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LGBT+ korean dramas and movies

In honor of Pride month, I’ve decided to make a masterlist of korean dramas and movies that include LGBT+ characters

I haven’t seen them all so tell me if you think some of them shouldn’t be there and also if you have other to add, just tell me!! I will update the post regularly ♡

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This is a list of 800+ character titles I’ll be continuously updating. The current number of titles will be below the cut, so I don’t have to chase after different version of this. This list is going to be one of unusual titles that you won’t really find in any other masterlist (at least, not any that I’ve seen around), so if you need something more descriptive and unique to use for your characters or your RPG, I’m sure this is a good list for you.

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Updated 9-25-2017


College Professors

Let Me Teach You A Little Something

  • Jimin- A Little Faster Baby
  • Jungkook- I’ll Teach You How To Feel Good
  • Taehyung- Take It Slow Love
  • Namjoon- Here Use This
  • Yoongi- Wanna Join Me?
  • Seokjin- It’s As Easy As Pie
  • Hoseok- Let Me Help

Asking you to start a family

Playing with your baby bump

You bring his Idol crush and keeping eye contact during a sexual performance

Biggest Kink

Cock Blocking

  • Jimin- Dude What The Hell?
  • Jungkook- Just Cause I’m Young
  • Taehyung- Well That Wasn’t The Plan
  • Namjoon- Can’t A Guy Get Some Privacy
  • Yoongi- You Should Be Running
  • Seokjin- Are You Kidding Me
  • Hoseok- That Was Unexpected

My Sick Hyung Jungkook (Sister Scenario)


GIF Sets-

Smut One Shots-


Namjoon- Un-Rude Awakening

                  Too Much? Too Bad!

                  This Will Only Hurt for a Minute (Vampire Smut)

                  Expensive Girl

                  Let’s Try Something New



Jimin- 2J Threesome

           Let Me Show You What I Can Do

Taehyung- Prove It!

Jungkook- Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself

                    Saturday Afternoon

                    2J Threesome

                    Tell Me What To Do

Fluff One Shots-




Hoseok- Scars To Your Beautiful

Jimin- Outcasts Like us Need to Stick Together

            Baby You Didn’t Have To

            I Just Want To Be With You


Jungkook- MAMA 2016 Incident



Diversions (Swesson roleplay)
Not This Though (fluffy curtain fic)
Late Developments (late season first time)
New Wounds (pre-series first time)

Untitled. (post-hunt (v soft wincest))
—–. (public toilet handjob)
—–. (hairpulling kink)
—–. (fingering competition)
—–. (boyking!Sam in hell)
—–. (stargazing + spanking)
—–. (motel morning sex)
—–. (schmoopey old!chesters)
—–. (panty!kink)
—–. (late-season first time)
—–. (rimming in the junkyard)
—–. (rimming in the janitor closet)
—–. (stoner!weecest)
—–. (inappropriate location)
—–. (bathtub + beardburn)
—–. (cabin blowjob)
—–. (writing smut and reading it to each other)
—–. (drunk!Sam and early season UST)
—–. (stanford!Sam phone sex)
—–. (teasing!kink)
—–. (roadhead)
—–. (pre-series voyeurism)
—–. (dirtytalk in Walmart)
—–. (s2 comfort sex)
—–. (12.02 coda)
—–. (12.03 coda)
—–. (after Mary returns)
—–. (post-Wendigo sex)
—–. (handcuffs in the library)

To The Wonder

Pairing: Y/N/Michael

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 1.600+

Summary: A fight between Y/N and Michael leaves her devastated as he has left for tour without a proper goodbye and that leaves her in wonder and sadness of how to get over his actions.

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A TRAITS MASTERLIST !  (o*・ω・)ノ☆ミ *:・゚✧

( &&. * ⇄ under the cut you will find 55 underused traits i’ve stumbled upon or some that i just changed around and used bigger words ! each trait will have a description and synonyms so you can have a better understanding of the traits ! i’m hoping that these come off as helpful, and if it does, it’d mean a lot if you liked or reblogged this - thank you ! )

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Reader’s guide - master list of my favourite fics and writers

So I was originally just making this for myself as a shortcut to author’s I knew I liked in different genres for when I want to read something particular, when I figured why not make this a public post so everyone can access it, right? 

