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FOUR DAYS UNTIL @yuuriweek2017 [JULY 23-29]!!!

(today’s artist contribution is from @kriscynical

We’re now halfway through our countdown, which means we are getting so close. 

We hope you’re getting excited and we hope to see you all here participating and enjoying the fanworks once the event actually begins!

Remember that have seven days of themes outlined (as well as optional secondary themes), and you can read our guidelines here.  

We have a few things to cover today:

First off is the official Yuuri Week twitter account: yuuriweek @ twitter

If tumblr is appropriately functional, all @yuuriweek2017 posts will link there like a feed. Please follow it if you’re active on twitter so you can keep up with the event. 

Secondly is the Yuuri Week AO3 collection: 2017 Yuuri Katsuki Week

Please try to add your fanworks yourselves! When you’re posting on AO3, right below the title/summary/notes section there’s a box that says ‘Post to Collections/Challenges’. Just type in ‘yuuriweek’ or ‘2017 Yuuri Katsuki Week’ and it will pull it up automatically, then select it! This does NOT stop it from showing up in the main YOI search it all, by the way. It’s just a neat little mini archive/collection for people to find everything written for this event.

Thirdly remember that we still have Work in Progress posting open!: You can read more about it here

Please follow the blog for further updates. We can’t wait to see you all on Sunday!

- @accioharo

17 on Tumblr (Jun)

hohoho here is the requested Jun on Tumblr! can you believe I actually got around to continuing this series lmaO

