Sburb assigns Roles meant to CHALLENGE people.

That being said, here are the challenges/lessons of each class and aspect. (Except for Lord and Muse, due to the lack of info on them in canon)


Heir: learn to communicate and work with others to get things done

Seer: trust yourself and your own intuition

Knight: stop hiding behind a mask and stand by your friends

Witch: inspire/motivate others and stay optimistic/learn to let your burdens go

Rogue: control your emotions/impulses and become independent

Prince: become less image focused and narcissistic

Page: step out from the shadows and accept/embrace who you are

Maid: become less self centered and care/provide for others

Sylph: accept that you have an influence on reality and aren’t powerless and then use that to heal

Bard: care about others well being and spirituality, not just your own

Mage: realize your own talents and don’t get caught up in self deprecation

Thief: don’t be so concerned with what others think of you


Space: learn to balance your imagination and being grounded; either extreme is too much

Time: you’re either too independent or too dependent

Light: break down walls around your emotions and feel the consequences of your actions

Void: break out of your anti social shell without becoming over confident

Life: learn to be lively; neither lethargic or hyper

Doom: find balance between sacrificing your time for others and keeping it all to yourself

Blood: don’t be apathetic, but don’t be too overly sensitive either

Breath: learn to be assertive, not aggressive or passive

Heart: be sensitive to your own emotions but control them; don’t let them control you and don’t repress them

Mind: don’t think of yourself higher or lower than others due to your intelligence; inform others so everyone can understand

Hope: find balance between acceptance and skepticism

Rage: learn to control your anger; don’t repress it but don’t let it control you


It’s Throwback Thursday! Let’s revisit the insanity of a ‘typical’ day in the life of The Beatles, in the opening titles for Richard Lester’s 1964 film A Hard Day’s Night.

A Hard Day’s Night on Art of the Title


New this week!

For Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Sarofsky Corp. craft one of Marvel’s boldest title sequence efforts to date.

Watch the Captain America: The Winter Soldier sequence on Art of the Title


Broad City
Season 1 Titles

“The design brief from Comedy Central was simple: they wanted bold and colorful hand-drawn animations and a visual identity that exuded the same level of comedy and weirdness as the show. For the first meeting, designer Mike Perry ideated and conceptualized pencil sketches of how they could play around with type. The Comedy Central team, including Glazer and Jacobson, decided they wanted to use all of them, evolving and refreshing the intro with every episode, as if it were a vital character in the show.”

The inevitable misunderstanding of Mx

Transgender woman’s request to become ‘Ms’ refused by NatWest

Staff said she could not have her preferred honorific, but could call herself ‘Mx’ instead – an exchange that left her ‘feeling like a fake’. The bank has now apologised and blamed human error

I knew this would happen as Mx became more well-known, and some errors in the recent media flurry about Mx (namely that Mx is a title for transgender people) are probably part symptom, part cause.

Time to share the misconceptions post again, and a few points pertinent to this post:

  • Transgender people are protected by law here in the UK, in this case in that they are entitled to have whatever title they feel best fits their gender.
  • Mx is not a title for transgender people - it is a title that has no gender, similar to the way Ms has no marital status.
  • Titles are not legally binding, and you should not require any “proof” of your gender to change your title on any records regardless of gender presentation.
  • Title limitations are not a security issue - we have much more sophisticated ways to confirm identity.
  • Degendering trans people is horrible as well as illegal.