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F I N A L  T O U R
chapter 15: invitation

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He looks around, his gut twisting with emotions he doesn’t quite know where to place. And he had done it. The boxes with all the insurance papers are all cleaned up and tucked away into the closed closet. The dresser in the back of the room, tidied up and pushed closer to the window. The bookshelf has been sorted, some of the books removed, and a floor lamp has been added to the corner next to the door. Levi notes that the wood floor can use a new polish, some minor repair, but it’s a floor. A floor with no boxes.

“You did it.” Levi steps into the room, and his smile grows so big that it hurts his cheeks.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen you smile that big.” Erwin chuckles.

“You did a good job, Erwin.” He walks over to the bookshelf, runs his finger across the wood and rubs his thumb against it. “You even dusted.”

Puffing out his chest, Erwin returns the smile. “I’m capable sometimes.”

Levi looks back at Erwin, his teeth showing with a smile that meets his eyes. Erwin’s eyebrows upturn and he seems to deflate as his mouth drops open with a soft sigh. “Levi, I want to ask you something.”

“Sure.” Levi searches the corners of the room–he even removed the spider webs. He laughs to himself in a weird sort of delight. 

“Move in with me, please.”


Mon peers at the child closely. “Andor, you say? Any relation to Jeron Andor?” 

“He was my father,” Cassian looks up at the lady in white, voice catching on the word was. Four years, and the wound still felt fresh. 

Mon exhales slowly, hand tightening around the edge of the conference table. “I knew your father. Not very well, but enough to know that he was a good man.” 

“I know,” Cassian replies. “That’s why he died.”

commodorez  asked:

What kind of character generator do you use? What kind is your favorite?

Hey Commodorez! I was searching for a decent priced character generator for a long time, but these things have become quite rare where I live. The only device I was able to purchase around here is the Panasonic VW-VT1 and I had to pay about USD 50.00 for it.

However I do not really like the typeface on the VW-VT1 - so I had to compromise: My current solution is to use digital bitmapish typefaces on my modern computer. My favorite of those is a font called ModeSeven made in 1998 by Andrew Bulhak:

“ModeSeven is based on the bitmap font in Teletext televisions, 1980s-vintage Videotext terminals (such as the Prestel system used in the UK), and the BBC Micro computer. (The name derives from the BBC Micro screen mode which used the teletext character generator.)”

When searching around for Character Generators, I found the Videonics Titlemaker Series to be very intriguing. Especially the Videonics TM-3000, as it has a very nice looking keyboard.

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Fornax Void

  • KITTY: It's Saturday night, kiddies. That means that it's time to put away the time cards and upside down smiles and hit up a world away from Lima.
  • KITTY: That's right. Put on your fancies and hit up an Uber, because we're going to ZAR. Doors open at 9:00 for half-priced Long Islands and martinis.