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Kogami’s Regrets   狡噛追っかけ隊がタンバリンを叩いてるだけ by Kelp

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Beauty and the Beast. George Henry, R.A., R.S.A., R.S.W. (Scottish, 1858-1943). Oil on canvas. Paisley Museum and Art Galleries.

Henry uses the translated title of La Belle et la Bête, a traditional fairy tale written by French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, published in 1740, and the abridged and rewritten version by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, published in 1756.

Forget-Me-Not, O Lord

Author: liketolaugh
Summary: Children do not follow Kenpachi. Kenpachi picks them up and takes them with him, and they are glad of it. Unfortunately for Kenpachi, Red isn’t quite the same as Yachiru.

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Doujinshi haul from Japan’s Toranoana and K-books!!

I was so afraid some of them would go OOS by the time I reached there but luckily I managed to get most of them! (There was one that I really wanted but was OOS when I got there T_T)

The top row are all ichikara/karaichi, with one karaoso
The rest are all osoichi

Also I came across Daematsu’s doujin and I could not not buy it?? Such beautiful art ;v;

Book cover illustration from Le indagini di Hercule Poirot (2016), an Italian childrens edition of Poirot’s cases
Artist: F. Visintin

Grand Blues 772 Sakura Garden Oath

[The Gun Workshop sisters are holding a flower viewing party]
Camieux: “…yeah! I, Camieux, will declare my goals for the future beneath these cherry blossoms!”

Ca: “Fr… from now on, I’m gonna be brave…”
Ca: “And go all out showing you my hard work as a gunpowder specialist, this I swear!”
※ Gunpowder Apprentice ->
Cucuroux: “Ooh! Well said, Ms. Cammy!”

Cu: “Well then, me too! From now on, I’m gonna go all out…”
Cu: “Showing you how much work I can get as a gunsmith, this I swear!”
※ Gunsmith ->

Silva: “Well then, I too…”
Si: “Will go all out showing you my battle prowess as a sniper, this I swear!”
※ Sniper ->
Cu: “…hm?! Big Sis Silva?!
Cu: “Isn’t a sniper someone who fights while hidden though…?

[After this… at least for a little while…]
※This is not a real Charge Attack
Cu: “Big Sis Silva, you’re sticking out too much!!
[Silva moved to the front lines as an Assault Sniper so she could better show off.]

Tales of Zestiria + Titles
Champ de Fleurs Jaunes.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung / Reader

Genre: Artist!AU + Fluff

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Slight sexual content.

Summary: Falling in love with an artist can certainly make one’s life more colourful.

Count: 736 words.

Note: This drabble was inspired by Taehyung’s recent museum trip because why not. The title translates to Field of Yellow Flowers which is one of Vincent Van Gogh’s pieces.

Champ de Fleurs Jaunes


He had noticed her from afar. She strolled from painting to painting, each illustration regarded attentively with a warm gaze within the gallery until she ceased her pace and admired one in particular. It portrayed a meadow—vivid hues of yellow blossoms, streaks of grey as the contrasting overcast; yet, sun rays illuminated through fractures of the clouds, creating a natural spotlight.

“Solitude,” A voice had said behind her, velvety deep before it paused as the gentleman stood next to her, sipping on a glass of champagne. Proudly did he stand, an unused hand tucked into a pocket whilst he began to commend the piece of art. “Simplistic, brilliant. I think the artist is trying to display hope and enlightenment, wouldn’t you agree?” He turned towards the woman, who studied his presence as though he was, indeed, artwork and shrugged.

The flute of champagne twirled in her grasp, “What makes you believe that?” is inquired past tinted lips and from the corner of her eyes, she made note of the playful smirk in response. He clicked his tongue and took a few steps towards the painting prior to announcing: “I should know. I painted it.”

