If you think “Let This Be Your Last Battlefield” is heavyhanded in its final form, be glad it was toned down by the time it got to air.

Gene Coon’s original treatment, titled “Down From Heaven” featured the Enterprise rescuing an alien that looks like the literal devil  (complete with red skin, horns and a forked tail) named Satrana. Satrana is being pursued by Mikel, described by Gene Coon thusly:

Standing tall in the center of the bridge, dressed in blinding white robes, his features actually glowing with a shimmering radiance, is a tall man with a white beard, a stern but just look on his face, and, incredible and shattering, two feathered white wings coming from his shoulder blades. Anyway you look at him — the racial myths, the stories, the legends come sweeping back — this is an angel.

Coon’s original ending, which was deemed anti-climactic by the time Oliver Crawford started scripting, featured the two hate-filled characters arriving on their home planet Charon, where racial harmony between their respective forms had been found during Satrana and Mikel’s wanderings. The two are confronted with the futility of their strife and find themselves heartbroken at their wasted lives.

anonymous asked:

It annoys me how everyone eagerly assumes that eoy would like/love Richard but she had to hate Henry when both men were equally bad to her family but with Richard it was more personal I'd say even.

They both did equally bad things because they were medieval monarchs and such was the times. Richard III by stealing her brother’s throne and disinheriting her did do worse to her family then Henry VII ever did. Basically taking their station from them, their mother went from being Queen of England to Lady Elizabeth Grey again. That’s a huge loss for them. 

Henry VII for all of his faults towards her family never disinherited them or took away their station in society. Still he did, of course, take negative actions against them, he had a falling out with Thomas Grey, he did not pay for the York Princesses dowry’s, he might have married them off to higher standing men but instead kept them very conveniently with Tudor loyalists of low titles, and his horrific treatment of the Earl of Warwick. 

But if you think Elizabeth could have liked or had affection for her Uncle despite disinheriting her and naming her mother a whore, and then turn around and claim that she could not feel the same for Henry VII then you simply are ignoring the negative things Richard did to the Woodvilles and Elizabeth. Which often times is just them using Elizabeth to fulfill the fantasies they have about either Henry VII or Richard III. 

Silent Treatment (JeromexReader)

Title: Silent Treatment

Author: gotham-imagines02

Pairings: JeromexReader

Prompt: “Could you please write an imagine where you’re one of the cheerleaders on the bus. And when Jerome comes in and freaks everyone out you are just silent and don’t scream at all. He takes interest in you and takes you with him. He tries to get you to speak or scream or make any noise but instead you keep quiet which makes him even more interested.” Requested by Anonymous.

Warnings: swearing, almost death, hostage situation

A/N: Thank you all for following me! Sorry for the delay, I was having technical difficulties. Also, Y/E/N means Your Enemy’s Name.

Love and insanity, ~Hatter 😁🔫


Cheerleaders suck. You hated being on the team, you hated being flyer, and you definitely hated bus trips most of all. What’s that? If you hate being a cheerleader so much why are you on the team? Two words. Your mother. She was star flyer and little miss perfect in high school and now she expects the same from you. Ha! Like that’s gonna happen. Now, you sat alone in the back, waiting for a.) something exciting to happen or b.) your chance to escape. Or both. Both works too. The bus stopped as a truck pulled up in front of it. Four men got out, wearing straight jacket uniforms. You know who they are, you’ve seen them on the news. They’re the Maniax. And out came Jerome, the leader of the group. You leaned forward in your seat and watched him. Out of all the Maniax, he interested you the most. His carefree demeanor, his hair, his eyes, his laugh. You watched in amusement as all of the cheerleaders on the bus started to scream and cry for help as Jerome chained them to their seats. He locked eyes with you and smiled.

“What do we have here?” He crouched down so he was eye level with you. “Everyone else here is screaming and crying and you, my dear, have a smirk on your face. What’s your name, sweetheart?”

Your smirk grew into a smile as you made a zipping motion across your lips.

“Silent treatment, hm?” He stood up. “Okay then.”

He whipped out his gun and pulled the trigger. You felt the wind whistle past your ear as the bullet embedded itself in the seat behind you. You didn’t even flinch. In fact, your smile only grew.

“I like you.” He grabbed your wrist and pulled you up out of your seat. “You’re coming with me sweet cheeks.”

He began to drag you off the bus when someone grabbed your other wrist. Your smile fell as you whipped your head around to find the source. It was Y/E/N, of course. Rather than a little smug smirk like usual, her face was filled with fear.

“Y/N, don’t.”

