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The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader pt 4 (M)

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Title: The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader

Genre: Smut and whatever you want to call the rest (yes you seeing this correctly).

Member: Jongup.

Word Count” 1591.

Description: You aren’t in love with your husband so why are you dreaming of him?

You shivered at the hand trailing up your thigh, hips rocking into yours and fire spreading over your body. Your head lulled back as a strained groan left your throat, your hips snapped to meet the thrusts that were getting stronger.

“Jongup” You whined, the image of your fingers clawing at his ink covered skin coming into view and a mewl left your lips. You could hear grunts escaping Jongup, his breath coming out in short pants as if it were the pleasure he felt making him short of breath, not the repetitive strain of his hips colliding with yours, aiming to go as deep as he could inside of you.

“Oh god” There was a lip-bitingly tight grip coming from Jongup’s hand on your thigh when your hips rolled to meet his again. His lips trailed wet kiss in random trails on any part of your skin he could touch. Your nails dug into his skin leaving crescent moon shaped dents behind.

There were red claw marks trailing down Jongup’s back, showing the pleasure you were feeling. Jongup moaned loudly letting his eyes roll to the back of his head before smashing his lips to yours in a steamy kiss.

The kiss was messy, another way for you to feel Jongup’s body on yours. Jongup’s hands pinched and squeezed your flesh, making your back curve when your legs were wrapped around his waist. You had never felt so much want, your body manoeuvred itself so you could touch Jongup as much as humanly possible.

You left no part of his body untouched, your legs losing strength and tangling with Jongup’s when your high came, your toes touching his and soft whines leaving your lips as you clenched around him. Jongup let out a throaty groan, you had never heard a growl so low, his fists tightening next to your head and the vein on his neck popping out when his orgasm came a short time after yours.

You stared at the beauty before you, the way his eyes were screwed shut and he bit down on his lip with a clenched jaw. You could feel every muscle in his body tensing against yours until he came back to earth and his eyes opened to meet yours.

Your chest was rising and falling with every breath, your skin brushing against his every time it rose, the feverish feeling of heated skin touching leaving your cheeks a rosy colour. Jongup took in a deep breath of air, his smirk coming dangerously close to your lips as he looked you in the eye.

“Finally, you’re completely mine Y/N” His words brought you back to reality and you shot up in your bed. You looked around at the room you were in and a scream fell from your lips when you realised what you had just dreamed about.

A gentle knock on your door echoed through the room, the door opened to reveal Youngjae. He came into the room when he saw you in your dishevelled state and the room lit up with a flick of a button with Youngjae’s doing.

“Are you ok Y/N?” Youngjae asked and you looked around you, your blanket was on the floor at the foot of your bed, leaving you with a thin summer sheet that wasn’t covering you, your pillow was on the other side of the bed and the amount of sweat on your body looked as if you just took a shower. Your shirt and shorts you had worn to bed were stuck to your skin and you just knew your hair would be a mess when you looked back at Youngjae.

“I just had the worst dream of my life” You breathed out, your chest was still heaving in heavy breaths and Youngjae let out a humoured snort though his facial features didn’t change from his blank expression.

“It must have involved a lot of running away from something, you should go take a cool shower, you won’t be able to sleep like that” Youngjae instructed and you nodded swinging your legs off the bed and standing up with a sway.

“Was my screaming loud?” You asked and Youngjae shook his head.

“I only heard you because I was a couple of rooms down, the others are in the living room, you’re free to join us after your shower if you please” Youngjae explained and you only just took notice of the glass in his hand, most likely holding alcohol in it.

“I’ll do that” You smiled politely before closing your bathroom door with a nod of the head from Youngjae.


Your steps were quiet as you travelled down the stairs, your wet hair cooling your body down as you walked into the living room to see that Youngjae wasn’t lying when he told you the five of them were still awake.

“Y/N” Your eyes snapped to Himchan who was tapping on the seat next to him, you walked over, silently sitting down next to him and looking at the men who were all staring at the new arrival.

“What are you guys doing awake at this time of night?” You asked as casually as you could. You brought your knees to your chest, hugging your legs close to you as Zelo let out a snort.

“You’re the one who fell asleep at the same time my grandmother would” You glared at the male who somehow managed to be around your age. He had indeed opened up to you a little more, seeing that you posed no threat to him or his friends.

But Zelo was a sarcastic moron that you had dumped in the asshole category days ago.

“Shall we go into a discussion about what time you woke me up today Zelo? And just so you guys know, Jongup doesn’t take me on any of his work adventures, you’re overdoing this whole ‘treating me the same way Jongup would’ thing here. I didn’t have to go on all of your missions, I should have been at school today, and yesterday, the day before that, the week before that-”

“We understand Y/N” Daehyun stopped you from listing off every day you had missed school and you blinked, sinking back into the couch with a sigh.

“If you want, I can drop you off at school tomorrow?” Yongguk turned to you, taking a sip from his glass after questioning you.