All of the present links are to the blog, fic/series, or master list of a writer whose work I adore and all are marvel/avengers based. If you want me to remove you off this list or even just change the way I describe your work please message me and I will do so straight away. All descriptions are only based on my perceptions of the content there is at the time of making the post.

Like most of our fandom and like my URL, icon, blog description etc infer, I’m a slut for Bucky Barnes and this list reflects that. 

Smut City

@buckysbackpackbuckle - Masterlist - okay so this list isn’t all 100% smut but it mostly is and the smut is just so good. Oneshots and a couple short series, mostly Bucky x reader, other ventures include Peter Parker, Lance Tucker and Bucky x Steve x Reader 

@fvckingbuckyandsteve ​ - Masterlist - Basically the URL says it all, pure smut featuring Bucky, Steve, Bucky and Steve, Seb and Chris being sinful with reader, plus a few bonus Avengers sex drabbles and a Steve x reader x Nat oneshot. 

@actuallyasgardian - Masterlist - mostly smutty one shots and drabbles, Bucky x reader, Bucky x Steve x Reader, Thor x Reader, much great sin.

@sebastiansin-221b - Masterlist - Bucky, Seb, and Chris Evans smut goodness, mostly oneshots, a fabulous Stony smut 

@just-call-me-mrs-captain -Masterlist - so much great smut, largely ft Bucky, Steve, Seb, Chris, bit of Nat bit of Sam + more, one shots series and drabbles and some great Bucky x reader x Steve action. 

@fvckingavengers - Masterlist - pretty much, in my humble opinion, marvel smut queen. In one shots and short series, lots of Steve and Bucky, with some Pitero, Loki, Thor, Nat, Tony and Wanda on the side and a generous amount of reader x two-and-even-sometimes-three-character-action

Fluff Town 

@writingruna - Masterlist - mostly mega fluffy/ romantic one shots + bunch of drabbles feat. so many characters we got: Bucky, Steve, Pietro, Wanda, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, Thor, Loki, Tony

@writingbarnes - Masterlist - I’ll be honest this tumblr has done SO MANY AMAZING FICS I am yet to peruse them all but from what I can tell its basically fluffy or general oneshots and series, including Bucky, Steve, Tony, Thor, Clint, Pietro, Wanda, Loki, Nat, and Bruce sorted into an impeccably presented series of character-categorised lists

@buckyywiththegoodhair - Masterlist - much Bucky x reader fluff series, one shots and drabbles with a hint of Steve here and there and perhaps a love triangle 

@pleasecallmecaptain - Masterlist - Bucky and Steve x reader fluff city one-shots, a series and a pile of dribbles 

@scarlettsoldier - Masterlist - These are all just pretty sweet even if they’re not all overly fluffy its just kind of a happy time. Features Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader and Wanda x Reader


@sebseyesandbuckysthighs - Masterlist - THE BEST AU SERIES YOU CAN IMAGINE: reader x Vampire!Bucky  (I don’t even tend to like AU’s OR series!). Some heavenly Bucky series, many Bucky one shots and some Steve, Tony, and Clint one shots. Angst, smut and fluff, all labelled. 

@backpackfullofplums - Masterlist - fluff and angst and smut, oh my! All Bucky x reader (smut is labelled). Great lil descriptions for each title. 

@buckysplums14 - Masterlist - basically all the Bucky smut and fluff (labelled) you can imagine in the forms of one shots and short series. Features Bucky x reader, Stucky, Bucky x Nat, Bucky x Wanda, Bucky x Reader x Third party 

@after-avenging-hours - Masterlist - smut and fluff and angst (smut not labelled but kinda clear a lot of the time in titles and descriptions). Mostly Bucky, Steve and Bucky and Steve, featuring some Thor, Loki, Bruce, Sam. Oneshots and series. The disney corruptions are an actual work of smutty genius. 

