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Heyo…. Heyoo.. ok this isn’t coming out cheery :|

Anyways I’ve been planning this for about a month but schools haard so the next few chapters (if there will be any) won’t be this clean (sorry!) BUT that shouldn’t take away from the story too too much!

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The Arrangement: Part 1

Title:  The Arrangement: Part 1

Summary:  He’s a mechanic. She’s a lonely woman with more money than she knows what to do with. Fate brings them together and sparks fly. But only for six weeks. That’s the arrangement.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count: 1944

Warnings: None in this chapter, maybe language

Author’s Notes:  This is part one of a multi-part series. Shifts between two points of view. Huge thanks to @mamapeterson for her invaluable help.

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I wanna sleep next to you…But that's all I wanna do right now...

Note. For the purpose of this work Liv never opened Aaron’s phone she just hid it from Robert.

So @aarondingel and I made you guys a present - We hope you like it! Enjoy part 1:

Aaron was exhausted. His family were a lot to deal with most days but today had been especially hard and all he’d really wanted to do was go to bed with his husband. He just wanted to sleep for a week wrapped up in Robert’s safe arms and after they’d both had all the sleep they could, he wanted to spend some quality time getting to know his husband’s body again. But unfortunately, that wasn’t going to happen for a little while because Robert had been dragged off somewhere, by an upset Noah of all people.

While no one was paying attention, Aaron snuck into the backroom of the pub and collapsed down onto the couch, with his newly charged phone in his hand. He knew he’d only been away weeks, compared to the months it could have been but it felt longer. Aaron had felt so disconnected from everyone and everything when he was inside but even he had to laugh about how gutted he’d been that his phone’s battery was dead when he got home and tried to check it.

It’s not like anyone would have been contacted him. Everyone who mattered knew he’d been sent down and yet when he finally had enough battery charge to turn his phone on, the number of messages waiting for him surprised him. They couldn’t all be from Liv’s school, could they?

Aaron tapped on the message icon and started to read through them…

Oh god, Aaron felt his throat get tight and his eyes fill with tears. He didn’t know if he could do this, read these messages. He wanted to, god he wanted to know this Robert, but even though Robert had sent them to Aaron’s phone they still felt extremely private, like maybe Robert had never intended for him to read them.

Damn, he had missed his husband, so fucking much and even now he was home all he wanted was to be alone with Robert.

Aaron felt a burst of guilt. He’d just assumed that Robert had been too busy with work to worry or miss him too much, and besides Robert had support, people around to help him, that he could confide in, right? Aaron made up his mind he needed to know what Robert had wanted to say to him but couldn’t, because it mattered.

The tears were streaming down Aaron’s face now. All the nights he’d lain awake thinking about Robert home safe and warm in their bed but Robert had been just as alone as him, couldn’t take comfort in the familiar surroundings.  

Aaron was so proud of his husband, he’d kept his word, brought Aaron home safe and sound where he belonged, and it was a good thing too because he couldn’t be without Robert either.

Aaron laughed even as he sobbed.  Poor Robert everyone had been pilling things on him. Liv was enough of a handful to be sure, and Aaron couldn’t believe that his mum and Charity had thought that it was a good idea to dump Noah on Robert too. Not that Aaron didn’t think Robert would do his best, he knew how important family was to Robert even if no one else did. He had done a great job, you only had to see the two of them together today to realise that Noah had started to look up to and count on Robert.

Aaron used his sleeves to wipe at his eyes.

Aaron shut Robert’s messages he needed a second to breathe before reading more messages from his husband. One panic attack today was more than enough thank you very much.


TITLE -  Neighbours - Part 1 

WARNINGS - SMUT , orgasm denial , choking , NSFW GIFS 

WORDS -  2.5 k +

A/N -   Taw @supersoldierslover as always you are amazing . Thank you so very much for the corrections and changes . 


Bucky Fucking Barnes , your neighbour who fucks every other girl almost everyday . You’d have no  problem with peoples sex life since you have a  quite active one too, but it becomes a problem when you share a wall and can’t help but hear  “BUCKY BUCKY BUCKY  YEAH BUCKY” every other day form the mouth of a high pitched lady who is obviously faking it . Who screams like that? It boasts his ego to such an extent that he walks around completely cocksure of himself with a smirk on his face 24/7 . 

