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How to Make a Masterlist

Part 1: The Basics

Step 1: Open tumblr on a computer or laptop. It is possible to make a masterlist on a smartphone, but it’s much more difficult and doesn’t turn out as nicely as a masterlist made on a computer. 

Step 2: Create a new post using the ‘Text’ option. 

Step 3: Title your masterlist. 

Step 4: Create a heading. This step is completely optional, but I would recommend this step if you’d like to inform your followers on how often you update. 

Part 2: Organizing Your Masterlist

Step 5: If you write for multiple fandoms, I would start by titling each one. This is optional, but I prefer to make these titles bold, italicized, and I select the ‘Header’ option, although this is entirely optional. If you only write for one fandom, skip this step. 

Step 6: Separate your writing by style. Once again, this is entirely optional. I find it makes the masterlist much easier to navigate, though. I divide my writing into five sections; blurbs, imagines, smut, series, and miscellaneous. If you write for multiple fandoms, make sure to create these categories individually under each header. 

Step 7: List each character who has a post written for them under the proper category. 

Step 8: List all your works under the correct category and character. 

Part 3: Inserting Links

Step 9: Open a new tab, and scroll to the first writing on your list. 

Step 10: Hover over the top right corner of the white box until you see a fold down appear. 

Step 11: Right click the gray fold down. If you are using a laptop without a mouse, click with two fingers at the same time. A pop-up list will appear. 

Step 12: Select the option ‘Copy Link’. 

Step 13: Return to your other tab (the one with the masterlist). 

Step 14: Highlight the title of the link you just copied, and click the option that looks like a diagonal infinity sign. 

Step 15: A blank box will appear. Paste the link you copied into this box, then select ‘Done’. 

Step 16: Repeat steps 9-15 with each writing. This may take a while, but it will make your writings much easier to navigate for both you and your followers! 

I hope this helped anyone who was struggling with creating a masterlist. Please, feel free to let me know if you have any questions or need any clarification! I’d be happy to help. :-)


Diversions (Swesson roleplay)
Not This Though (fluffy curtain fic)
Late Developments (late season first time)
New Wounds (pre-series first time)

Untitled. (post-hunt (v soft wincest))
—–. (public toilet handjob)
—–. (hairpulling kink)
—–. (fingering competition)
—–. (boyking!Sam in hell)
—–. (stargazing + spanking)
—–. (motel morning sex)
—–. (schmoopey old!chesters)
—–. (panty!kink)
—–. (late-season first time)
—–. (rimming in the junkyard)
—–. (rimming in the janitor closet)
—–. (stoner!weecest)
—–. (inappropriate location)
—–. (bathtub + beardburn)
—–. (cabin blowjob)
—–. (writing smut and reading it to each other)
—–. (drunk!Sam and early season UST)
—–. (stanford!Sam phone sex)
—–. (teasing!kink)
—–. (roadhead)
—–. (pre-series voyeurism)
—–. (dirtytalk in Walmart)
—–. (s2 comfort sex)
—–. (12.02 coda)
—–. (12.03 coda)
—–. (after Mary returns)
—–. (post-Wendigo sex)
—–. (handcuffs in the library)

Decided to make a para title masterlist, because, to me at least, it’s very useful for when I can’t think of a title. There are a total of 411 479 585 titles, taken from other masterlists, songs, quotes, and my own head. Eventually the list will updated when I think of more titles. I’d really appreciate it if you liked or reblogged this post xx

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A TRAITS MASTERLIST !  (o*・ω・)ノ☆ミ *:・゚✧

( &&. * ⇄ under the cut you will find 55 underused traits i’ve stumbled upon or some that i just changed around and used bigger words ! each trait will have a description and synonyms so you can have a better understanding of the traits ! i’m hoping that these come off as helpful, and if it does, it’d mean a lot if you liked or reblogged this - thank you ! )

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list of three word latin phrases

i was going to keep this for my own references considering that i like to use latin phrases for my character blog titles, but i thought that i might as well share it anyway. under the cut are some three word latin phrases and their meaning, and more will be added as i find more!