@badults​ - Masterlist - smutty and fluffy one shots (smut is labelled) with a variety of characters including Bucky, Steve, Tony, Pietro, Wanda, T’Challa, Peggy and Clint. 

@marvelfic - Masterlist - smutty and fluffy one-shots and short series (smut is labelled), characters include Bucky, Steve, Bruce and Clint, also features non-romantic Avengers fics.

@stories-from-stark-tower -  Masterlist - one-shots come in fluffy or angst/mega feels with the following characters; Tony, Steve, Bucky, Bruce, Pietro, Wanda, Clint, Nat, Thor, Scott, Loki and Wade Wilson (Deadpool), various drabbles and one Bucky series. 

@mywritingsblog​ - Masterlist - fluff and smut (smut is labelled) with Tom Hiddleston and Sebastian Stan, the actors and various characters they play, featuring reader and various female characters, one shots and series.

@rogersxbarnesx​ - Masterlist - Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers galore, series and oneshots, Stucky and stucky x reader action, and a Wanda Maximoff appearance. Features smut and fluff and some angst (smut is labelled). 

@shieldsshallbebroken - Masterlist - oneshots and drabbles, fluff and smut (smut not labelled), great (and smutty) A/O/B steve x reader x bucky series, links to whopping impressive fics on Ao3

@221bshrlocked​ - Masterlist - Bucky x reader angst, fluff and smut (smut not labelled) one shots and series. Professor!Bucky!! 

@avasparks - Masterlist - Pretty much Bucky/ Seb Stan in many one shots, drabbles, series, featuring AUs, Steve x Reader x Bucky action. Fluff, angst and smut (smut not always labelled) 

@sebbytrash - Masterlist - Mostly Bucky x reader, fluff and smut (smut is labelled), features a bit of Tony and T’Challa with reader too

@bucky-plums-barnes - Masterlist - Lots of cute Bucky x reader prompted drabble, fluff and smut mostly (smut is labelled so are trigger warnings), bucky x reader one shots of the same variety

@imhereforbvcky - Masterlist - Mostly Bucky x Reader, some great series and also drabbles and one shots: angst and fluff but slays me with the smut

Something Different aka “Other” 

@the-life-of-bucky-barnes​ - not fics but Bucky Barnes’ instagram, genius drawings and captions = A+ quality content.

LAST UPDATE: 02/01/17


  • When i say smut is labelled or not labelled I mean from the master list, most of the not labelled ones include warnings or labels once you click on the stories
  • I intend to update this list over time
  • Please message me if you find any links don’t work or have any other issues (eg. see top of post)
  • Anyone is so welcome to message me if you write Marvel fic and maybe would like to be added to the list I’m 100% open to that and always love reading new content!

I honestly just made this for my own reference and convenience but then thought others would possibly benefit from it too so I hope people find it useful

my todobaku fic masterlist

Because I never thought I’d write enough for a single ship to justify this… but i have (*^▽^*)ゞ whoops

Also, who doesn’t need a little organizing and self-advertising, simultaneously??


And A Million More  (my first Dean smut! umm nerdy)
And Beyond (vibrators and spontaneous nooky)
Better Meds (hurt/comfort-y couch sex)
Breathe and Body (breathplay)
Fingers and Red Flannel  (long and a bit case-y? also minor injury)
Front-Seat Quickie (what it says on the tin)
Second-Best Suit (car sex, light bondage, nippleplay) 
Shooting Practice (I kinda think this is my favourite, idk why. sweatpants?)
The First Time
The Last Time
Untitled. (phone sex)
     —–. (slow, purposeful sex) 
     —–. (sex in a police cruiser)
     —–. (ferris wheel)
     —–. (mattress makeout session)
     —–. (porch sex)
     —–. (pregnancy kink)
     —–. (sex with drunk!Dean)
     —–. (motel sex)
     —–. (making-up after break)
     —–. (getting caught by John)
     —–. (dry humping)
     —–. (shower sex)
     —–. (dirty talk)
     —–. (needy, clingy sex)
     —–. (breathplay)
     —–. (sex in a pool)
     —–. (fluffy hurt/comfort)
     —–. (bondage/sub!Dean)

Long-Term Plan With Short-Term Fixes

Pairing: Y/N/Calum

Rating: All

Request: No (But this means a lot to me so please read)

Words: 4.300+

Summary: It’s hard to make a summary for this so basically it’s Calum reliving his worst nightmare of breaking up with you and having to suffer through a very deep and hard heartbreak. 

