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Obama just took an important stand for reproductive rights

  • President Barack Obama’s moved this week to indefinitely protect Title X funding for Planned Parenthood.
  • On Wednesday, the Department of Health and Human Services finalized regulations to the Title X Project Grants for Family Planning Services.
  • It stipulates that Title X funds cannot be denied to a health care provider “for reasons other than its ability to provide Title X services.”
  • It’s important to note those services do not include abortion. 
  • Title X funds, which overwhelmingly support low-income Americans, go toward things like breast and cervical cancer screenings, contraception, STI testing and sexual education. Read more
So Pissed Right Now At Republicans

Votes in the U.S. House of Representatives on February 18 were the first step in wiping out funding to Planned Parenthood and cutting off family-planning services for millions of Americans nationwide. It means that women in your community could lose access to birth control, Pap smears, breast-cancer screenings, and many other types of preventive health care

Republicans are trying to get rid of Title X which funds non-abortion services to over five million uninsured Americans.

this is just unacceptable and devastating to me. to think that they are cutting funding to something so vital for a lot of women all over america, particularly low income women. and obviously not just women, but men and families as well.

i can understand if the government did not want to fund abortion directly. i get it. even though i am pro choice, i can understand how it can be conflicting for a government to fund this. but, to cut funding for such essential non-abortion services is disgusting. so many people rely on planned parenthood for cancer screenings, std/hiv testing, and birth control. these things are essential to having a good community outreach for women.

i think planned parenthood is a great asset for women. can you imagine if you were in the position where you thought you were pregnant or you thought you might have an std and you had nowhere to turn to? no insurance? no trusting family member? where do you go if there is no place like planned parenthood to offer free assistance to women. 

i just cant believe the audacity of our congressmen. this is what america should be about - innovative and helpful programs to keep people healthy and educated. thats what planned parenthood does. plain and simple, it helps women and its very important. and the fact that it helps low income women who do not have access to health care is even more important.

and im trying not to even go into the abortion debate because thats not even what this should be about. yes, thats what republicans are pinning it on but thats them being stupid, cause title x does so much more than that. i will throw in this though, that i dont see how getting rid of funding for planned parenthood is going to help prevent abortions. are you stupid?

taking away birth control and sex education is going to stop people from having sex and getting pregnant?

are you fucking retarded?

god this makes me so frustrated. what a backwards country we live in.

Title X: America's Family Planning Program
Since 1970, the Title X (ten) Family Planning Program has helped millions of low-income people afford much-needed health care. But each year, backwards politicians threaten to cut funding for this critical health care safety net.

Most people who rely on Title X-funded services are low-income and cannot afford this care on their own:

Nearly 90% have incomes below 200% of the federal poverty level.

The Title X program disproportionately serves people of color, populations that face significant reproductive health disparities. In fact, 21% of Title X patients identify as black or African American and 30% identify as Hispanic or Latino.

Title X also helps people who are uninsured. Although the Affordable Care Act has helped more people than ever before get insured, states that have not expanded Medicaid can leave low- and middle-income folks without insurance and with a greater need for publicly funded family planning services.

In fact, 4.7 million low-income women of reproductive age will continue to lack coverage for family planning care in 2016.

Title X offers preventive health care to those most in need and has great results. For one thing, the affordable birth control that Title X provides helps prevent 1 million unintended pregnancies each year. It has even saved women’s lives through its affordable Pap tests and breast exams.