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And A Million More  (my first Dean smut! umm nerdy)
And Beyond (vibrators and spontaneous nooky)
Better Meds (hurt/comfort-y couch sex)
Breathe and Body (breathplay)
Fingers and Red Flannel  (long and a bit case-y? also minor injury)
Front-Seat Quickie (what it says on the tin)
Second-Best Suit (car sex, light bondage, nippleplay) 
Shooting Practice (I kinda think this is my favourite, idk why. sweatpants?)
The First Time
The Last Time
Untitled. (phone sex)
     —–. (slow, purposeful sex) 
     —–. (sex in a police cruiser)
     —–. (ferris wheel)
     —–. (mattress makeout session)
     —–. (porch sex)
     —–. (pregnancy kink)
     —–. (sex with drunk!Dean)
     —–. (motel sex)
     —–. (making-up after break)
     —–. (getting caught by John)
     —–. (dry humping)
     —–. (shower sex)
     —–. (dirty talk)
     —–. (needy, clingy sex)
     —–. (breathplay)
     —–. (sex in a pool)
     —–. (fluffy hurt/comfort)
     —–. (bondage/sub!Dean)

MASTERLISTpara titles

We’ve all been there: you write up a nice para starter, you’re proud of the product and want to post it, but you don’t know what to title your post. Since Taylor Swift’s lyrics are all practically amazing quotes to use, I’ve compiled a list of possible para titles using nothing but her lyrics! Below the cut, you can find 557 titles to use for your paras and selfparas, organized by album. All pronouns can be adapted as needed, of course. Enjoy!

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Secret Project: Ardyn’s Story 2000 years ago

Not really, but like, legit, I never wrote it on here, but I just spewed it all on a RaedwulfGamer’s FFXV stream… But like… I have a pretty sound theory on Ardyn’s backstory… And I’m writing a fic on it… It’s titles are on the masterlist already…

But like, so, I think that Ardyn was a prince of Lucis, but not the sole heir. In fact, I think that he was the younger prince, and he had an older brother named Izunia. Izunia, first born, was supposed to inherit the throne. BUT, Ardyn was chosen by the Crystal. And anyone that the crystal chooses will have first dibs on the throne. So Ardyn is suddenly the heir apparent. But, he also has the ability to absorb the Starscourge… so, Izunia, sits back and bids his time, watching as Ardyn becomes more and more tainted by the Scourge.

But then, when the King dies and Ardyn must ascend the throne, the Crystal renounces it’s claim on Ardyn, and suddenly, Izunia gets the right to the throne again. This is the first thing that Ardyn loses. Then, Izunia demonizes Ardyn, turning the people that loved Ardyn against him. That’s the second thing he loses.

Now, with nothing to live for, Ardyn wishes for death, but he couldn’t even get that.

edit: And all I can remember is Darin De Paul commenting on how human Ardyn was. And in reality, he was the most human in terms of behavior, which is why I can say that it was not rage and spite that caused him to turn evil initially. In order for someone to fall that far from grace, they must have had nothing. And it’s frightening because this happens to human beings everyday. Several strokes of misfortune can truly ruin even the best of us when we have no one to stand by us.

I meant to publish this a long time ago.  Under the cut are 180 quotes from the most popular movies & albums of 2014.  You can use these for bios, graphics, para titles, starters, sidebars, descriptions, or anything else you can come up with.  If you find this helpful, I would really appreciate a like or reblog.  Thanks so much for another fantastic year, I love you all!

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Masterlist: Title - “Always”

As you can imagine, “Always” is a popular title for Everlark fanfics. So presented in alphabetical order are all of the Everlark fics titled “Always.” Just as a frame of reference there are over 8,000 fics with that title on AO3 just not all of them are Everlark.

Please make sure to read the tags and summary before diving into the fic. Some stories may feature subject matter which is not to everyone’s tastes.

As with all masterlists, if you find a story that fits but is not on this list, let us know by sending us a message or fanmail with the story link. Please also let us know if you spot any inaccuracies. Thank you!