You ripped your wrists from both hers and Jerome’s grasps.

“I’ve waited a really long time for this.”

Then you punched her square in the face and laughed. Jerome laughed with you.

“Y/N. The perfect name for a feisty girl like you. Come on, Y/N.”

You followed him off the bus. The other cheerleaders pounded against the windows, begging for your help.

You smiled sweetly at Jerome, “Do excuse me for a moment.” He gestured for you to go ahead. You turned towards your fellow cheerleaders.

“You know what? Fuck every single one of you who ever purposely injured me in any way, which is all of you. I hope you all burn in hell.” You turned towards Jerome. “By the way, GCPD is here.”

His smile fell, “Get behind the bus.”

You scoffed, “I am not some prissy princess who sits on the sidelines. Give me your gun and let me show you what I can really do.”

When he hesitated, you simply grabbed the gun out of his hand and began firing at the police with expert skill. Your father taught you how to shoot before he up and left. You got at least three officers in the shoulder before they realized it was probably a good idea to hide. When you finally ran out of bullets, Jerome dragged you onto the truck and yelled, “Light ‘em up!”

As the truck began to speed away everything that just happened finally began to sink in. You watched, with a grin, the chaos before you and listened to the sound of Jerome’s psychotic laugh as you held on to the side of the truck. You were in for a wild ride.


Caleb repeated the name Sybil a LOT in a single scene in this episode. It’s a direct reference to the book titled “Sybil” about the treatment of a woman with dissociative identity disorder by her psychoanalyst. Sybil had 16 different personalities (from Wikipedia): 

“Described personalities

The book begins with a list of Sybil’s “alters”, together with the year in which each appeared to have dissociated from the central personality. The names of these selves were also changed to ensure privacy.

  • Sybil Isabel Dorsett (1923), the main personality
  • Victoria Antoinette Scharleau (1926), nicknamed Vicky, self-assured and sophisticated young French girl
  • Peggy Lou Baldwin (1926), assertive, enthusiastic, and often angry
  • Peggy Ann Baldwin (1926), a counterpart of Peggy Lou but more fearful than angry
  • Mary Lucinda Saunders Dorsett (1933), a thoughtful, contemplative, and maternal homebody
  • Marcia Lynn Dorsett (1927), an extremely emotional writer and painter
  • Vanessa Gail Dorsett (1935), intensely dramatic is the musical one of them and fun loving.
  • Mike Dorsett (1928), one of Sybil’s two male selves, a builder and a carpenter
  • Sid Dorsett (1928), the second of Sybil’s two male selves, a carpenter and a general handyman. Sid took his name from Sybil’s initials (Sybil Isabelle Dorsett)
  • Nancy Lou Ann Baldwin (date undetermined), interested in politics as fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and intensely afraid of Roman Catholics
  • Sybil Ann Dorsett (1928), listless to the point of neurasthenia
  • Ruthie Dorsett (date undetermined), a baby and one of the less developed selves
  • Clara Dorsett (date undetermined), intensely religious and highly critical of Sybil
  • Helen Dorsett (1929), intensely afraid but determined to achieve fulfillment
  • Marjorie Dorsett (1928), serene, vivacious, and quick to laugh
  • The Blonde (1946), a nameless perpetual teenager with an optimistic outlook

The book’s narrative describes Sybil’s selves gradually becoming co-conscious, able to communicate and share responsibilities, and having musical compositions and art published under their various names. Wilbur attempts to integrate Sybil’s various selves, first convincing them via hypnosis that they are all the same age, then encouraging them to merge. At the book’s end, a new, optimistic self called “The Blonde” emerges, preceding Sybil’s final integration into a single, whole individual with full knowledge of her past and present life.”

SO many of these personalities are similar with traits we’ve seen of A over the years. There are also a lot of traits and interests listed that are similar to the Liar’s traits and interests. For example, Marcia Lynn Dorsett an emotional writer and painter, similar to Aria, or Sid Dorsett/Mike Dorsett (Sybil’s male personalities) who are both carpenters, builders and general handymen much like Toby. Not casting any particular suspicion on these two characters, these are just two examples. There’s also a personality called “The Blonde” who is described as “a nameless perpetual teenager” this could represent the third blonde who was buried and misidentified by the police as “Ali”. So far this individual is nameless and a “perpetual teenager” because their life ended while they were a teen keeping them suspended in their teenage years. 

Perhaps Dr. Rollins represents the psychoanalyst and this reference is directed towards Charlotte, however I doubt it. 