You just want to slap it off his beautiful , pretty , fuckable face . Yep . You did have a crush on him when he moved in . He was nice to people around him , he helped out old ladies and was pretty good with kids . Why is that he was so arrogant when it came to you ? Well, you dodged his advances every single time . And every single time he just got even more unbearable.

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Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 4.)

CHAPTER TITLE: Are You Jealous?

Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3.

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (pre-apocalypse)
Negan and Simon see you having coffee with one of your classmates.
Word Count: 7,618
Warning: SMUT!!! (Angry sex, masturbation, voyeurism, and dirty talk)
Author’s Note: Man, oh man. I am having so much fun writing this. I hope everyone that is reading this is enjoying it just as much as I am writing it!! Enjoy!!! :)

Taglist: @oceaninwinter

(GIF Source: @mark-hamil || @rottenwasp)

After a week of non-stop working at both bars, it was finally your day off. Negan and Simon made your second job much easier and you quickly learned all the drinks at Simon’s bar. Business was booming in both businesses and it seemed like the ongoing feud between Chris and Simon was slowly dissipating.

You managed to sleep in until ten-thirty in the morning. As usual, you reached for your phone to look through your emails and unread text messages. Your classmate in one of your classes had sent a message to meet up later today for a cup of coffee. You agreed.

Though, as you continued to read through your messages, you noticed the group chat that you shared with Negan and Simon. It seemed like both men had sent pictures to you. You giggled, simply because Negan and Simon taking photos of their breakfast was a bit hilarious.

Negan: Breakfast is fucking served.
Simon: Omelette? That’s what you made?
Negan: What the fuck did you make then?
Simon: [picture message sent]
Negan: Pancakes? What the fuck? Who do you think you are? Gordon Ramsay?
Simon: A woman loves a man who can cook.
Negan: I can fucking cook!

You laughed quietly, deciding to send both men a photo of you lying in your bed. You were lying on your side, a pillow covering half of your face and the blanket up to your shoulders. Awaiting their reply, you decided to stretch your limbs before climbing out of bed to make yourself a cup of coffee.

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Cassian x Reader, Part 1

Title: Whatever It Takes / AO3 
Part 2: tumblr
Part 3: tumblr
Length: 7.5k
Series rating: M for language and sexual content (contains some torture)
Summary: Reader and Cassian have kept their relationship a secret but when Reader is captured and tortured by the Empire, it’s obvious to all of Yavin 4 that Cassian will stop at nothing to get her back.
Author’s Note: A lovely anon requested this incredible idea and I immediately fell head over heels in love with it. Starts out pretty angsty but there will be fluff to make everything better, promise. :) Happy reading!! XOXO
Masterlist / WIP List 

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Ari Beats the Gatekeepers Part 1 or.. Ari Knew She Was Right So She Went Around Those In Her Way

Unfortunately, due to the lack of clear guidelines and training in all levels of government regarding policy on transgender name and gender changes.. transgender people need to be prepared, they need to know more than ‘the supervisor,’ they need to be polite, but confident and assertive, and maybe someday, the gate-keeping will stop for all of us. Well, we can dream!

Today was a difficult day filled with aggravation and disappointment.. however, today was also a wonderful day topped off with a victory over red tape and a would be gatekeeper.

If you have been following my story long enough, you may remember I legally changed my name and updated my driver’s license and social security card information in May of 2016. Well, I was also in the midst of my divorce during that time. I wanted to apply for a passport since I never had one before. I filled out the paperwork over the summer and set it aside. I wanted to be able to apply with the divorce date filled in so the records were accurate. I decided, “no rush, I can wait until my divorce is final.” I did not anticipate it taking 11 months for my divorce to be final. It was not contentious.. my ex and I handled ourselves in the best manner possible in my opinion. Still, due to all of the built-in delays (30 days to respond here, 30 days to respond there) and some rather inept lawyer-ing from her representation.. it took 11 months! 

