The Rules:

Rule 1: Always post the rules.

Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 12 new ones.

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I was tagged by hushshu !! (omg srsly I’m so sorry, your msg got lost in my inbox, and I’ve barely been on tumblr and omg I don’t hate you or something pls don’t think i’m a snot omg sorrryyyyy <3)

Questions I was asked:

1. What’s the meaning behind your url? (Sorry for the repetition— I really want to know though)

NauseaLion is an annagram for my name (Louisa Anne xnx), bc i love annagrams lol. and also lions are almost my favorite animal and ummn nausea is a cool word and its also latin haha

2. What’s one material thing that makes you happy?

Uhm I’m guna go with my car here bc…. it does make me happy lol

3. What’s one non-material thing that makes you happy?

Dogs. Ahaha idek if they count as material things…?!?!

But also when people acknowledge my politeness and are polite back u-u

4. Name 4 people that you would want to have an adventure with.

Easy: Evan, Julia, Tay and my brother Christian :)

5. What’s your passion/favourite hobby?

Painting and a close second in running haha

6. What are your 3 favourite ships/friendships/relationships from your favourite fandom?

Oooo. I don’t think I hve a fav fandom but if i had to choose from randoms…. I would say Aang/Zuko(as bfs)… eeeeh, Sterek…. AND F.P./Finn <3

7. Name one song that means a lot to you.

JUST one?! Errr. Yellow by coldplay (corny ik) but bc of my mom….

8. Name one fictional character you have beef with.

Oh god haha. I think for right now I’m guna say Will Herondale bc he is basically the king of little shits, but ik by the end of this book I will be crying over him once again….       

9. If you could pick a middle name for yourself what would it be? (If you already have one, choose a second middle name anyway :’D)

Haha uuuum. Edward. Louisa Edward Anne . Yup.

10. Out of all your Internet aliases/chatnames/urls, etc what’s your favourite?

Meeeh. I tend to choose rlly shitty internert handles. but the ones I actually put time into thinking up are my favs. Like my url haha, and my aim one (coldblueviper) and i’ve grown to love this random one : WillfulCole bc of all the nicknames I can get out of it lol. My stupidest one is : BowlsofDedLouisa…. im not too sure how that happened but haha

11. Milkshake or soda?

       Strawberry milkshakeeeeeeeeeeee

12. If you could meet your favourite cast/author/artist, you would say/do_______.

I usually just become a dumb blonde when I meet famous/idolized ppl sooooooo (not tht im blonde) i would prlly forget how to speak/walk/function and look like a ditz |D

Questions to answer:

1. What is the album you currently can’t stop listening to?!

2. Favorite dinner you can cook yourself hehe?

3. If you could run away with one fictional character who would it be??!

4. What is your stress regime? I.E. What do you do to chill yourself when you’re stressed?

5. Beach or pool and why?

6. Best present/life changing advice you ever received AND who gave it to you??!

7. Any lucky numbers/outfits/talismans?

8. Video/card/board game you could pwn anyone in?

9. Most useful talent you possess (sewing, outdoorsman skills, knife throwing lmao)

10. Favorite fandom and I mean FANDOM like your favorite fans of a thing (you don’t hve to belong to the fandom)

11. Last book/show/movie you cried over?

12. Tea party or House party?

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Writing Tip: The Rules of Title Case in Headlines

We follow title case, more or less, for our headlines. This means that in general, we want to capitalize the following in our headlines:

-The first word of the headline
-All major words (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns)
-All words four letters or longer

The following things shouldn’t normally be capitalized:

-Conjunctions (and, or, for, but, yet, so, etc.)
-Articles (a, an, the) 
-Prepositions (as, at, by, for, in, on, of, to, etc.) For example:

X Man bites dog for stealing garden gnome in France

X Man Bites Dog For Stealing Garden Gnome In France

✓ Man Bites Dog for Stealing Garden Gnome in France

For more on this, check out the GV Style Guide section on headlines.
Use ToTitleCase() to reformat all lower/upper input text

Tired of inexperienced, yet well-meaning, users entering text without using proper mixed-case?  You never know if they are intentionally yelling, trying to look chic or just were never instructed in the dark arts of proper capitalization & keyboarding.  Sometimes the user is just in a hurry.

To make data entries like names & titles be more profession during data entry, I wrote a quick script that uses ToTitleCase() to auto-reformat text that is entered in all upper or lower case.


The Creative Spark: Title Case, Typographic Artisans

titlecase-deactivated20140409 asked:

You do more than reblog dogs. You're lovely. I follow your blog because you're nice and you reblog cool stuff and you're clever and like me when I was your age. I know you can't make yourself not feel sad, but sometimes watching Chasing Liberty or Ten Inch Hero or other awful movies helps. I watched Penelope the other night and smiled for like an hour. Also listening to "Because I'm Awesome" by the Dollyrots helps.

oh don’t mind me, i’m just whiney when im sad….thank you for being so nice… i don’t deserve it. my favorite movie for when i feel bad is hercules :B


The Creative Spark: Title Case, Typographic Artisans

Great night at #titlecase for a talk/beers with #matthewwyne on #type at #cooper hosted by @jessicahische & @erikmarinovich . Just bloody golden. Thursday’s hanging with @westernized listening to people talk about shit we love