  • *cracks knuckles* *rubs hands*
  • let’s get started hohoho
  • okay so we all know Jun reads novels online and what not right
  • and seventeen has shamelessly, on a few occasions, admitted to searching themselves up online
  • so one day, Jun, being, well, JUN, searches up a fanfic about himself and he’s casually scrolling through naver when a title catches his eye
  • and it’s a posted on tumblr fic
  • at first he’s all like “????????” and innocently wonders what tumblr is, but then he asks vernon who then widens his eyes because yknow tumblr is mainly known for porn
  • he decides to venture into the unknown anyway
  • he starts off by reading the fic that got him there in the first place, and wow is he hooked
  • he kinda forgets that he’s the main character because it feels so surreal and different but at the same time similar to his own personality
  • but damn! he’s enjoying this fanfic way more than he should be
  • (don’t imagine an emo wen junhui staring at his phone intently at 3am about to internally explode because fic-him and the oc are giving each other the cold shoulder)
  • (and don’t imagine him stifling his laughs with a pillow to avoid waking up the other members)
  • yeah 
  • don’t
  • and let’s face it, he probably didn’t realise tumblr existed as a mobile app until he finished reading the entire fic
  • when he realises it is a mobile app he’s so excited and literally falls over himself downloading it
  • his username is probably some shit like “wjhui179696″
  • he searches up the fanfic that he read by the title, and finds the blog that posted it
  • and he’s awestruck
  • the blog is so pretty and the theme is so warm and the description is so nice and!!!!!!!
  • he falls in love instantly
  • guess who owns that blog
  • that’s right
  • you
  • and you don’t just post 17 fanfics, you also post a great deal of other writings and poems and short stories, but your svt stuff always seemed like the only things that got reblogs so you stopped writing your poems and stuff for a while and focused more on the fics
  • and wen junhui is so enamored he finds himself scrolling through your entire blog and looking through all your pre-svt stuff and he’s like
  • shit not only are they a seventeen fan, they’re also generally just a really good author and poet who puts out really meaningful things!
  • and you have this one poem written in chinese for a module you took a long time ago and it’s so beautiful 
  • that jun took a quote from that poem and used it as his kkt status
  • obsession?? noOooOoOOooo what psh
  • anyways
  • he notices you don’t write such stuff anymore and he gets kinda sad 
  • so he sends you an anon ask that goes “Hello I’m a new follower but I realised that you stopped posting your original poems and short stories after a while, is it okay if you let me know why?”
  • and you receive the ask and !!! you didn’t actually think anyone would notice that you stopped putting out those poems and stories because they never got many notes anyways
  • you’re kinda touched and a small grin forms on your face because someone actually noticed? 
  • and you reply with 
  • “nah it’s nothing I just thought people would rather read my 17 fics instead. but thank you so much for sending this ask in”
  • jun reads it an d lmao guess what he says
  • “Oh if that’s the reason then just send those poems to me! I’d be more than happy to be your only audience ;-)”
  • and you’re at this point giggling and smiling to yourself because THIS ANON IS SO GREASY AND THEY’RE ONLY ON ANON but they’re also really cute so you reply with 
  • “sure but first reveal your username ;-)”
  • so he messages you with a “wassup i’m the ;-) anon”
  • and from then on blooms a beautiful beautiful mutual friendship thing
  • like it’s super cute because the both of you tag each other in 17 shit and other funny stuff and while jun always knows the 17 stuff beforehand (because, he’s well, part of seventeen), he always finds himself chuckling at the stuff you tag him in
  • not to forget you keep by your agreement and send him a bunch of your poems and stuff, and he’s always so happy and ! to read them
  • plus he’s always really excited to check the message you leave him, especially if svt had a really grueling schedule and he was dead tired and exhausted
  • and he finds himself being more drawn to your personality as y’all talked more and more??
  • you’re also under the impression that his name is wendy because when you first asked for his name he typed wen and then regretted it immediately so he did a Save and now he’s wendy
  • ok fast forward a few months
  • jun just had a comeback and he’s dead tired
  • you still don’t know he’s The Wen Junhui
  • (also he has a habit of referring to himself as The Handsome One)
  • (and Hot Boy 101)
  • (and Sizzling Shenzhen Babe)
  • the list goes on
  • but one day you message him and you’re kinda curious about how he looks like so you’re all like
  • “hey Muscle Man shouldn’t you at least show me your face once and let me see for myself how hot you actually are?”  
  • “sorry y/n i’m really tired now, another time maybe?”
  • but you don’t think he’s being serious so you say “lmao then what bout a skype call? you can just sleep and i’ll just stare at your face, we both win”
  • when jun reads your message he gets upset and disappointed because! he’d just gone through a day of shit from everyone
  • he had to deal with recording for an hour because woozi wasn’t pleased with his one line
  • and he had to suffer through hoshi’s relentless nagging and tiring choreography
  • and he thought maybe opening up tumblr would make him happier but instead he came on to see you asking for a pic and not even taking no for an answer???
  • so he’s just like 
  • you know what fuck it i’m just going to stop replying them
  • anyway it’s not like they can know i’m wen junhui
  • so boom
  • jun ignores you for a good whole week
  • but then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • in that week you actually manage to get tickets for seventeen’s fansign !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • you’re so pumped and hyped because YOU FINALLY GET TO MEET JUN AND !!!
  • he’s the literal love of your life how can you not get really excited
  • except, you still feel kinda shit because wendy (jun) hasn’t replied you for ages
  • okay maybe it’s just a week but still
  • so before you go for the fansign you drop wendy (jun) a message telling him that you finally get to meet your idols and that you’re sad he can’t be with you :’)
  • and then right before he gets onto the fansign stage, jun reads the message
  • he panics for a while but manages to stay calm because lmao its not like they know i’m their online friend psh it’s all aight
  • but when he gets up there he sees a person sitting in a corner alone, with no fancy dslr but a small iphone camera, eagerly waiting for him to come out and 
  • he knows that’s you
  • you look so happy yet slightly :( and he can’t help but feel slightly guilty
  • so when it comes to your turn with jun,
  • you tell him how much you adore and love him (at this, jun blushes and eye smiles) but then you ask him for advice on how to apologise to a friend
  • and he goes from :-D to :-( real quick
  • because although that confirmed his suspicions about you being his amazing author memey mutual, he felt really really bad about making you feel shitty
  • so he’s like “wait let me show you a magic trick”
  • “take out your phone”
  • “you wanna apologise through text right?”
  • at this you nod your head fervently 
  • jun takes out his phone too
  • and he’s like “okay go to your chat, and on 1,2,3…”
  • a new message bubble pops up and 
  • “why use facetime when the real deal’s in front of you?” 
  • he shows you his phone screen with the exact same chat log as yours
  • and you’re just like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • he smirks and puts a finger to his lips
  • “sh’’
  • when the fansign ends, you’re so certain that it’s all a dream that you check your phone again
  • at this point another message pops up 
  • it’s an selfie of jun at the fansign location with his finger poking a far off image of you in the background
  • “how’s this for a picture? get home safely ah my dear carat! ;-)”
  • and that’s when you realise your mutual’s name isn’t wendy, but wen jun hui

!!!!!!! finally done with 3/13 of this series! i’ll finish the rest and update the masterlist in my free time so please be patient!

requests are open!

love, jyn

The Last Post

The decision had been made on a whim, to explore his fanbase further on the internet, but once the decision had been made, Joe found that he couldn’t stop. He was invested in discovering what his fans were saying, peering in from the outside.

He didn’t actually talk to any of them, wanting to keep that distance between himself and his fans, plus they had no idea that he was essentially stalking them on their blogs and seeing what they were saying.

At first, it had been creepy, reading this stuff they were saying, but then he realized it was actually quite flattering, and it became almost normal for him to check a few blogs routinely.

Then he discovered her blog.

And he found himself addicted to it.

Joe didn’t actually know who she was, and she only had ever posted one picture of herself on her entire blog, which he had checked thoroughly after discovering her. But he felt like he did know who she was. Her posts made him laugh and smile, the commentary she had about him was entertaining. The posts she made detailing the struggles of her life made her real, and he desperately wanted to reach out to her, to comfort her. The only relief he had was knowing that his videos brought her joy, something she had reiterated on multiple occasions.

He found himself constantly scrolling through her blog, checking for new posts and rereading old ones, hoping to find another hint that would lead to him discovering who she was. The one picture she had posted was engrained in his mind, the sweet smile easy to bring to the front of his mind, and he would be lying if he didn’t admit to searching for her face in the crowds he traveled through.