Guess when it was finally final? The irony.. it was Inauguration Day! That’s right, I waited to send out my passport application due to that one little box not being able to show that I was legally divorced and in doing so, I am one of the transgender people now holding my breath to see if I sent it in time. In time for what, you ask? In time to be treated like a human being rather than be treated like a criminal by the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is now the white house.

Anyhow, one of my loved ones had to be admitted to the hospital on the 19th, just one day before my divorce was final.. this threw a new wrinkle in things as I took the needed time to care for my loved one. She had to be top priority. My passport application waited another two weeks for me. (My loved one is due to be released tomorrow - yay!!!)

Finally, yesterday I went into my local post office which is also an acceptance facility for passport applications. I asked the woman working the passport desk to take a new photo for me because the Walgreens employee made me look like a grandma in my first attempt at getting an acceptable picture. This woman had kind eyes and she was also very knowledgeable and patient. She went through all of the paperwork I brought… my physician’s statement, my legal name change court order, my photocopy of my id.. then she paused.. 

“Is this the only birth certificate you have?” she asked. I said, “Yes, Why??” (as my heart began to sink)

“I’m sorry, but you need the long form and this is the short form. They will reject it immediately if your parent’s names are not on the copy.”

My heart sank as she told me I could get a copy the same day if I went to one of the Cook County Vital Records locations. I thanked her and decided I would just take the next day off (Friday) and take care of it. I double-checked the website when I got home and confirmed that the nice woman at the post office was correct. She had not given me bad information. I just missed that detail in my research. 

I started Friday morning at the dentist getting my newly prepared crown put in place of the temporary crown I got 3 weeks ago. Once that was complete, I was off to the Vital Statistics room of the Bridgeview Illinois Court House. Of course this involves going through a TSA like security (only not as invasive). They had the lines split for men and women. I of course went through the women’s line. They were nice enough and there were no issues. I found the right room, took a number and waited. I got called up to a station and told the woman that I needed a long form birth certificate. I showed her the short form one that I had (with my original birth name), my court order for my name change, and my current license. She started punching things into the computer then went to get a supervisor. Of course, I could already tell this was not going smoothly, but I hoped the supervisor knew the drill and knew that everything I brought was more than sufficient to prove who I was. NOPE! She told me that there was no way they could issue me MY birth certificate since my driver’s license now stated a different name. She said that I could be anybody. I had given her a stamped and sealed COURT ORDER for the name change and she told me she could not help me. 

I was so dumbfounded by the inept logic that I did not have the words to argue as she handed me a form to fill out and ship to Springfield Illinois so that I could have my birth certificate updated (a process that takes 4 to 6 weeks) BEFORE they could help me. Of course, as you can tell from the title of this post, I knew this supervisor was wrong. I decided then and there that I would visit each of the 5 other Cook County locations that day until I found a supervisor that knew the actual guidelines. Of course, because of the extended conversation about my gender and my name change with many people behind me waiting for their turn.. I had about 12 pairs of eyes looking quizzically at me when I turned around to leave. That’s okay though, because I smiled at them all, knowing I was right and that this was not a true road block. I imagine I had a rather determined look on my face..

It turns out, I only had to visit one more location! That’s right, after another twenty minutes of driving, the helpful people at the nearby Markham, IL location sorted me out in a matter of minutes (well, after I waited in line for about 25 minutes). The clerk did ask for a supervisor, but she returned just to tell me that I should make sure to also send the right form to Springfield, IL so that my birth certificate would match my ID in the future. I promised her that I would. I paid for two copies of my birth certificate and thanked the woman.

I glided out of there, feeling like I had just won a major victory. I knew I had enough time to get to the post office and still get my passport application out that very same day. I drove straight there (an hour drive back by that point). It was the same woman who had to turn me away the day before. I said cheerfully, “Hello again! I have the correct long form birth certificate, although I had to go to two different locations to get it!” I explained what had happened to her and she basically shook her head and lamented that it was sad I had to go through all that. She carefully went through all of my documents and told me that everything looked good and that I was all set. I paid for expedited processing and my passport application is now on an airplane.

