me? still bitter about getting civil war instead of cap 3? absolutely

ARIES, you are orange and gold encased in maroon skin, sweet as honey. hang loose and know that your best is it’s own reward.

TAURUS, you still make me lose my breath with the curve of your neck, and i’m counting vertebrae to fall asleep, your laugh an indulgence I control my intake of. you are the best screenplay i could never write.

GEMINI,  the skyline is trying to kiss the moon, but you’re lucky that you bring her home.  be gentle with the kind of starlight you find.

CANCER, you were the first chord of a piano I learned to understand and my favorite poem, my most repeated prayer. we’ve made it this far. tell me that means something, and i’ll believe you.

LEO, to know you is to breathe in the first feeling of tomorrow. you are ceaseless and a shooting star - my night time dream wish. i miss you written a hundred times in blue.

VIRGO,  i’m often left asking if this is even worth it, and i think you’re the same. i want to be there for you. it used to be easier, you used to be a reminder of love and now i swallow your silence like a prison sentence. please don’t forget who you are.

LIBRA,  we are interlocked hands and ankles swinging in sync; knowing you is a second chance, and i’ll learn for you.

SCORPIO,  it’s natural to be terrified of what comes next. call me a lover but i don’t think anything is quite as important as the diamonds in your teeth when you smile. you are my undercurrent of inspiration.

SAGITTARIUS,  you are in your moment of nebulae, make it spectacular. rebirth tastes like last year’s champagne and  snow. 

CAPRICORN,  the smooth engine of a car, and a highway of mistakes and constellations. the chase is yours if you want it.

AQUARIUS, your palms say that it’s too late for you but when I close my eyes and swallow the middle name of the girl you once were it’s not sacrifice, but a promise. i will never forgive you if you press pause.  an artist is a guttural cry, and you can’t stop.

PISCES,  i carry your happiness in a pendant, knowing that some times things do work out, and it can be good. you are the best friend i didn’t know i could have.


the very first word that came out of namjoon’s mouth when receiving the artist of the year award was ‘ARMY.’ yoongi and jungkook, who rarely show their emotions, were crying the most on stage. when the announcer said their name, once again, they couldn’t believe they had won. all of their hard work, all of those tireless nights spent practicing and composing, paid off. as an ARMY to other ARMYs, i want to say thank you for making our boys so happy tonight and like our leader said, “let’s fly with our beautiful wings in 2017 as well.”


All Remus wanted was to come home and see Sirius, he’d spent the last three hours with Greyback, he was drained and felt nothing but like a monster. Greyback kept reminding him what werewolves really were and how he was truly a terrifying monster and should be proud of it. Remus knew things were quite bad with Sirius lately but tonight he just needed to be held and reminded he was loved by the one person he loved more than anything.

What Remus wasn’t expecting was the flat to be half empty with Sirius standing ready to leave

“W-what are you doing pads?” Remus asked, nodding down to where Sirius’s had his bags packed

“I’m leaving” Sirius mumbled, looking everywhere but Remus himself

“Why, I know we’re stressed with the war but Sirius please” Remus could feel his throat closing up, all he wanted was Sirius to look at him and tell him this was all some sick joke

“I – you’re keeping secrets Remus, and there’s rumors going around - “

“You think I’m the spy” Remus whispered, tears beginning to leak down his cheeks

“You think the same damn thing about me so don’t pull this Remus!” Sirius yelled, knowing that Remus thought the same thing about him, knowing that Remus didn’t trust him “James and Lily, they mean everything to me and this I can’t do it anymore”

“I fucking love them Sirius, I would never and you know it!” Remus countered back, anger rising through his veins “You don’t think I’m tired? Because I fucking am but it’s all about you Black!”

The mention of Sirius’s last name from Remus made him flinch back slightly

“Do I though? You always know where I go, but I never know anything and this – it just all points back to you” Sirius mumbled, his eyes finally meeting Remus’s “I don’t trust you”

“Sirius - “ Remus began

“I don’t Remus, I’m sorry but I don't” Sirius’s eyes were welled up with tears, his throat constricting to hold everything back “I won’t lose my family because of you”

“Because of me?! Sirius fuck no, you – I’m also your family, your fucking boyfriend”

“Not anymore Remus”

Before Remus could even reply Sirius left without another word

Remus couldn’t help but breakdown, it hurt knowing Sirius didn’t trust him but how could he blame him when he thought Sirius was the spy?. How could he blame him when he was right about keeping secrets? But he had to, Dumbledore made that clear.

It hurt everything inside of Remus coming home at the end of the day with Sirius begging to know where he was but he couldn’t tell him anything and now he’s gone.

The next morning Remus got news three of his friends were dead and one of them was imprisoned for it all. He didn’t want to believe it, he didn’t want to believe what he thought was true. He didn’t want to believe the one person everyone trusted betrayed them, he didn’t want to believe Sirius was the cause of everything.

The only thoughts running through Remus’s head were ‘It was him, it was Sirius, it was him’

Because of the man he loved, the man he put himself into, he was alone because of him.

“What did you expect from a Black?” Remus muttered to himself, his stomach sinking with realizing this wasn’t a nightmare, this was real.

The Little Version of You

Pairing: Tentoo x Rose
Rating: Teen
Words: 2250
Beta: Amazing @doctortenny 
A/N: Sooo, this is my @dwsecretsanta gift for @whoinwhoville. You asked for a Tentoo x Rose fic, where Rose was pregnant on BWB, had a kid and where Tentoo was freeking out about being a dad. I’m not sure if I managed to do it excatly like you wished, but I really hope you will enjoy it. Have a brilliant December and Merry Christmas! :3

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“There’s five of us now. Mum, dad, Mickey… and the baby.” Rose said to the Doctor’s hologram on the worst day of her life.

His eyes got wide and his voice got quieter. “You’re not…?”

“No,” she laughed. She had to act. She couldn’t tell him. Rose knew that if she’d told him that she was pregnant with his child, nothing would have stopped him from coming and getting them, but it was impossible. And the other universe needed him. No matter how much she needed him, the other worlds and living things needed him more, and he had to be in the best shape possible. So, she lied. “It’s mum.” The Doctor laughed with relief and looked over at Jackie. It’s better that way - she lied again, to herself this time.

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Trixen , I have been thinking about you , I hope you are doing well. I am writing to check on the new fanfic you said would be coming this week. Is it ready ? We ALL need it desperately !!! A smoothly balm to a choppy sea

Hey sweetheart! I have the first chapter done, and am working away - about ¾ done the second. This one will have three chapters and I want them all to be done before I start posting. :) But I promise it’s coming! (pun intended hehe)

Btw this is me when people actually care about my fics…

Shit Abled People Say #277

“my sister looks so disabled in this” - boy whose sister is not disabled. He and his friends then started to call each other sp*zzes, I got annoyed and asked them if they could please shut up. They said it didn’t matter because nobody in the room was disabled, but I am.