The blog was bringing him as much joy as his videos did to her.

And so the day he opened up her blog to find the newest post titled The Last Post… he grew worried immediately.

Joe quickly scanned the words she had typed, rereading them three times before he could finally comprehend what was happening.

The mysterious woman was closing down her blog. For good.

A sadness flooded his body, although he wasn’t entirely sure what he was sad about. It was just a random blog on the internet, and while yes, it had made him smile and laugh, he shouldn’t feel sad about it closing. Perhaps it was because he never quite managed to discover who she was, and her identity was something that had always intrigued Joe. Or maybe it was because he felt like he was losing a close friend, even if it was one he had never met.

He knew there was nothing that he could even say, because then he would have to admit to finding her blog, and the others, and his fans didn’t need to know about that. So he did the only thing that he could do: He sulked.

The boys tried to question him on what was wrong, but Joe simply waved them off, claiming it was nothing. Because how did he explain that he was upset over a strangers blog closing down? It was ridiculous. Plus, the boys would just laugh at him and tell him to get over it.

About a month passed since the blog had shut down, and Joe still found himself automatically going to type in the familiar address, only stopping himself just in time, because he knew that it would lead him to an empty site.

Hidden away in his phone was the picture of her, the one part he had been unable to let go of, even though he knew he should; it was weird having a strangers photo on his phone. But to him, she wasn’t a stranger. She was important to him.

He just wish he knew her name or where she lived. He wanted to know something about her that would help to identify her.

“Will you please smile?” Caspar asked suddenly, closing his computer and turning in his spot to look at Joe.


“You’ve been all moody and depressed for the past month. Smile!”

“I haven’t been moody.”

“Yes, you have.”

“I’m fine, Casp.”

“Sure,” The blonde snorted, “Anyways, did you hear a single word I said from the past ten minutes?”

“No,” Joe shook his head, lifting a hand to run his fingers through his hair, “Sorry.”

“I was trying to tell you that one of my old friends is coming to visit. I want you to meet them!”

“From South Africa?”

“Originally, yeah. But they’ve lived in London for a few years now.”

“What’s his name?” Joe asked, silently scolding himself as he clued into what address he had begun to type in. His fingers had gone on auto pilot without him noticing.

Her name is Y/N.” Caspar corrected, “I think you two would really get along.”

“Wait, her?” The shorter man blinked up at his former roommate, “Your friend is a girl?”

“I do have female friends, Joe.” Rolling his eyes, Caspar reached over for his phone, quickly scrolling through his photos. “Here, this is her.”

Joe’s entire world focused in on that photo, and he quickly grabbed the phone, his mouth falling open.

“Alright, I know she’s good looking, but calm down.” Caspar went to take his phone back, but Joe quickly leaned away, eyes still locked on the photo.

It was her.

The photo was different from the one he had, but there was no doubt about it. This was the mysterious woman.

“You know her?!” Joe suddenly demanded, dragging his eyes away from the phone and to Caspar’s face, who blinked in surprise.

“Yeah? Did you not just hear me say she’s my friend from home.”

“You don’t understand, Caspar. I need to meet her.”

“Will you calm down?!” The blonde grabbed his phone back, shooting Joe a worried look. “You’re being weirder than usual.”

“Sorry, let me explain….”

And so Joe did, revealing everything to Caspar, who remained in silence the entire time, nodding occasionally.

Once the tale was finished, the South African assured Joe that he would get to meet Y/N, and that it was kind of adorable, their little story, but quickly took back his statement when Joe threatened him. Because she couldn’t know that he stalked her blog for so long. It was weird.

Except the day Joe finally meets Y/N, he ends up blurting out the fact that he found her blog. At first, she’s surprised, but then she laughs, and he smiles at the sound of it, ready to listen to it for years to come.

“Is this weird for you then?” She asks, her head cocked to the side as she studies him, “Knowing just how much of a fan I was? Or, well, am.”

“Not at all,” Joe shakes his head quickly, “Is it weird to say I feel like I already know you?”

“Probably,” She shrugs, “But I did put a lot of my life on that blog, so I guess it’s not that weird.”

“Why did you delete it?” He asks her, the question burning in his mind.

“Oh,” Y/N lowers her gaze, picking at a small rip in her jeans, “It just was taking up a lot of my time, and adding stress. And I realized how much life I was missing out on by running a blog about someone I thought I’d never meet.”

“And now that we’ve met?”

“I’m not starting up the blog again,” She lifts her eyes back to his, “If that’s what you’re asking.”

“No, I understand that.” He nods, “But maybe you want to explore what life has to offer with me?”

“Are you asking me out on a date?”

“Yes,” Joe smiles, “I think I am.”

“I suppose it’d be stupid of me to say no, considering you already know how I feel about you.” She laughs lightly, “Alright, I’ll go on a date with you.”

Maybe stalking his fans online wasn’t such a crazy idea after all.