I went home, filled out the form I was given to change my birth certificate and went back to the post office to get that sent out along with another physician’s letter and legal name change court order. This should not impact my passport application, because with expedited processing it should be finished by the time they get to my birth certificate change in Springfield (a slower process by all accounts). If my passport gets rejected because the birth certificate I sent has my old name and the system gets updated and shows my birth certificate has changed.. then resubmitting will be fine and less complicated because my birth certificate will show the correct gender and they will have no reason to question it or to deny it. What a tangled web.

By this point it was late in the afternoon and I was elated to have all of that done, but I also had several stress knots in my neck. I looked across the street and saw one of the salons that I frequent. I decided to get a blow out (they also give you complimentary neck and shoulder massages). The girl doing my hair did a great job and had some suggestions for a cut as well. I plan to go back on Wednesday for a cut, but went with just the blowout for today.

The point of writing all of this out is that I hope it is helpful for anyone else dealing with this. Even if you have only one county court house you can visit, perhaps going on a different day and getting a different clerk will get you different results. It is unfortunately a toss of the dice every time we as transgender people have to deal with changes to identification documents.
Be in the know, do your research, know more than the supervisors, be prepared to politely but assertively stand up for what you know to be the correct process. You could also even suggest that they call another location to ask how they handle it if they are unsure. 

I titled this post with “part 1,” because I am fully aware, that there is a strong chance that either my passport application or birth certificate update request will be denied. As long as one of them comes back as expected, then I know the next attempt should be the last to get this all finalized. Of course, Mr. Drumpf could sign an executive order on Monday that calls all of this into question and both of my requests could be halted. If that happens I will immediately contact the lawyer who represented me for my divorce (she is also a transgender woman) and together we will take on the U.S. Government if we have to. 

I will keep standing up for myself and keep going to any lengths to make sure I am not denied. You should do the same 😉


My goal in sharing my transition is to represent transgender people in the positive light that we all deserve. Re-blogs are always okay if they are for this purpose, but if you are a fetish blog or fetish website then I want nothing to do with you and you do not have my permission to use my images.


A Sweet Reunion (slightly sarcastic title here, lel) - Part 1

Alright, here it is. I did have two more frames done, but I might change them so I think I’ll save them for part 2.

So.. what do you (the reader) think?

Goth - @nekophy
Geno/Aftertale Sans - @loverofpiggies (I can never tag you for some reason)
Art by me
Shadows (1/?)

Title: Shadows (Part 1/?)

Fandom: Marvel

Word Count: 700

Characters: Peter Parker, Reader

Warnings: abusive father (a spoiler but it’s good for a warning to let ya’ll know)

Requested?: No

Notes: I’m alive!

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The sound of shoes pounding the pavement echoed throughout the tunnel as the man tried to get away from whatever he was running from. As the man turned around to look over his shoulder to see if they were still following him, he tripped over his own feet, causing him to come tumbling down. Slowly, the man’s vision cleared, only for him to see a dark shape coming towards him. He then started to scoot away from the figure as he put his hands up to cover his face.

“Please. Please!”

Then he saw nothing.

“Hey psst. (Y/N), gotta wake up now.” You heard a soft voice whisper to you, although it was muffled by your sleepy mind. As hands then started to shake you, you groaned and opened your eyes, only to be met by big brown ones.

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Achluophobia: Friday

Title: Achluophobia: Friday, Part 1 of 4
Author: @piecesofscully
Rating: PG-13 - Strong R
Timeline: Mid-season 7
Notes:  A HUGE thank you to @bohoartist for holding my hand through writing this, sending encouraging feedback when needed, and just being a badass beta in general.  Media credit to @bohoartist as well. I don’t deserve you.  So much love to @kateyes224 my baeta, for polishing my words and making them better.


Yellowed porch lights from neighboring houses punch orbs of brightness into the colorless night that hangs heavily behind the living room windows.  

“Lindsey!”  Her mother’s voice carries down the stairs to the couch that Lindsey sits on.  Joey, her younger brother, glances at her over his tower of Legos that perches atop the coffee table.  Ignoring his glare, she pulls her comic book closer to her face, her eyes straining to make sense of the jagged lines of the drawings at a too-close distance.

