close to 2 years. It seemed like your average house in a quiet neighbourhood, but the rent was very cheap and it was quite large for the price. Soon after we moved in it let us know why it was so inexpensive and that it was anything but normal. 

Weird lights, disembodied voices, a feeling of being watched, and the sounds of footsteps walking where no one was. A shadow person wandered the halls at night, and they never did anything to me but scared me so bad I kept my bedroom door closed at all times. The door to my room would open on its own or the door handle would turn and rattle until I told it to stop. We called the presence the angry old man, why we we were never too sure but it just felt right.

As time past the activity increased and became more aggressive. The shadow began tormenting my brother, waking him at night and leaving him too scared to sleep again or speak of them. My little sister had night terrors that she never had before that house or after. Sometimes we’d smell burning with no source or hear clawing at the windows with no wind or nearby trees to blame it on. My parents would fly into rages for no reason and then not be able remember the events that occurred during these mood swing.

The scariest thing that happened to me occurred one night when I was home alone. I was doing homework in the dining room waiting for my family to get back from some errands. I finished my work and decided I would draw for awhile and went into the basement, where the bedrooms were, to get my art supplies.

The stairs lead into a hallway and immediately to the right was my parent’s room, which didn’t have a door and was instead closed off by a thick black blanket. As I came to the bottom of the stairs I saw lights under the blanket and could hear voices on the other side. It was muffled and I couldn’t make out any words but I didn’t try too hard since I figured my mom had left her tv on. I headed left down to the end of the hall where my room was, grabbed my stuff and went back to the stairs.

Only this time it was silent and dark in my parent’s room. There was no power outage and my mom didn’t have a timer on her tv, so I was alarmed. With this horrible feeling of dread I pushed aside the blanket to the bedroom and it’s pitch black inside. All the curtains and windows were closed and there’s nothing out of place, but I felt like I was being watched by something sinister and it was mad at me for intruding.

I booked it up stairs and spent the rest of the evening in the dining room trying to be as quiet as possible out of fear that it would come up from the basement and get me if I disturbed it again. My mother later told me how a few nights before that she woke up to a shadow figure with glowing red eyes looming over her bed. She stared at it in terror for a few moments until it vanished. Then she woke my step-father who yelled at it to leave his family alone and was scratched terribly on his back for his trouble.

We moved out that same week and needless to say we were all relieved to be free of that house. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 7/10 That sounds like a super scary house in the most haunted place on earth, Alberta.  Also “With this horrible feeling of dread I [went into the place that was clearly haunted].”  lmao like why dude?  Thanks for sharing the scares!

My Equator (Patton’s Guide to Fatherhood #1)

Fandom: Thomas Sanders 

Pairings: Logan/Patton as a married couple, but this fic is family fluff so it’s not the focus :3

Summary: After getting their first son, Roman. Patton and Logan decide to adopt again. Virgil just wants to write poetry. Oh, and maybe have a family, that’d be nice. 

Read it on AO3

Everyone is tagged at the end! If you want me to tag you in future stuff, I’ll put a link to the post at the end! 

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There used to be stars somewhere
in my heart, in my head, in the sky
I ask around “where did the stars go?”
and the masses point to the sky

Is this to be my punishment?
have the Gods blinded me to the light?
the days long and the night muddled
is the moon shrinking? is the sun dying?

—  Newly Divine (Linn D.)
excerpt from my upcoming chapbook Royally Deceived
Timestamps from this week’s Friendship Campaign

(no we’re not making a podcast i was just trying to record so the players could remember what happened)

17:41—Beginning of session proper
49:50—Bramble Scouts
54:40—The Sneaking Begins
1:05:00—Plans Are Bad
1:16:00—Rooster: [Community Pizza Gif]
1:24:00—A Competent Horse
1:31:35—Not Having Plans Is Also Bad
1:55:00—A Competent Child

Last Night Tavi

Based on several prompts from @haledamage for the PoE Fic Swap 2017. On AO3 here.   I couldn’t decided, so used three in one fic:

  •  Tavi and Aloth have to share a bed, for REASONS
  • Drunken shenanigans
  • Aloth is always biting his lip. Tavi finds it very distracting

 (Heavy on the drunken shenanigans bc TAVI, light on the bed sharing. I’ll have to rectify that in another fic.)  

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