Headcanon Blogs: A How to Guide

Are you new here? First time seeing an imagines blog? Want to send an ask but no idea how? Getting scared and intimidated because you’re afraid that you might be doing something wrong and bothering the Mod? Well do not fear! I have put together a step by step guide on how to properly send in your first ask! 

Step One: Scenario

Think of the type of scenario you want to ask. The best thing is to come up with the characters you want, and what you want to put them through. It’s not mandatory, but try to follow this formula:

How would [Insert characters here] react if [insert scenario here]


How would Billy, Joe, and Sasha react if they found a puppy on the street.

Remember the scenarios could be anything you want to be! Use your imagination to come up with the craziest, saddest, fluffiest, or wildest scenarios! Just remember to check the blogger’s rules first. 

Step Two: Following the Rules

So you thought of a scenario that you want to know about. That’s great! But is the blogger comfortable receiving and writing something about that? The next step is to find out! Most headcanon bloggers have a rules page setup to let the asker know what they are willing to do. Most of the time, it’s the first post ever posted on the blog, but you’re probably not going to want to scroll through everything just to find out, but check their description if they put a link. If not, type in this url: 




If the blogger properly titled or tag their rules post, then it should come up. If it does not, the best thing to do is to message the blogger and ask them for the link or if they have any rules or guidelines. You are 100% not bothering them, and they will gladly give it to you. 

Now that you have the rules, make sure you follow them. The top three things to check for is 

  1. The character limit. Some bloggers are willing to do many characters at once, some are willing to do less. Make sure you adjust the characters you want to send in in accordance to the rules. If you do not, the blogger might ask you resend it again with less characters, not do your ask, or write your ask, but dropping some characters. 
  2. If the blogger is willing to do NSFW headcanons or not. This is very important since some headcanon bloggers are underage and might be uncomfortable with NSFW language. Also, in some parts of the world, it’s illegal to send any explicit material to minors and you could get in trouble. If you are unsure if the blogger accepts NSFW, just ask. Better safe than sorry. 
  3. What the blogger is unwilling to write. This ties in with the NSFW asks as well, but some topics like depression, suicide, mental illness, etc could really trigger the blogger. They might not be willing to write a certain character either. Make sure to adjust your scenario to abide by this. 

Step Three: Sending in that ask

So, you’ve thought of the perfect scenario and you followed the guidelines, now, you’re ready to send it in! There are multiple ways to reach the blogger’s inbox. If you’re on the desktop (computers, laptops) find the inbox link on the blog. Each blog might have a different theme, so if you can’t find it, just type in this url:


If an error stating the url could not be found, double check if you wrote the link right and if it is, that just means that the blogger isn’t accepting any messages at the moment. This does not speak for every headcanon blogger, but be sure to not confuse the inbox system for the messaging system. What is the messaging system? It’s a chatbox designed for direct messaging. Some headcanon bloggers don’t like having a request DMed to them, so make sure you have the inbox system. Again, this does not apply to every headcanon blogger. What does the inbox system look like? 

Something like this: 

Once you type out your message, go ahead and send it in. 

Something to remember

Some bloggers keep the askbox open, but requests/scenarios/imagines are closed. That means they will not answer your ask at the moment for whatever reason. They only keep their inbox open to communicate with their followers. Check if their askbox is open before you send in your ask, otherwise you might get rejected. 

Step Four: You’re done! 

Now that you’ve sent in your ask, it’s time to play the waiting game. It is important that you stay patient during this time. Remember, the Mod has a life outside of their blog, so it could take time some time to answer it and they have other asks waiting for them ahead of yours. Do not repeatedly message the blogger and ask if they are finished with yours yet. This is considered rude and it discourages the writer, to the point where they just might not even answer. It is okay to check in and see if they received it. Sometimes Tumblr glitches out and your ask gets lost in the void. It happens, so if you haven’t seen your ask been answered or you’re just wondering if they got it, feel free to ask if they did. Trust me, you’re not bothering them. 

A helpful tip: It’s better to send in an ask off Anon, because once the blogger has answered your ask, you get a notification that they did, so you don’t have to keep checking in if you don’t want to. 

Things to Remember

  • RESPECT THE MOD. This is their blog and they have the right to post what they want. Some blogs like to keep their blogs with only headcanons, while some like to mix in some personal stuff. Each is run differently, and if you do not like how one is run, you can always unfollow. Do not tell the blogger how to run their blog. 
  • BE PATIENT. As mentioned before, it might take some time for your ask to get answered. Yes, you’re probably excited to see the writer’s response, but answering an ask takes time. 
  • READ OLDER POSTS. If you are still unsure on how to send in an ask, it’ll help if you read some of the writer’s past posts and follow other people’s examples on how they phrased the question, how many characters, etc. 
  • JUST ASK. If you are unsure about something because it wasn’t stated in the rules, the safest bet is just to ask if the blogger is okay with it. You’re not bothering  them at all, in fact, they’ll be grateful that you asked first! 
  • SEND IN A THANK YOU. This is optional, but once you get your ask answered, it’d be nice to send in a nice message of appreciation. It’ll really help motivate the writer and would most likely remember your username (if you’re off anon) and answer your future asks sooner. 
  • REBLOG. TAG. COMMENT. Writers read everything. So when you leave them a nice message, it makes their day a whole lot better and feel good about themselves. Reblogging works wonders too because it’ll give them exposure. Again, this is not mandatory, but greatly appreciated.  