Either way, there is DEFINITELY a MAJOR connection to this book and the show. Make of it what you will :) 

THAT Kishimoto interview

Can we talk about the interview that has NH shippers feeling all insecure? Link to full interview here. It’s a problematic interview on some levels, but on further examination, it’s nothing we didn’t know before or didn’t expect.

•  In my head, I had decided Naruto and Hinata to get together a bit after they became young adults.

• But I couldn’t think of an actual love story for the two and was not planning on drawing it.

• However, I wanted to circle back to the first chapter (of the series) by making Naruto have a son who graffities on the (now) Hokage Naruto’s rock face.

What those comments tell me is that in summary, he had his own personal headcanon for NaruHina but partly because he was weak at romance (and female characters, ha!), he could not be bothered to draw it. It would explain the timeskip epilogue that was chapter 700. Yes, some shippers are happy that they got the ships they wanted (myself included), but you can’t deny how shoddily it was written. He just knew they were meant to end up together! So they did! Oh Kishimoto, what a kerfuffle you’ve made with your artistic choices. Happy shippers do not necessarily make for good writing, unfortunately.

• So the idea of a [NH] love story wasn’t my idea at the start, however Pierrot staff suggested the movie to revolve around it (hence the final product being the way it is). 

It doesn’t mean Kishimoto didn’t want NaruHina to happen, it just meant that he didn’t think he was to be the person who should write it. Fortunately for him, SP volunteered for the job. Hats off to SP for listening Kishimoto out - they could have expanded the events between chapters 699 to 700 but decided to try a love story instead. It’s still a controversial move, as can be seen by the fan reactions and I am not even going to try wading into that debate. But I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again - it’s a big step for SP (and now we know, Kishimoto) to agree to have a shounen title be given shoujo treatment. 

This might also explain why Kishimoto red-pencilled so much of the script for The Last. SP made his dream come true and animated his NaruHina love story for him. Previously, that NaruHina love story was swimming around in his head as ideas unexpressed on paper. With SP offering to do a love story for Naruto, he had an entire team of animators and writers. Of course he’s going to meddle and meddle some more.

• The reason why the movie is set 2 years after the main story is because I wanted [T/N: more like fussed over] the two being in a romance only if they were above 18 (laughs)

The way I read it, he only wanted to see a Naruto and Hinata love story if they were aged sufficiently for them to enter a relationship that was intended to lead to marriage. People in Narutoverse married young after all, and we shouldn’t underestimate the possibility of the shinobi world experiencing its own post-Great Ninja War baby boom.

This could actually explain the infamous 2-year “why didn’t Naruto respond to Hinata?!” gap, if you ask me. He didn’t want the relationship to appear to be adolescent puppy love. He wanted Naruto and Hinata to be old enough for it to be believable for them to decide to stay with each other for the rest of their lives and get married.

(Note: We will assume nobody in Narutoverse regret their decisions and get divorced, of course.)

[ Edit: My mistake, they do get divorced. Or at least leave. e.g. Kiba’s absent father left because his mother “scared him away”. ]

Q: Why did you decide to make Naruto end up with Hinata?

• Because Hinata’s the sole person who clearly watched and supported Naruto’s diligence from the beginning. 

• Even though things don’t go well, he continues to work hard and not give up — she understands that this is what makes him cool

• Sakura also notices this aspect to Naruto midway too, but I felt it pitiful if I don’t reward Hinata who watched him from the start (laughs ).

This is the real problematic part of the interview, regardless which side of the shipping war you’re on. The first point is still the most relevant point i.e. Hinata was the only person to have acknowledged Naruto from the start, which is why Naruto loves her. That’s what matters. 

But I don’t appreciate Kishimoto treating his characters like rewards. You waited a long time for your first love? Here, have a Sasuke for your patience! Get married to a Naruto! It rubs me the wrong way, that Naruto (and by extension, Sasuke, for Sakura) is put on platter to be served to Hinata. Human beings are not prizes and should not be treated as such. 

Having said all that, NH fans shouldn’t be down over this interview. It’s clear that Kishimoto had a very specific idea how the NaruHina love story was going to pan out in his head. When SP came along with a movie, he jumped at the chance to make his Naruto romansuu come to life. 

What the interview does reveal however, are the weaknesses in Kishimoto’s thought processes, which were reflected in his manga. I’m not talking just about the development of romantic relationships, btw. He took shortcuts in his writing and where the going got tough for him e.g. romance, he ducked out altogether.

I love Naruto but Kishimoto’s writing had been a hot mess for the longest while and there’s nothing wrong in admitting that. His treatment of female characters is even worse. And please don’t get me started on Team 8.