Well, Peter, ask a silly question…

This is from the very end of the very aptly (and literally) named John Byrne and Peter Capaldi in Conversation from late 2014 which isn’t to be confused with the equally aptly (and literally) named When Peter Capaldi Met John Byrne from 2011.

I admit I mostly watched this with the hopes that Flamin’ Eamonn would get some sort of mention – alas NO! –  but I knew that even if he didn’t it would still be more than worth watching.  And it is!

Well, it’s a lot more than fifteen episodes later, but we all knew this was going to happen.

Also, hooray!  Finishing off Crunch Week with a Johnston/Liu episode!  This is gonna be great :D

(Also also: just FYI, I’m going to be making the Patreon post for this session a little before midnight if it goes that long, to ensure that it gets counted and I can ACTUALLY pay all my rent and bills and such.  I’ll be finishing this episode tonight, no matter what.)

books after hours || OPEN

Carter takes a deep breath as she walks through the library, wand held out in front of her, the only source of light in the room. It’s well after midnight now, and nobody is around, leaving the library even more eerily silent than when actually occupied.

It’s after hours, and she’s alone, meaning that so long as she’s quiet, she won’t get caught, and she’s got the library to herself. Not that she needs it; it’s a place she generally tries to avoid. Too stiff and silent. But the first place she thought of when confronted with a sleepless night, even still, and so maybe, she thinks, she’ll find something interesting.

Turning a corner, she glances forward, and-  “Oh, my god! Jesus, you scared me! Why the hell are you here, it’s the middle of the night!” She gasps, because apparently, she isn’t alone.

on the next episode of Steven’s Knife

[11:21:19 PM] Killua: The new episode of Steven’s Knife
[11:21:41 PM] emily | scarf: We are the Crystal Gems, we’ll always sTAB YOUR FACE
[11:21:52 PM] Killua: And if you think we can’t, WE’LL DO IT ANYWAY
[11:22:06 PM] emily | scarf: that’s why the people of this world RETREAT FROM
[11:22:20 PM] emily | scarf: GARNET, STABETHYST AND
[11:22:38 PM] emily | scarf: WHY IS PEARL SCREAMO I’M
[11:22:45 PM] Killua: I’M HAVING A STROKE
[11:22:47 PM] emily | scarf: gunet
[11:22:48 PM] emily | scarf: gunet

Special thanks to @hiyoris-scarf and @briirens for making my night