And you’re done! 

Congratulations! You just sent in your first ask! How does it feel? Are you excited? Scared? You’ve just stepped into the headcanon side of your fandom, be sure to enjoy your stay and have a good time! 

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how to I become a successful book blogger or how do I start a book blog? Two things run across my mind when I get asked this question. The first being, “Awwww, this is so sweet! Someone thinks I’m qualified to answer this!” Because let’s be real, half the time I am just on here rambling. The second thing being, “This isn’t easy to answer.” There are tons of things that make a successful blog but it’s not always easy work. So here are some tips and advice to start a blog, specifically a book blog. Please don’t think of these steps as rules or a checklist of things you must have. Think of it more as a guide to point you in the right direction.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to other blogs.    Sounds easy right? Nope, not at all. When you first start out you may feel overwhelmed or a sense of panic. You may have thoughts like, “I’ll never be as popular as that blog.” or maybe something along the lines of, “No one is going to read my blog.” Don’t let these thought get to you. You’re NEW! Don’t put that pressure on yourself! These blogs have been around for a long time and they started from the bottom just like you. Don’t overwhelm yourself by comparing where you’re at, with someone else’s journey. This leads me to my next step. 

  2. Blogging for you and the age old  question, “How do I get followers.” This is going to sound harsh but if you’re blogging to become tumblr famous or to have a ton of followers, you’re blogging for the wrong reasons and you’re going to be seriously disappointed. Gaining followers takes time and serious dedication, it’s not instant gratification. Wanting people to read and enjoy your content is vastly different from seeing the people that follow you as just a  number. When you blog about something that genuinely interests you, when you blog for yourself and for  the right reasons, people will take interest and follow you. Don’t get caught up in who is popular and who has more followers. Just blog and have fun! Focus on your content and the relationships you are building.

  3. Creating your name. For all that is good and holy take this seriously. I didn’t and now I’m stuck with a URL that I hate. I’m too established now to change it and I hate it. Also please don’t ask me for recommendations because I obviously suck at it lol. You want something that will catch people’s eye, something that doesn’t sound like another bloggers URL, and something that will be easy to remember! 

  4. Creating an atmosphere. Light some candles turn on some music… wait wrong topic. Haha. What do you want you blog to be about? When people see your blog for this first time what do you want their impression to be?  For me I wanted a professional but chill vibe. (Hopefully that comes off haha.) One of the most important things about starting your blog is coming up with an atmosphere that attracts people. I have always felt like have a theme that was unique is what drew people to my blog in the first place. It’s like giving someone a first impression during an interview; you need to dress for the job. For me I knew I wanted my theme to be clean, easy to read, organized and welcoming.     Organization is a big thing because you want people to be able to maneuver  around your blog with ease. Make sure to tag your posts so you can create navigation link. Not only is tagging your posts a great way to stay organized, it is also a great way to spread the word about your blog. For example if you made a post about a certain book make sure you leave the title and author in the tags. This  way when people are searching in the tag section they can check out your blog. Other popular tags are booklr, book stack, shelfie, bookstagram etc.     

  5. What on earth are you going to post  about? With this blog, the main reason why I created it was because I  didn’t want to keep posting reviews on what use to be my main blog. I knew when I created B&C I was going to use it to write book reviews and to talk about books in general. Before you actually start your blog you may want to draft what your first five to ten posts will be about. This will help you stay focused and a little bit less stressed. See number 6 for more ideas on what to     post.

  6. Be unique. Easier said than done, I know. There are tons of book bloggers (booklr) on tumblr so try to find something that makes you stand out. Maybe it will be reviews, maybe it will be posting your own photography, or maybe it will be weekly posts  about what you’re reading or upcoming books. Just find what you’re passionate about and stick with it! (If you’d like more information about how to write a book review click HERE.) 

  7. Keep posting! Setting up the queue  is literally a blog saver. With working full time it’s hard to log on every day.  Having the queue running will keep your blog “alive” while you’re gone. You can queue up your own posts or reblogs but just make sure you’re posting! 

  8. Making friends & connections. At least once a week I get questions about how to talk to people on booklr and befriend them. One of the greatest things that has happened from creating this blog is the friends that I’ve made. I’ve become so close to a few people in the booklr community that they honestly feel like family. Making connections and friends on booklr is a great help and it makes  blogging much more fun! A few of you are probably wondering, “How did you do it Jessica? How did you make the friends?!?” I’m so incredibly social awkward and anxious so I totally understand how hard it can be to make  friends. Just remember that we are all book nerds and love talking about books! Try sending a simple message out there saying, “Hey, I see you’re     reading this book. How do you like it so far?” and just striking up a conversation. If you want to be friends with someone you got to put yourself out there and make the effort. We don’t know you want to be friends until you actually talk to us! I promise, 98% of don’t bite haha.