“Linds!”  She hears her mother’s sing-song call again.

“Mom’s calling you, you should answer,” Joey says as he rummages through the plastic toy pieces in front of him, before settling on a long red plank and places it at the top of his creation.  Lindsey chuckles and rolls her eyes as she snuggles herself deeper into the couch cushions.  Her little brother is the personification of innocence with his bright blue eyes and freckled cheeks, both of which lend credence to his invariably angelic attitude.

“She’ll come down and get me if she needs me.”  She can feel his eyes on her still as she nonchalantly flips the page of her book and smirks.  “Lighten up, punk.”

In a flurry, their mother enters the living room with her arms full of dirty laundry and her curly mahogany hair wisping wildly in every direction.  Recently laid off from her job as a bookkeeper, her days are spent doing laundry, meal-prepping for the week ahead, and whirling throughout their house like an F5 tornado with a purpose.

“Didn’t you hear me calling you?”  she asks, her voice as weightless as the flowy blouse she’s donned.

Lindsey shakes her head ‘no’ as her little brother speaks.  “She did.”

“Tattletale,” Lindsey mumbles. Joey shrugs.

Their mother sighs, and then chuckles as she flits around the furniture, dusting here and there with a stray sock.  “Linds, you really need to remember to blow out your candles before falling asleep.  You’re gonna burn the house down.”

“I like the light,” Lindsey responds as she flips a page of her book.

“Well, then we can get you a night-light.  A night-light won’t catch the curtains on fire.”

“Mom!  I’m fifteen, I can’t have a night-light.  If my friends saw that, it would be like freaking social suicide.”

“Language, please,” their mother warns.  “You know I don’t like it when you say freaking.  That’s just another variation of a cuss word, and we don’t talk like that in this house.”

“I have a night-light,” Joey offers.

“You’re eight, no one cares if you have one,” Lindsey replies.

“Linds, being afraid of the dark, at any age, is nothing to be ashamed of,” her mother says as she crouches and begins to pull stray socks from underneath the couch, tucking them to the heap of clothing under her arm.  “I know plenty of adults that sleep with the bathroom light on.”

“I’m not afraid of the dark!”

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Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 12.)


Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5. - Part 6. - Part 7. - Part 8. - Part 9. - Part 10. - Part 11.

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (post-apocalypse)
Negan and Simon take the Reader out on her first run to prove that she could become a Savior.
Word Count: 7,608
Warning: SMUT!!! Really, really dirty smut. So, beware if you’re not into that kind of thing. 
Author’s Note: The moment has arrived!!! I hope you enjoyed this and that the wait was worth it. Trust me. There will be more where this came from ;-)

Taglist: @oceaninwinter || @fiftypercentmoreintoyou || @isayweallgetdrunk || @illysamorgan || @loreleilara || @adayinmymeadow || @cheyanhicks || @theonethatgotaway213 || @jannavaire || @butler-boi || @female-x || @1d-niallerbieberforever || @voidobsession || @choolhooter || @smudged-lineart || @zaddygrimes || @see-you-then-winchester || @neganisking || @adreamemporium || @thewew || @collette04 || @clinicalkayla || @ja9erz || @butterangrystudent-54d63c09 || @jmackie1983 || @anakatarinawinchester || @halluciel || @myheart4ever47 || @letsfacerealitybabe || @abigfanofyours || @girlnamedmickey || @meanandshallow || @burnthedaisies || @abigfanofyours || @gximes || @ursy12 || @boohoolisa || @fyeahashley88 || @didrae || @simons-thirst-squad || @negans-network

(GIF Source: @negansource || @heartfulloffandoms)

The following morning, you were woken up by a set of lingering hands along your bare leg. You slowly opened your eyes to see Negan lying next to you on his large bed. You could feel Simon’s body heat behind you, but from the sound of his snores, you figured he was still in a deep slumber.

“Hi…” you whispered, sleepily looking into Negan’s eyes.

“Morning, doll. Today’s your first run. You excited?”

Immediately, you grinned. “Yes. Extremely.”