It was like a strike going through his heart, breaking it into pieces over and over again by every single time that he replayed the horrible scenario in his head.

It couldn’t be cured with a pack of cigarettes like it always would. He couldn’t walk out on the balcony and pretend that nothing had happened because it was such a change that he just couldn’t.

He didn’t want to.

He didn’t want to accept and neither wanted to face reality.

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Going Down? (Elevator AU)

Overview: You’re running late for work when the elevator at your apartment breaks down. The problem? It happens to break down with you and your obnoxiously attractive next door neighbor stuck inside. (Sirius Black x Reader)

Word Count: About 2,100.

Warning(s): Swearing, enclosed spaces, talks of sex, they’re both sort of assholes.

Note: Elevator AU / Modern AU I wrote within two hours or so. They’re supposed to be in their mid-to-late twenties here. Enjoy! (Alternatively Titled: “Ellie the Elevator”)


“Hold the door, please!”

You rushed toward the closing elevator, the sound of your heels muffled by the carpeted floor. With only a few inches to spare, you saw a hand jut out and push the metal door open.

Clutching your purse to your side, you entered the elevator, meeting the deepest pair of grey eyes you had ever seen. With his dark hair and unshaven face, you knew it could only be your notorious neighbor, Sirius Black.

“Hi,” you said, slightly breathless from your run down the hall.

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BTS Reaction| You cumming without permission |

A/N:No problem!💞

Also this is filthy as hell if you didn’t notice by the title :’)



As you reached your climax, you immediately regretted it.

“Y/N,did I let you cum?You naughty kitten.I’m now gonna show you how a disobeying dirty girl should be punished."he whispered into your ear.

As he held you hands behind your back, without a warning thrusted deeply into you,making you escape a moan.

Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie


"You slut!"he shouted as he spanked your already red ass.

"Shouldn’t you ask daddy for permission to cum?"he said with another smack.

He got up,before quickly coming back.

"Now let daddy see you cry."he whispered.

He put one vibrator inside of you,and another

on your clit.

Your whimpers were shushed down by the ball gag.

Originally posted by https-km


"Daddy I’m sorry!"you whimpered as he thrusted faster and faster,even after you came.

"No Y/N,a slut should learn to obey her daddy."he spoke as he rubbed your clit while still thrusting into you.

Originally posted by jungsooneul


"From now on you should know to listen to daddy when he tells you to not to cum."he said while moving his fingers at a speed at light.

You couldn’t even speak,the words being stuck in your throat as you only let out moans.

"That’s right baby,you’re now allowed to cum."he said as he was curling his fingers.

Originally posted by beatriceindre


"Did you just cum?"he said as he stopped eating you out.

"I’m sorry daddy,you’re just making me feel too good."you said between heavy breaths.

He didn’t even say anything as he begun eating you out again,making you see black spots because of the overstimulation.

Originally posted by jimin-bts-trashs


"Did I allowed you to cum baby?"he said looking at you while not stopping fingering you.

"Do you like the sight of me touching you and Taehyung throat fucking you so much that you came without asking?"he said again,moving his thumb across your sensitive bud while still moving his three fingers.

Originally posted by witchybabel


"Oh Y/N…Daddy can’t let you go without punishing you."your boyfriend said as he looked at your wrecked,naked body.

"Should I use this?Or this?"he asked as he showed you a black dildo and a vibrator.

"I think the vibrator is better."he added.

In a second,he put the vibrator on your clit,while grabbing your hips to pound into you.