  9. Be friendly. Simply put, no one wants to be friends with, or follow, a meany. Be sassy and sarcastic but  remember that when someone approaches you that there is a real, live  person on the other side of that screen who has real feelings. So please try your best to be friendly,     welcoming and kind. Try to keep an open mind and save your judgments. Sometimes  it’s hard, you may be having a bad day but it’s never cool to be a bully or intentionally hurt someone. With that said, take things people say with a grain of salt. Some people didn’t get the memo that it’s not cool to be an a-hole. With blogging you NEED to have a thick skin. This is definitely a warning. When  you put a blog out there for all to see, and the more popular you become, the more likely that you’re going to get hate mail. I feel like I need to prepare you, people can say some really mean things to you on the Internet. Mental prepare yourself and take no sh&t. 

  10. Things not to do. Here are just some random things you make want to avoid. It’s kind of an unspoken rule to not ask people to follow you. Please don’t do it, it’s awkward. 9/10 people don’t like it. Don’t be a jerk (see above). Don’t steal people’s content, obviously. Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

I know this was a very, very long post and I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t read the whole thing lol. If you did stick with me, thank you, I really appreciate it and I hope these tips help you in some way. I will leave with one more piece of advice and that is, to have fun. It’s your blog, enjoy it; post what you want, just. have. fun!

Keep blogging my loves and good luck! 

xoxo Jessica

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Dean saying that solitary confinement was worse than Hell? I love spn, but the one thing I could never really get over was Dean being in Hell for 40 years. Thats longer than anything he's ever done. I have a hard time believing that a person wouldn't just dissolve into nothing after experiencing that, even Dean. I actually have a headcanon that when Cas rescued Dean, he used part of his Grace to significantly mend Dean's soul, so the impact wasn't nearly so dramatic.

I’ve actually got a post from back in February titled “Worse than Hell.”

But beyond that, your headcanon here that Cas used part of his grace to mend Dean’s soul is a pretty common theory, especially in fanfic. It’s often used to explain the handprint (see all my handprint meta tags ever, there’s at least three or four of them, or just search my blog for “handprint.” there’s a lot of posts on the subject).

We also know what Hell does to souls. It literally is what turns them into demons. How far along in the process must Dean have been when Cas rescued him? He’d been tortured for 30 years, and become the torturer for 10. That HAD to cause at least a little damage to Dean’s soul, by the rules of Hell. Yet when Cas returned him to his miraculously perfectly healed body (and I’m pretty sure this was the entire point of the scene in the gas station mirror where Dean examines himself, lifts up his shirt, etc., that it took something extremely powerful to restore his physical body, but also his soul that we couldn’t see).

So yes, a person WOULD just dissolve in Hell, but not into “nothing.” Specifically into demons. And as we know about demons, quoting Cas in 10.03 when he was explaining to Sam why Dean would resist being cured, “You know, only humans can feel real joy, but … also such profound pain. This is easier.” So after a point in Hell, when a soul becomes a demon, it likely gets easier. Hence Dean’s comment to Sam back in s4. Not only did he become the torturer, he liked it. Now that his soul had been restored, it upset him that he liked it. Just like he was “embarrassed” by the things he did during his time as a demon in early s10 once he was cured, you know? Possibly similar to how Sam was horrified upon learning about some of the things he did while soulless after his soul was restored to him.

So the bit about it being Cas’s grace that was the healing factor there is logical (again, see the vast collection of handprint meta on my blog for everything from enraptured squee-flailing over the headcannony sorts of posts, and well-reasoned and logical theories connecting the handprint to the mark left on Aaron Birch’s soul when he sold it to Balthazar in 6.03, to pretty much everything I’ve ever written on angels, souls, the nature of angel grace, etc. I’ve spent five years thinking about this in quite excruciating detail… >.>)

(here have a post where I collected my handprint tags for easy reference: http://mittensmorgul.tumblr.com/post/157167169475/i-dont-know-if-this-interests-you-but-its)

So I think Dean does have a full recollection of the horrors of what Hell did to him, probably even compounded by his fresh recollection of his time as a literal demon, you know? I don’t think those memories got a fuzzy sort of glow or were tempered into something softer by Cas healing him of that trauma. Part of the point of him going through all of that was to fulfill the prophecy of the apocalypse and prepare him to say Yes to Michael, after all. It would’ve been pointless if he didn’t understand the suffering of souls in Hell. It was supposed to be part of his motivation to let Michael in to defeat Lucifer.

tl;dr: I think Dean fully understood the comparison he was making there. Being isolated for potentially the rest of his natural life, locked in a small concrete box, with no point of any kind to that isolation and suffering, was worse than Hell. At least the suffering he endured in Hell had a point. It was a willing sacrifice on his part (as I said in that linked post at the top of this rambling reply). :P

senatorofsorcery  asked:

I sent an ask just a little bit ago asking for a fic where phil has a secret poetry blog that dan finds; i found a link to it on your blog after a bit more searching but it leads to an error and it's not in the library, the title is "of written feelings and words with meaning." could you post an updated link and/or add it to the library?