Always - adamadillo (Post MJ)

Always - awordfitlyspoken (CF)

Always - bellamortsarmy (Post MJ)

Always - bshine09 (AU)

Always - cinderella girl xx (AU)

Always - dandilyon (Between Victory Tour and Quell)

Always - defibrillator (Peeta POV, Post Victory Tour)

Always - doubleknotted (Post MJ)

Always - effiesmahoganyx (AU)

Always - EverlarkLover1960 (AU) (*Added 12/27/16)

Always - firstjumper-tris (tw: suicide)

Always - goddessoflightandshadow (Post MJ)

Always - hanalovesflowers (AU)

Always - heathenpesticide (After victory tour)

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An Angel’s Grace [Part One]

Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: None, I believe

Word Count: 1321

Description: Reader is already officially mates with Gabriel with all the ceremonies, etc. and can see his wings. He wants to introduce her to his archangel brothers (saying as Lucifer and Michael and Raphael all live together peacefully in heaven). They discover something about the Reader in the process.

Notes: This is totally becoming a series. IF YOU ASK FOR IT. IM NOT SURE YET. said part one in title and added to masterlist under series just in case


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Too Late (Luke Imagine)

Summary: You stumble into Luke two years after your split and manage to crush his heart all over again

Requested? Yes, by an astounding anon

Word Count: Around 2k

Warnings: This is kinda sad and may or may not have made me cry…

A/N: Props to @felicityash for this incredibly cliché title. 

Originally posted by 5sosmfer

Masterlist | Request

Drinking was never something you used to resort to. Well, that was before you met the boy that shook your world to the core.

Starting out as friends your relationship with Luke always felt right. It was pure and you felt good when you were with him. Never in a million years would you have pictured it ending the way that it did.

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Masterlist: Title - “Real/Not Real”

As you can imagine, “Real/Not Real” is a popular title for Everlark fanfics. So presented in alphabetical order are all of the Everlark fics titled  “Real or Not Real,” “Real” and “Not Real.”

Please make sure to read the tags and summary before diving into the fic. Some stories may feature subject matter which is not to everyone’s tastes.

As with all masterlists, if you find a story that fits but is not on this list, let us know by sending us a message or fanmail with the story link. Please also let us know if you spot any inaccuracies. Thank you!

Real or Not Real

Real or Not Real? - adaywithoutsmilingisadaywasted

Real or Not Real? - barnumonthebrain

Real or Not Real? - behind.my.bright.blue.eyes

Real or Not Real? - The Gods’ Quill

Real or Not Real? - catiev

Real or Not Real? - darkdaughter1318

Real or Not Real? - everlarked

Real or Not Real - gamemakers

Real or Not Real? - ginny.potty1993 (features toastbabies)

Real or Not Real? - girlyoudontknowatall (High School AU)

Real or not real? - HorseriderR (Post MJ)

Real or Not Real - ishiptoast (Peeta POV in cave scenes)

Real or Not Real? - iwrite95 (one-shots in alternating POVs)

Real or Not Real? - kyra-sensei

Real or Not Real? - lilyflower.prongs

Real or Not Real - lovely little loser

Real or Not Real? - lucy in the sky with diamonds

Real or Not Real - mrs. astoria m. malfoy

Real or Not Real? - platinumpizzakiller

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anonymous asked:

How do you make a masterlist?

*Make sure you are on a computer or laptop bc this needs to be in a desktop setting*

-Make a post and title it “masterlist”

-Type the title of a story or imagine or blurb 

-Highlight the title

-When you highlight the word, a row of black circles will appear

-Click on the one that looks like a crooked infinity sign

-Paste the link to the story or imagine or blurb

-Hit enter


Domestic Pynch Masterlist

You will see these fics in other masterlists.
*’s mean sexual content (sorry if I forgot to put one in advance)
The info I write for the fics are from the authors post.
If a link or something isnt working, bring it to my attention.

If there isnt a masterlist already out there, and you’d like to see one, you can request and I’ll see if there is enough fics out there for it. If not I will create a mini masterlist.

If you’d like to submit a fic to a masterlist, send in a ask and tell me the title and author please.

Fic Count: 11

Title: Up Yours, Pamela   By  nerdfighterwhatevernumbers  AO3
Summary: Adam goes to his first PTA meeting.
Words: 3k    Warnings: Implied/Referenced Homophobia

Title: Resisting Temptations   By   stubbornjerk AO3
Summary: “We’re gonna be late for school,” he said.
Ronan nuzzled his nose by Adam’s jaw, causing an involuntary shiver to run its course through his body. “Wrong,” he mocked. His breath blew over Adam’s collarbone. “You’re going to be late for school. I’m sleeping in.”

Words:  1k   Warnings: none

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