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So I'm learning Italian and I was wondering if you by any chance know if someone has posted the season 2 italian dub online? I'd really love to watch it!

I honestly never looked for it. I’m afraid I can’t help you.
But you can find some clips of the italian dub on Youtube by searching for the show’s italian title, which is “Marco e Star Contro Le Forze del Male”.
Those clips have been usually posted by the italian DisneyXD account.

“Mr. Candle Cares”

“Into The Wand”

“Bon Bon The Birthday Clown”

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'Let's go with the less fancy navy" - an autobiography never by Sidney Crosby. Subtitle: I Like The Grey One As Well. Sub Sub-title: and Black or Midnight Blue for award shows. Describes both his suit and t-shirt collections.

Chapter 1: Crocs Go With Everything.

Saw a post implying that Waititi putting Hela in Thor 3 was like, something unusual that Marvel wouldn’t be going for… The title has “Ragnarok” in it, including Hela who shows up pretty frequently in the comics is not at all unusual, what are you talking about. Also her costume is exactly the same as the comics even if it’s super over the top. I have a feeling that it wasn’t even Waititi’s choice to use Hela but that’s just me


A messy little comic where Otabek calls it out.

Part 6/Part 8

It only gets happier from here, I promise. Next part coming out next week 👍🏾


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Hey! I noticed from my last post about bootlegs that a lot of people are interested in my list, and I recently reached 100 followers so I’m going to do a little bootleg giveaway! I’m going to choose three winners, and those three people get access to my bootleg google drive folder which is constantly expanding!


  • Reblog this post, likes do not count.
  • Must be following me
  • On July 16th I’ll put all the URLs in a randomizer and have it choose three
  • If you win, you cannot give anyone else links to the folder.

If anyone has any questions, just shoot me a message!

Heres the list of boots I have as of 6/28/2017:

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here's some musicals i listen to!!

if theres more musicals you listen to, please add them so i can listen!!! (this can include on/off broadway, disney, and movies!)

• Les Misérables
• Sweeney Todd
• Little Shop of Horrors
• Into the Woods
• Hamilton
• The Addams Family
• Heathers
• Starship
• A Very Potter Musical/Sequel
• Ani: A Parody Musical
• Firebringer
• Twisted
• Holy Musical B@man!
• Avenue Q
• [title of show]
• Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
• Dear Evan Hansen
• The Book of Mormon
• The Lion King
• Aladdin
• Once
• Nightmare Before Christmas
• Corpse Bride
• La La Land
• Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
• Beauty and the Beast

“Wayward Sisters,” is happening!!!!

“According to Deadline, the network is moving forward with a spin-off that focuses on the character of Jody Mills, played by Kim Rhodes. The series will be called Wayward Sisters, and it will focus on a band of woman - led by Mills - who work together to fight monsters and supernatural beings.

The report states that an episode of Supernatural’s 13th season will act as the pilot for Wayward Sisters, and the show will head solo after that.

Here’s the synopsis for Wayward Sisters, as released with Deadline’s initial report:

The project tells the story of Sheriff Jody Mills (Rhodes) and a group of troubled young women, all of them orphaned by supernatural tragedy. Under Mills’ training and protection, these women will emerge as a supreme monster-fighting force. Unlike the original series, which centers on a biological brothers, Wayward Sisters is about a sisterhood of girls in a foster family. “ ~  Comicbook.com

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