Of Written Feelings and Words With Meaning - Recently, Dan’s become addicted to this writing blog. He’s so addicted to it in fact, that he might as well be in love with it. The writer seems to say exactly how it feels and he finds himself wishing he had someone who was so deeply in love with him to write for him like that. Little does he know that there is already someone doing that and he’s closer than he thought.

- Sam

anonymous asked:

have you read "a place on earth, with you" by melonbug?? it's based off this movie called seeking a friend for the end of the world" and OH MY GOD ITS SO GOOD IT TORE ME TO PIECES

I have! I’ve actually talked about it quite a bit on my blog, you can search up the title in my tags to see all the posts I’ve made hahaha!! It’s so sad but I love it!

Welcome to wdcoloringbook.tumblr.com! This is a blog where we will post information and updates concerning our project.

What is the project? The Unofficial Watch_Dogs Fan Art Adult Coloring book is just what it says in the title! This will be a special limited run physical HOLD-IN-YOUR-HAND-AND-USE-YOUR-CRAYONS (or whatever you like) coloring book featuring black and white line art of your favorite characters drawn by an array of fan artists. There may also be some silly surprises such as word searches, mazes, spot the difference…it all depends on our contributors!

I want to contribute! Sweet! During the month of September, you will have the chance to sketch and submit your coloring page idea to us. Please watch for an explanation of how to do this soon!

I can’t draw. Am I able to contribute? Of course! We would like to add some ‘activity pages’ to the book as well, so if you can come up with a great crossword or jumbles or anything like that, we’d love to have your help. An artist will spruce up your puzzle too!

Do I get anything for contributing? All contributors whose work makes it into the book will get a free copy of the coloring book, and recognition from the Watch_Dogs community and maybe others…

Are we getting paid for this? No, this is a non-profit for fun project. You will get a free copy of the book for contributing as mentioned above. The price that will be charged to those buying the book will be just enough to cover printing and shipping expenses solely.

What if I can’t complete my contribution to the book? You have until the end of October to back out. We understand that the fall is a busy time for people, so no hard feelings if you can’t follow though, but TELL US! Keep in touch and let us know what’s happening.

Sound good? Follow us and watch for how to sign up to contribute to the project! More information coming soon!

What is Start Reading Diverse?


I’m Mod Lucy, but if you know me already, you probably know me as @lcmawson or @myautisticpov

Have you ever felt annoyed at the lack of diverse reads?

It’s kind of irritating, right? You know that you should read more diverse fiction, but how do you find it?

Start Reading Diverse aims to be the answer to that question!

Now, I know that there are other avenues and ways to find diverse fiction, but having been on both the reader and author side of the fence, it’s pretty clear that we need a properly curated database.

The sad truth of the matter is that there’s very little money going into marketing diverse books. Big publishers often ignore them, and small and indie publishers just don’t have the marketing budgets to make a big splash.

And if you’re looking for someone like you in your favourite genre? Forget about it. You’ve got to hope that a Tumblr post goes viral and finds you.

Every day, this blog will feature three new diverse books, all tagged by genre and character type, as well as whether or not it’s an #ownvoices title. Hopefully, this should make searching for the characters you want easy enough.

How do you know if the books are any good?

That’s the real question. Anyone who follows @canonauties knows that I don’t post there very often. The aim of @canonauties is to provide an idea of whether or not representation is any good before posting, and to be honest? That’s a lot harder than I naively thought it would be. I have a small list of trusted reviewers who cover representation in books, and I’ll link to their reviews if they exist*, but other than that, I’d suggest using the #OwnVoices tag if you don’t want to be surprised.

*If you want to be added to that list, let me know!

“I’d love to buy more diverse books, but I’m broke…”

Don’t worry! Start Reading Diverse also organises large multi-author ebook giveaways. The next giveaway is scheduled for June and will highlight diverse romance books. We also run spotlights for permanently free ebooks and books in Kindle Unlimited. As it expands, we’ll also likely start running spotlights for books in Kobo Plus.

And if you’re worried that getting free books doesn’t support authors, don’t be! Trust me, if it’s free, it’s because we want it to be!

Hope you Enjoy!

anonymous asked:

Can you link me to your destiel breakup theory meta? thanks. :)


Here’s the original post. If you go on my blog and search “break up theory” it should come up with most of the newer stuff where I looked at how it tied into this season, if I tagged it properly :D

It boils down to this, with 12x23 as the “black moment” meaning that this is the break up point of the story, leading into season 13 “winning him back” which seems an entirely appropriate way to title what will surely be happening in s13.

I’m just hoping that the climax happens before the last ever episode and that we do get at least a little time being able to see the “together with you” part as it would be criminal to rob us of this!


I’m currently looking out school and in the process of looking for a job! 

