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THEORY: Hideyoshi Nagachika’s True Indentity

Hideyoshi Nagachika is the most mysterious character in Tokyo Ghoul. Many considered him as dead yet some, like me, still has hope that he is somewhere, out there, alive and waiting for a chance to look kaneki in the face and say, “Didn’t I say let’s go home two years ago? Where were you?”

We still do not know anything about Hide. We do know that he is Kaneki’s best friend and some other information that is just above the surface of who he really is. There are still a lot of ‘what if’s’ about Hide that crossed my mind and they’re ruining my sleep. 


Yes, I know what you are thinking. There are a lot of Tokyo Ghoul Theorist that have speculated that Hide is part of the Washuu Clan already. Being revealed that the Washuu Clan as a ghoul family. Many people say that Hide could be a Ghoul, a natural half ghoul or a  half-human(a half-human may be the right identity for Hide here since he has extraordinary senses, agile movement, and could withstand Nishio’s kick and could still eat human food.) 

But that’s not the “Hide” that I want to talk about. Let’s take a look at the Washuu:

SIDETRACK: I read a theory online a while ago ( though I forgot where I read it) that the Washuu clan was a human clan that got infiltrated by ghouls turning them into a ghoul family that strive for power over other ghouls. By hiding their true identities to society and blending in with humans, they are protected and managed to survive thus claiming the clan’s name.

BACK TO MY THEORY: From translation here, we could say that the Washuu may not be a clan. The Washuu may be a person. A person that is considered to be the most powerful in exterminating ghouls. 

Being Washuu a title, ghouls that have infiltrated the said ghoul extermination family and took over it’s members may have took the title of Washuu and made it into the Clan’s name (A clan being related families altogether). Thus, begins the reign of the Washuu Clan over the extermination of ghouls/ keeping ghouls at bay.

WHAT IF the most powerful member of the ghoul exterminators belongs to a familiar family . Let’s say the Nagachika. That may be the reason why Yoshitoki used “Chika” to his name who may be using the name because the Nagachika is related to the Washuu.

What if Hide is ridiculously strong with skills to battle against the most powerful ghouls. Hide may be part of a ghoul exterminating family and could actually be the true WASHUU. Being the Ace of Spades, which is the most powerful card pf the deck, is yelling to us the hint that Hide is one powerful dude and is important to the Tokyo ghoul universe and in our lives. He is the sunshine that gives us warmth and light our way. 

When will Hide show up i wonder (Hide is definitely not dead.)?

BONUS: Hide could be something else…

I think there’s a theory going around that the Washuu are actually trying to figure out to become  humans or something more than human or ghoul. It’s a crazy idea but  I think that Hide may be the ultimate being that is the goal of the Washuu or maybe even Kanou(who I think has the same ghoul of creating something perfect). By perfect being, I think that being is human yet have qualities of a ghoul, specifically superb regeneration and immortality?! What? 

Yes, I was going overboard there. I even thought before that Hide may be gone because he returned to his domain at the 24th ward. 

Also, what if hide really got consumed by Kaneki but lives on inside Kaneki’s body. What if Hide is actually the real source of Kaneki’s power. A power that would be revealed if Kaneki is on the verge of death (just like when he was having a battle with Arima then Hide randomly appears.) That would make Hide a living kagune of some sorts, the source of ghouls? I wonder.

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