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Preview of the color page for chapter 61, entitled “Nisemono” 「二世者」. 
Wow, I just love the clever use of the kanji! The title can be translated as “the second generation” with the way it’s written like that, but I believe it’s also in reference to “nisemono” written like this 「偽者」 which means fake/imposter/pretender. It sure does give more meaning, doesn’t it?
Hmm…I wonder who will be this “imposter”?


[TRANS] “BTS are too kind”


(This was posted by user “velyvelt” on the review section of BTS’ “Wings” album on Melon)

“Hello, I used to work at the broadcast station for a short time. Kind of like part-time job? I’m not good at talking so this will just be my rambling post. I barely have interest in idols so I don’t know the members’ names… Please excuse me… ㅎㅅㅎ

Anyway, BTS’ personalities? There was a controversy about that. The other fandoms roasted them for it… That thing is ridiculous so I’m writing this to tell you about the BTS I met. I helped with some chores at the broadcast station for a short time, and BTS was there. But you can’t say anything about their personalities. They’re too kind. Other celebrities mentioned this too, but they really are too kind. And except for one person, the rest are all shy…? They only stayed in the waiting room. They weren’t too quiet but weren’t too noisy either. I think they just huddle together and play among themselves. The waiting rooms’ soundproofing system isn’t that good so I could hear almost everything. I was passing by the hallway and I heard a little bit of this, but it’s too cute so I’m writing it here ㅋㅋㅋ There was a sudden loud laughing sound coming from BTS’ waiting room so I halted and was like, “Hmh? What was that?”. Seems like they were telling weird jokes to each other and cackling like high school girls, and played some kind of weird game? I think they’re a 4D squad. Kind of like a bunch of high school girls…

Originally, they don’t allow filming with personal cameras while recording, but sometimes there are thoughtless fans who film by themselves. At times like that, the PD will scold the artists. That time BTS was slightly scolded by the PD. It was an unfair situation, but they just quietly stood and kept apologizing to the PD. I feel somewhat sad for them too…

Oh, and among BTS members, the one with blond hair and tanned skin is different from others, he’s outgoing, right? He greeted other idols and fooled around with them when passing by the hallway. He was really cute…

Anyway, what I want to say is, unlike celebrities nowadays, I think they’re the rare ones who are kind and polite.

Thank you for reading this rambling post… ㅎ Please don’t curse at me too harsh for not writing this properly, I’ll be hurt ㅠㅠ

I didn’t have a Melon account before but I made one to write this.”

(comment) I worked at the broadcast station for some time too. It was back in 2014 and I wasn’t interested in BTS at that time so I didn’t know, but I remember that they always greeted everyone first :) So I became their fan and always think back of that time…

New episode titles and summaries! Translations by Dephender

April 13th: SM22 - Beware of Shovels!!!

While Satoshi and Kaki are practicing battling, they meet a Pokémon called Sunabah. Sunabah has a shovel stuck in its head, which causes…!

April 20th: SM23 - A Real Shocker! Dugtrio Splits Up?!

At a music concert, Satoshi and his friends meet the concert’s DJ, the Pokémon Trainer DJ Leo and his Dugtrio, as well as a Digda that admires said Dugtrio.

April 27th: SM24 - Alola! The First Visitation Day!!

The Pokémon School announces that it will hold an open school where people in the area can come visit it. Satoshi will be holding a presentation there. And his mom will attend it!

Here’s the previews for the upcoming character songs, volume 2 :)
My faves: Kuro, Mahiru and Mikuni (I like Mikuni’s quite a lot ^_^ The title translates as “Setting of on a journey from 0″) 
(Probably saying that he is starting anew since he left his home)
Tetsu’s’ song title can be translated as “Completely different power (strength)”

(That is according to how it is pronounced there, but I read that the same word 真逆 (read as masaka or magyaku as in the song, can also be an archaism of “truly” (hontouni) which kind of fits given that it relates to Tetsu’s Japanese roots and also in a way to the old usage of words that Hugh uses.  So we can also call it “True Power”? That’s just my observation until I get to hear the rest of the lyrics) All of them sound great! Let’s look forward to the whole songs ♥