titles are so overrated

  • video title: "is 'a charlie brown christmas' overrated"
  • me: "NO" (scrolls away quickyl so that youtube knows im offended by such a suggestion)

AN: Titles are overrated.

Prompt: Okay so I feel it’s likely that since Rey spent so much time alone and Finn was raised a storm trooper, it’s likely neither of them have ever been tickled?? Poe needs to fix that for them of course. @thebest-medicine

Words: 1,100

Poe woke up to two blurry faces inches from his own. He blinked a couple of times, and the faces gradually took the shape of Finn and Rey, staring at him with unbridled interest. Just. Staring.

It was somewhat flattering that they found his face so fascinating, but nevertheless. Poe sighed and said slowly, “Normally, staring at someone until they wake up is considered strange and sightly creepy.”

It was amusing and more than a little adorable, the way that Finn immediately flushed and muttered, “Sorry. Sleeping in is hard.”

On his other side Rey shrugged awkwardly, not enough room in the small bed the three of them share to keep them from being squished together. “Did you know you have two little freckles under your eye? It’s nice.”

Poe grinned and rolled his eyes, then wrapped an arm around each of them and pullen them in even tighter until they were both fitted up against him, Rey’s head resting on his chest and Finn’s nestled in the crook of his neck. “I can’t believe I got stuck with two early birds,” he teased, wriggling his fingers against Finn’s side.

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