Suddenly, Negan leaned forward to let his lips run across your jawline down to the side of your neck. You shut your eyes, resting both of your hands onto shoulders. Your resolve to stand your ground against Negan was slowly diminishing. He said he didn’t care for his wives, so it had to be different, right? He only needed them for his reputation.

With a hesitant sigh, you scooted closer to him, not wanting Simon to wake up.

“Take me, Negan,” you whispered.

He pulled back immediately, looking down at you with widened eyes. “What?”

“You can have me… Please…”

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. + Article Titles, Part 2

Part 1

Shizaya Fanfic Recommendation (3)

Theme: Living Together (Part 1)

Title: All The Wrong Reasons
Author: MistressKiko

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: M(ature)
Warning: Violence
Status: Completed
Summary: AU - Shizuo gets much more than he bargained for when his temper kicks in and makes him the owner of a small jewelry box that is much more than it seems. Shizaya

Link: https://m.fanfiction.net/s/6278639/1/All-The-Wrong-Reasons

Title: Bad Boys
Author: justhavesex

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: not rated, closer to E(xplicit)
Warning: Violence
Status: Completed

Summary: Maybe it’s because they’re brothers, or maybe, they’re both just fucked up in the head. Izaya likes to think it’s the second reason.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4949749

Title: Catnip
Author: rukazaya

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: E(xplicit)
Warning: Violence, Rape/Non-con
Status: Finished, but not completed. Only the epilogue is left.

Summary: Shizuo x Izaya. Shizuo accidentally turns into a cat. Without knowing the tabby is his arch-nemesis, Izaya takes him home and keeps him as a pet. As a cat, Shizuo discovers a side of Izaya that nobody knows, his secrets, life, fears, loves and feelings.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/829203/chapters/1575870

Author: Kicchin

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya, Shinra x Celty
Rating: T(eenage)
Warning: Violence
Status: Ongoing

Summary: Heiwajima Shizuo upon getting hired as the protector and personal attendant of a mute and mischievous son of a wealthy family gets tangled in a series of events, however things become complicated as stories behind the silence of the boy unravels. Just who exactly is this Orihara Izaya, and why does everybody wants him dead? MedievalJapanAU!Shizaya

Link: https://m.fanfiction.net/s/11671147/1/LYCORIS

Title: Not so Bad
Author: MellodramaticLawliet

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya, minor Shinra x Celty
Rating: T(eenage)
Warning: None
Status: Completed

Summary: Izaya Orihara had disappeared from Ikebukuro, and the city breathed a sigh of relief… that is, up until his return. Now not only does Shizuo have to deal with Izaya around his city, but attached to him as well? All thanks to Shinra and his handy dandy… handcuffs?

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8633620/chapters/19799074

Title: Poles Apart
Author: Riri1342

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: E(xplicit)
Warning: Violence
Status: Ongoing

Summary: Orihara Izaya was a talented, handsome, successful military strategist, until a sneak attack killed all the people in his camp and jeopardized his own life and sanity. He is miraculously saved by the man he hates the most, the recruit with inhuman strength, and their escape ends in a godforsaken village. Here, they share the same house and, somehow, they must find a way to overcome hate and try to heal their physical and psychological wounds. Shizaya.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4608990/chapters/10503897

Title: Smoke and Mirrors
Author: flyingisland

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: M(ature)
Warning: Violence
Status: Completed

Summary: Shizuo finds himself, through a series of confusing and dizzying events, working alongside none other than Orihara Izaya: feared informant and constant, unrelenting thorn in his side.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6122462/chapters/14032379

Title: Summoned
Author: ScarletCake

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya, Shinra x Celty
Rating: G(eneral)
Warning: None
Status: Ongoing

Summary: Shizuo is an art student with a project he needs to complete and Izaya is the demon he accidentally summons in his bathtub.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8140174/chapters/18657808

Title: till the war’s won
Author: izayas

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: M(ature)
Warning: Violence
Status: Completed

Summary: heiwajima shizuo’s killed someone, and the first person he calls is the person he broke up with eight months ago: orihara izaya.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6605734

Title: Wherever You Will Go
Author: caffeinekitty

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: M(ature)
Warning: None
Status: Completed

Summary: “You’re leaving. Well, then… consider this a parting gift.”

