AU RP: Memories

 This was it,  finally she was returning to her home town after the many years of living with one parent or the other, growing up switching schools after the big move away from this place. She was alone on her travels across many states and cities to reach the city she once lived in recalling old friends and wonderful memories from child hood and highschool until the move. First thing she was gonna do when she arrived was go to the old ice cream parlor her and plenty of her friends would meet at Like the Vargas brothers. Oh! the Vargas brothers, its been so long since she’s spoken with Lovino and Feliciano, she had lost her contact book during the move and was never able to write letters or give a call, nor receive any- they were such wonderful friends though she adored Feliciano to bits she and Lovino were the best of friends, we’ll when she wasn’t with Francis or Gilbert. Fond days filled her spacy and sleepy mind as the day became night again, only 30 miles left to go. Her eyes grew heavy with the calming sound of her cd and the rain tapping against the windsheild as the wipers squeaked to the repetitive movement “come on antonia only 30 more, stay up” she told herself, though after 10 miles it was all for not and sleep over came her behind the wheel, at the same time a large truck drove towards her swerving little vehicle crashing into it with a loud honk that awoke the Spanish woman not but 2 seconds before impact. She had no time to react or swerve away, the small car was hit, her head crashed against the window cracking it and the car rolled off the road. The trucker was fine though Antonia was nearly a goner. Ambulances were called, and she was whisked away to the hospital as she heard a jumble of voices, were they angels? the frantic doctors? her life speeding by? she didn’t know but all she could see and feel was Darkness.

After 2 days of unconsciousness the Spaniard Awoke to the sound of beeping in a clean room that had a strong unknown smell. she sat up confused looking around the strange unknown room before seeing the needle in her arm and the contraption on her finger that caused the machine to beep in a pattern that only increased in her confusion. “wh-whats this, what are these? where am i?” she asked muttering to herself in Spanish not knowing how she knew these languages or who she was, she tore the machines of her body causing the monitor to hold a single tone as she ran out the room looking at the strange faces and beings in white clothes, she ran not checking the band on her wrist that held her name.

She ran and ran until opening the glass doors to the outside engulfed by the strange new world that she had never seen before, a man with a prosthetic hand touched her shoulder “miss are you okay? should i call a doc-” he was cut short by her gasping and running off avoid other people and the cars and things that frightened her, she was almost like a child finally stopping at a park panting for air. She sat against a tree puling on her hospital gown feeling very exposed and out of place letting out a sigh “what is this?” she asked her self with a frown on her face not noticing the forgotten being approaching her.