“Are you kidding me? I’m too tired for that shit, I was up at four in the morning this morning” You shot Zelo a glare before wriggling around until you were comfortable with your head resting on the arm of the couch.

The others chuckled as Zelo returned your glare, and snorted at the way you remained curled up in a little ball next to Himchan on the couch. A cunning smirk crossed his features as he brought your attention back to him.

“Say Y/N, how are you taking the separation from your husband so far?” He looked so sure he had struck a chord in you when he mentioned Jongup, making you stiffen before training your eyes on him. You blinked at him, quickly ridding yourself of the reason why you were awake and concentrated on looking at him.

“I’m doing perfectly fine, thank you very much Zelo” You muttered and Zelo grinned as you gave him an irritated sneer.

“It must be great being married to Jongup, he’s like the nicest person I’ve ever met in the mafia” Himchan sighed and you moved your head to look at him.

“Jongup is nice?” You asked, bewildered by what you were hearing.

“Well, he made sure you were in the safety of our supervision, not home alone where you could be attacked didn’t he?” Yongguk question and after a moment of hesitating you nodded your head.

“Is Jongup not nice to you Y/N?” Youngjae asked and you stared at the ground in front of you.

If I told them, would they believe me? Would they say that’s the nice Jongup they know or would they call me a pathetic liar?

“Y/N?” Youngjae brought you back to earth and you blinked before looking at the five men surrounding you.

“Jongup is an arrogant, cocky playboy who seems to have an infatuation with his wife” You finally answered and it was time for all of them to blink.

“Well the arrogance and cockiness didn’t shock me, but obsession? How are you so sure about that Y/N?” Daehyun rose an eyebrow at you and you frowned.

“Are you kidding me? Jongup isn’t cocky and arrogant. But he is rather…. Attached to you” Yongguk tried to talk of his friend kindly and you sighed.

“You clearly need to see when he thinks the two of us are alone. It’s like playboy central with him, it’s disgusting” You groaned letting your head smother one of the pillows on the couch.

“He wears a bunny outfit?” Himchan asked and the room fell silent.

“Who’s going to clear this up?” Zelo asked and you remained silently watching them as they all wordlessly willed each other to be the one to explain to the poor boy what you meant. A sigh escaped you when minutes passed with Himchan desperately asking what had to be cleared up and you rolled your eyes.

“Yes Himchan, Jongup wears a bunny suit” You scoffed and he looked at you.

“I’ve got nothing against kinks but that’s just weird” Himchan looked away with a painful breath leaving him and you growled.

“I was being sarcastic Himchan!”

That’s the end of part four guys! Let me know what you think?

The Pack Saddle. Pierre Subleyras (French, 1699-1749). Oil on canvas.

The tale of a suspicious husband. To protect his wife’s chastity he painted an image of an ass over her pudenda. While he is away, his friend, another artist, makes love to her and erases the image. Before doing so, however, he had carefully copied it onto a piece of paper seen lying on the floor. The lover then repainted the image, but added a “pack saddle” (hence the title of the tale by la Fontaine). The husband, on returning, notes the change and the consequent proof of his wife’s adultery.

Titled: Pickles & Cream


I’m rather ashamed of how long this took me to get done, but I’m rather happy with it even though it’s got a lot of flaws.

I’ve been wanting to draw another Momma Geets picture for a while now, especially getting inspired with my husband going ‘Babies!’ at me a lot of late, getting me all riled up.

For those wondering what language this is, it’s German and the translation is below:
Goku: “Oh gross! Vegeta, what is that?!”

Vegeta: “That’s ‘shut the hell up’, do you understand?”

Oh Geets, gotta love ya when you’re pissy~<3

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Astrid Cartan has it all… a loving husband and son, a lavish home, and an extravagant lifestyle. Everything is perfect, if a little mundane. She thought she left her past behind her, both the bad and the good, but when she runs into someone impossibly similar to a man she knew as a young woman, her life changes drastically. With a war that threatens to take away everyone she loves, Astrid will have to choose between passion and life as she’s known it.

An Affair of Affliction (title in progress)

What I’d probably use as a cover image if I ever decide to post that White Oaks sequel I’m writing…

Jayne Kennedy (née Harrison; October 27, 1951) is an American actress, beauty pageant titleholder, and sportscaster. She won a 1982 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture award for her performance in the 1981’s film Body and Soul co-starring alongside her then-husband Leon Issac Kennedy.

Born Jayne Harrison in Washington, D.C., to machinist Herbert Harrison and his wife, Virginia. She was crowned Miss Ohio USA in 1970 (she was the first African American woman to win the title), and was one of the 15 semi-finalists in the Miss USA 1970 pageant. It was rare for an African American woman at that time to be in the contest.

Lotte Reiniger b. 2 June 1899 – d. 19 June 1981

Reiniger was a German director and animator who specialized in silhouette animation. 