Notes: Dom/Sub, Consensual master/slave relationship.
Link: https://m.fanfiction.net/s/7597276/1/

You’re Distracting Part 1

Title: Your Distracting Part 1

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Rating: Teen (changes through chapters)

Summary: Y/N has had a crush on her friend Jefferson for as long as she had known him. What happens when she goes looking for a distraction? More importantly , what does Thomas think of your new company?

Authors note: I will try and update this every week. If you are interested in proof reading I am looking for someone to help me out. This is my first fic so criticism is appreciated and please send some requests for me to post in between.

Word Count: 804

*Reader POV*

Madison was grinning like a mad man as I shifted under his gaze. I felt sick to my stomach, terrified of what he was going to say. I wanted to run from my humiliation in this moment. “I can’t believe you.” Madison said looking as if he were about to burst into laughter.

“T-then don’t push me to talk about stuff if you d-don’t want to know.” I spat back, granted a little upset.

“I just can’t believe you agreed to go on a date with Hamilton. You know he has a thing for the Schuyler sisters. Not to mention Jefferson hates him. I know you. You hate upsetting Thomas.” He spoke laughing at first but got softer towards the end like a parent trying to talk sense into a toddler.

I had just recently agreed to go on a date with the Alexander Hamilton. I didn’t expect it. We talked in our government class, and by we talked, I mean he talked to me. I was quiet and Hamilton never seemed to shut up. It didn’t bother me, it just helped fill the silence. I had gotten comfortable with him much to the disdain of my friend Jefferson. When Alexander came up to me at the café where I was working on my thesis paper the last thing I had expected him to do was invite me on a movie date with him. I knew that I should probably have said no but it was so out of the blue my mouth reacted faster than my mind. I had said yes and now I have two problems.

Jefferson has been my best friend since orientation my freshman year of college. We differed on a lot of political points but he was fun to be around. He exuded confidence. I think that’s what drew me to him in the first place. He had enough confidence for both of us. I always tried to please him. I chose my friends and activities based on who and what he liked and disliked. I only realized a month into our friendship that I had a crush on him. It had gotten out of hand and I knew it. Which brings me to my first dilemma. He hated Hamilton. He constantly bickered and fought about him ‘Hamilton did this …’ and ‘You would not believe what Hamilton said!’ I struggled to play along even though I didn’t particularly hate Hamilton or his friends.

My second problems has to do with Alexander. Everyone knew for a fact that he had a thing for two of the Schuyler sisters on campus. I wasn’t friends with the sisters but I knew that they both had a thing for him to. I knew when I accepted his invitation that it wouldn’t end in much.

So I have officially accepted date that I know will lead nowhere and upset my best friend/crush. I had immediately gone to Madison, one of my only other friends, and practically laid out the situation. I was curled up with my feet underneath me and stared at him expectedly for real advice.

He sighed and pulled him hand down him face with an exasperated look. “I don’t know what to say Y/N. I don’t know how to fix this for you. All I can say is to go on the date end it there and hope Jefferson never finds out about it.” He chuckled.

“That could work.” I said picked at the fuzz on the blanket in my lap. I stared out the window distractedly.

The date with Alexander went extremely well. Something that I hadn’t really expected. It was like hanging out with a great friend. We laughed until out sides hurt and played scrabble (which he of course won). By the end of the movie we had on we were cuddled up to each other on the coach. After which he walked me back to my dorm, claiming it was no time of night for a lady to be walking by herself.

This is why I made the decision I did. I had to get over Jefferson. There were at least 20 other pretty girls flaunting over him all the time. All of them a lot prettier than me. So when Hamilton asked me on a second date and then a third and fourth I continued to accept.

With my new secret relationship I found it hard to spend a lot of time with Madison and Thomas. I felt awful but it was just happening. I used to talk to them every day but other the last month I had seen them maybe a total of 5 times outside of class. I could tell Madison was upset and suspicious based on his messages while Thomas didn’t comment on it and remained quiet.