Unlikely Friends.// Draco Malfoy x Reader

Titlle: Unlikely Freinds

Request: First of all, I must tell you that I adore your writing *^* That said, can I request an imagine with a muggleborn reader, she’s paired with Draco in class and despite his bad attitude she stays strong and she’s proud of her “muggle heritage”. Draco is curious and they somewhat become close ? (I’m sorry if this isn’t clear or if I’ve done any mistake, English isn’t my mother tongue :P)

Paring: Draco x Muggle born! Reader.

Warning(s): nONE

Battle Against the Dark Arts. The class I least liked, not because of Draco, or the teacher, but because I understood nothing in that class. I knew all of the defensive spells, and how to defend myself, yet I understood none of this. Professor Moody was teaching us a different spell then the one the other day, typical. But, this was a bit different for us. ‘Partners’ he called it. Being with someone and trying out the spell, on each other. I would have argued with him, if I thought it was worth it.

“Ron and Goyle.”

“Harry and Hermione.”

“Crabbe and Neville.”

“Y/N and Draco.”

My attention went to the blonde boy, in the back of the class. His laughing had stopped when he saw me looking at him. I turned my head and started packing up my stuff, “Go to your partners,” Professor Moody shouted across the class. I got up and made my way to Draco’s table, Goyle and Crabbe bumping into me “Mudblood.” They laughed walking away from me; I took a deep breath and sat by Draco. “Let’s get this done and over with, I don’t want to be with a filthy mudblood, longer than I have to.” He muttered under his breath. I looked at him, “Looks like you’re stuck with me, until I understand this spell.” I said, turning my body so I could look at him better, “Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like you to help. You obviously know how this spell works, now you shall teach me.” I said confidently, “Why would I help a mudblood?” his voice dripped with hatred, “If you don’t, you’ll lose points for your house, since I will tell Professor Moody, and let’s not talk about last time Professor Moody and you had a ‘talk.’” I looked at him as I got my notebook, which was full of notes, setting it on the table, before I sat my wand on top of it.

His eyes drifted from my wand, to me, to Moody, then back to my smirking face. He scoffed. “Fine.” His voice was just above a whisperer, “Very well,” I said in a normal voice.

We spent most of the hour trying to perfect the spell, most of that was on my part. I looked at Draco, “Thanks for the help.” I muttered, “Now, to see if we’re doing it right.” I raised my hand looking at Professor Moody, he walked over and told us to do the spell he had taught us before. Draco and I both did the spell well enough to get Professor Moody not to yell at us.

I was Draco’s partner for the rest of the year. He wasn’t so bad, I guess. He always messed me up with spells, and so in return I messed him up with his Potions homework. “Bloody hell Y/N, that’s still wrong!” Draco exclaimed, I rolled my eyes. “Draco, please realize I’m not doing it on purpose, I’m not a arse.” I stated looking back at my notes, waving my wand. He rolled his eyes; I did what I was doing a few more times before finally getting it correct. “See Draco? I’m not completely helpless.” I turned my head back to my notes, putting ink on my quill before writing a couple more notes on the paper.

Draco hit my hand, making me mess up the word I was on. “Bloody hell,” I muttered, scratching it out “Touch it again Malfoy, and I’ll have your head!” I mumbled, looking at him before laughing. His lips curled up into a smile. “Do you want to go to the forbidden forest tonight?” he asked, looking at me. “How will you sneak me out?” I asked intrigued by what he was going to say, he looked at my eyes, realizing I had excitement and wonder. “Obviously you’ll go throw your door and stuff, I’ll meet you by your painting, and then I’ll walk us to the forest.” He shrugged, “Master plan isn’t it?” he asked. “Brilliant. But, Snape wonders the halls you git. He’ll find us.” I stated, “Come on!” he groaned looking at me, I only smiled and nodded, “Fine, but you better take me to the Three Broomsticks when we can go.” I stated looking at him. He nodded. “Of course!” I smiled, nodding.

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6-Elliott Smith - Between The Bars

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11- R3hab & Bassjackers - Raise Those Hands

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16-Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird American Mouth

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