At a very early age Reiniger was fascinated with movies and with Japanese silhouette art.  Enrolling in an acting school taught by actor/director Paul Wegener she quickly caught his eye with her silhouetted figures and he commissioned her to make the opening titles of his 1918 film The Pied Piper of Hamelin. She enrolled in the Institute for Cultural Research shortly after and began making short films by making elaborate cardboard figures and scenes and then photographing them so that when played together they formed a moving image. 

In 1926 she directed the earliest surviving feature length animated film, The Adventures of Prince Achmed.

By 1933 Reiniger and her husband Carl Koch left Germany due to the rise of the Nazi party and began living in exile around Europe. Unable to find a country willing to grant them permanent status they were temporarily sheltered by Jean Renoir in France and Luchino Visconti in Italy. They finally returned to Berlin after the end of WWII. 

Reiniger is credited as director on at least 55 films. She continued making shorts and features until 1980. 

Among her other accomplishments is creating the logo for the National Deaf Children’s Society in the UK and contributing illustrations to Roger Lancelyn Green’s children’s book King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table.

Title: Sing Me To Sleep

Character(s): Jacob Frye x Reader

Warnings: female reader, they have a child together

The baby’s wails resonated throughout the room for what seemed the like the umpteenth time, nearly making you take the pillow your head was currently resting on and wrapping it around your ears to block out the sound. 

Your son hadn’t seemed to want to sleep throughout the night peacefully for a few days now, much to your exhausted vexation. The little boy was already a few months old now and looked like a spitting image of your husband, so when he would look up at you, bright eyes blinking at he sniffled a little and held up his arms, you couldn’t help but let all your previous frustration melt away. 

Tonight, however, was the exception. 

Jacob had things to do early the next morning, which was why you never bothered to wake up your husband and tell him to take care of your son; it was much easier to just get up yourself and do it then to make him. 

This was why you were surprised when you felt a gentle hand begin to push you back down on the bed as he sat up, looking at you with a sleep smile. 

“Go back to sleep, honey. I’ve got ‘im.” His accent was laced with sleep, deep and reverberating low in chest. You offered you a small smile, running a hand across this stubble on his jaw before leaning over and pressing a kiss to your forehead and getting up. 

To him, family was everything. He knew that he’d be gone most of the time, missing a good part of his son’s developmental years, so he wanted to bond with the little boy while he still could, even if that meant being tired in the morning. 

He had gotten up, feet padding quietly across the room to where the crib was situated. Peering into it, he was met with his child’s tearful gaze, lip quivering as he lay on his back, chubby arms lifted into the air. 

Jacob chuckled quietly at the sight, leaning down into the crib and picking up the infant. “There, there. It’s alright, I promise.” He cooed, beginning to walk around the room, bouncing the child gently like he had seen you do many times before. 

The baby rested against Jacob’s shoulder, looking over it and around the room with often blinking eyes, fighting sleep as he sucked on his fist, drool getting onto and wetting the fabric of his father’s night shirt. Jacob didn’t seem to notice, speaking to the baby in a soothing voice as he walked over to the rocking chair, sitting down carefully. 

By then, the baby had stopped crying and began to rub at his eyes, head lolling to the side a bit. Jacob knew that he was fighting sleep and had began to sing to his son quietly. 

His voice was smooth and deep, lulling the baby back to sleep easily. Only when he had finished singing did he realize that he had fallen asleep and had once again carefully stood up, carrying the child to the crib and laying him back down, pausing to look down at him lovingly for a few seconds. 

“You know, you have a wonderful singing voice…” You mumbled sleepily.

Real Facts from Episode 205

While The Knick is a work of fiction, it is based on exhaustive historical research. Below, the show’s writers share some of the true facts of the era that are depicted in this episode.

The 1st recorded pornographic film, also known as a “blue movie” or “stag film,” was 7 minutes. Shot in 1896, it was titled “Bedtime for the Bride,” and featured an actress named Louise Willy stripping off her clothing while (presumably) her husband pointedly ignores her.

Pierre Curie, Henri Danlos, and Henri Becquerel began experimenting with radium’s medical uses just five years after radioactivity was discovered. In 1903, Becquerel, Curie, Marie Curie (Pierre Curie’s wife) won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their research.

(Image courtesy of the Burns Archive.)

Thackery prescribes quinine to treat Abby’s post-operative symptoms. The British in India also used quinine to treat malaria symptoms, and would disguise its bitter taste with gin. Thus the enduring classic, gin & tonic, was created.

Still open today, McSorley’s Old Ale House is one of New York City’s oldest bars. (Its exact pre-Civil War opening date is up for debate.) Women weren’t permitted inside until 1970.

The practice of using a telephone to locate shrapnel in wounded individuals was reported in a September 1915 edition of Popular Mechanics. It was a technique used during World War I.

(Image courtesy of the Burns Archive.)