title screen theme

memeteamqueen, catscater51, finestelite


Art drawn by @weretoons

Toy Bonnie voiced by @memeteamqueen

Toy Chica and Cupcake voiced by @catscater51

Toy Freddy voiced by @finestelite

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Title Screen and Mortal Combat theme belong to Scott Cawthon and Mortal Combat respectively. They are used under fair use for entertainment purposes.


Okay now I have to post this onto tumblr too.


the roaring of a motorcycle engine and idris elba flies suddenly across the screen, leading a high-speed chase down the streets of some glamorous city, making perfect shots to the bad guys’ heads with his gun as he does so

voice over from viola davis, mentioning her role as M

flashes of sebastian stan climbing out of a swimming pool outside a huge mansion, and of him sitting at a bar with a cocktail, smiling at idris elba

“Q?” someone says, and rami malek turns to face the camera

shot of natalie dormer sitting in darkness, arms slung over the back of her chair, looking like she hasn’t a care in the world as she plots doom and destruction

cue james bond title screen and theme tune


I may not be able to afford Xenoblade 3D (sorry I can’t justify spending $250+ just to play it when my Wii copy works fine) but at least I can buy these themes.

They’re $1.99 each, in the NA shop now, and ~30 blocks each

PS The music for the for the Mechonis/Title Screen theme, the Main Theme got mutilated, it only plays the first minute or so of it and before it gets really good.


New original Main Theme/Title Screen Song!