Until I actually get one, I’m opening commissions. I will price the individual pieces based on their complexity, but stay within the provided brackets, with the busts being appropriately cheaper than the fullbody pieces.

If you can’t commission me, I would greatly appreciate a reblog! All the money I get will go towards my living expenses while I try to balance taking care of family members and my own mental issues.

If you’d like to see more of my art, you can find some on my blog! Forgive me no direct link, as tumblr takes down all posts with links from its tagged search…

If you’d like to commission me, please send me an e-mail to nemartpoland at gmail, titled “commission”!

Thank you <3

Child Abuse in Fiction

My experience with the portrayal and inclusion of child abuse in the media as someone who was abused and is now a writer and has a few things to say about it. -Alternate title- How I learned the wrong lessons from fiction and finally found the words to explain what went wrong and how it can be fixed.

Long post below the cut.

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milkywaywithflowers  asked:

Hi <3 You seem so lovely and your blog is so so beautiful! Thank you for sharing these parts of yourself with the world on Tumblr. I was wondering if you could tell me the name of a movie - you posted a photo set maybe yesterday or the day before of this animated movie that looked super witchy and cute. I copied the title and forgot to search it. Thank you so much! Have a lovely Now <3

Hello! Thank you so much!!! ♥♥♥

I believe it would have been The Ancient Magus Bride

Originally posted by bohkutos

okay so idk what the f happened with this post bc it’s nowhere to be seen on my blog so here i am posting it again (no title as of yet, but it’s about simón’s birthday)

there’s even a part 2 | more of my sl ff | more of my simbar ff   

“I can’t believe we’re actually doing this.”

“Shut up, Jazmín,” she couldn’t either, to be honest, but she didn’t want to be discouraged of what she was about to do, “and help me find Lunita.”

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Sunday, July 9th :

Since tomorrow will be 12 days until the new episode of Milo Murphy’s Law, ‘Missing Milo’ I thought it would be fun if I launched a little event tomorrow to celebrate it.

This event is comprised of twelve separate parts and they will be titled ‘Bureau of Time Travel Cycle (#)’ with the number increasing as the number of days until the episode decrease.

It will have some quizzes, some fandom jokes, some cultural references, and overall I hope it will make a great conversation piece.

Cycle one launches tomorrow, Monday, July 10. You’ll be able to find any of the posted time cycles by searching the hashtag ‘bureau of time travel’ on my blog.

Love How You Hate Me - Sam x Reader

A/N: It’s here! Part Twenty six! I’m not tagging anyone tonight, as I’m falling asleep posting it. But, I will sometime tomorrow- my day off (for the most part). If you’d like to read, and haven’t yet, my master list is available further down- or you can search ‘masterlist’ in my blog. It should pull it right up. You should also be able to find it if you search for the title. The previous part DOES have every part linked, so if you’re returning and missed any, feel free to find it that way. Or, you can wait. Up to you! Anyways, I hope you all enjoy!

UPDATED REALLY FAST! If you noticed I missed something, please let me know, and I’ll fix it as soon as I can!

Previously: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | Seventeen | Eighteen | Nineteen | Twenty | Twenty One | Twenty Two | Twenty Three | Twenty Four | Twenty Five

Originally posted by deanthekingofhell

Warnings: Heated make out scene. Minor editing. And, that’s all I believe. This chapter is mostly plot!

Word Count: Roughly 2500

Sam watched as you tore your shirt open, not caring that the buttons popped off in the process. Slamming the door behind you as you discarded the cloth in record time. Your shorts were kicked off before you ever reached the bed he was sitting on. The dark green lingerie barely covered you as you moved to straddle him, pushing his book away without a second glance. He didn’t get a chance to admire the view before you bent down to press your lips greedily into his.

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horrorgifsdaily  asked:

Hi! I really like your blog a lot. I have just started my own horror blog and I'm curious if you have any tips or advice. Thanks! :)

Thank you.

I guess that I would tell you to create your own content such as gifs and to make your own photo edits.  Just reuploading gifs you find on Tumblr is a quick way to get yourself blocked from content creators who usually go a long way towards getting your blog attention.  You can probably find several tutorials on youtube that cover making gifs if you do not already know how to do so.  

Use tags.  This helps users find the movies you plan on posting.  Tag titles, actresses/actors, directors, etc.    

I cannot speak for specific blogs, but for the most part, it seems that my mutuals who also make their own content, do not mind being tagged in a post.  I am not sure of the exact number of tags that show up in the tag search, but I would advise you to put anyone you tag within the first five tags.  You can also tag me in your original posts if you would like, and I will most likely reblog it if I have seen it.  There are only a few movies that I purposely avoid blogging.

If you have good social skills you can use them to form friendships and possibly join side blogs or networks. This seems to be a good way to generate attention for your blog as well as helping you to find other blogs that you may be interested in.  

If you find a blog that you like, check out the blogs that they reblog from.  You can usually find similar content when doing this.  

Mostly just have fun.  Post what you enjoy and are comfortable with and hopefully, people will find your blog over time.  

Good luck.