You only could cry whimpers of pleasure and pain,as your limbs were tied to the bed.

Originally posted by eatupbangtan

⇁ a collection of short stories all revolving around the theme of halloween. the masterlist will be updated as i post ! 👻

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Rock Hard - Tom Hiddleston

N/A: You guys are awesome, y’ know? I hope that God have mercy on my soul and that I haven’t written anything wrong here. but if I did let me know, please. And please, I need to know if I have a chance to improve on this topic or if I should discard of my options! I hope you guys have fun! (I think I shouldn’t be allowed to choose titles) 


It was late at night when you finally came home, tired after the intense hours of rehearsa, you mentally thanked yourself for having the idea to shower and change clothes before leaving your ballet class. You slowly unlocked the door and tried to be as quiet as possible, leaving your bag at the side of the entrance and locking the door again. You got rid of your shoes and walked in your fingertips amid the dark apartment, knowing that your boyfriend would already arrived from his trip and would be sleeping. But then your breath caught in your throat when you arrived in your bedroom doorway, seeing him lying amid your white sheets and being illuminated by the moonlight coming through the open window. You bit your bottom lip admiring his physical exposed and gulped when you noted that he was naked. And awake.

“Tom?” you whispered, feeling the heat rise through your body, an effect that only he could cause on you so quickly.

“Yes, my love?” he leaned on his elbows so he could look better at you, licking his lips before smirking. 

“I missed you.” you lifted a hand to your hair, releasing of the bun and letting it drop on your shoulders. You suddenly didn’t feel so tired, the way Tom stared at you increasing your arousal.

“Show me.” he ordered hoarsely, making you shudder.

“Don’t take your eyes.” 

You smiled innocently, rising your hands over your thighs, lifting your dress slightly before taking your hands to the buttons, opening them up one by one and letting your fingers caress the skin that was being exposed. Your dress fell to the floor exposing your breasts and lace pantie, you slid your hands from your neck to your breasts, caressing them for a moment before sliding your hands toward your panties, playing with it before you take it.

“Stop.” Tom ordered again, making you look up searching for his eyes, smiling when you noticed the lust in his blue ones. “Come here.”

You approached the bed with slow steps, but having time to support only one knee on the mattress before Tom pulled you to straddle his waist and wrap his arms around your back. His mouth went directly to your breasts, playing with his tongue before he pulled your nipple between his teeth, sucking hard. You felt his fingers splaying around your throat, making you arch your neck a little and whimper. Then with a quick movement his body was hovering over yours, his knees pressing your thighs apart, and a  whine scaped from your lips as he quickly tore your lace panties and one of his hand moved between your legs to press against your clit. 

“Are you already wet for me, my love?” Tom groaned against the skin of your neck, you felt him sucking your sensitive spot and you knew that the next day would have a hickey there.

Yes…” you moaned,  trying to move your hips to reciprocate his movement on your clit, but Tom noticed your intentions and pulled his hand away to hold on your thigh while the other hand he used to support him on the mattress. “Please, don’t tease me anymore.”

“You need to behave first, baby girl.” you heard him whisper while grinding down onto your core, you bit hard your lower lip to keep a moan and Tom chuckled, lifting his face to be able to stare at you. “Who am I trying to fool?“

You moaned loudly in surprise when you felt Tom thrust hard without notice, he didn’t wait for you to get used to him and kept moving into you. Your fingers clutched at his shoulders while your body shivered with each deep thrust. With almost a month without him, your body was on fire and completely sensitive so soon you felt contracting around him tightly, and Tom’s eyes rolled back. 

Shit, you’re so damn tighter than before.”  he growled in pleasure,increasing the speed and strength, making the sound of your bodies bumping against each other take the room in mixture of your groans. “I will not last long tonight, my love.”

“Almost… Oh, Thomas.” you mewled, feeling one of his hands between your bodies moving against your clit and your head roll back on the pillows, your lips parted and your moan got caught in your throat as your orgasm came powerful. 

Tom moaned next to your ear when he reached his climax, decreasing slowly his movements until he stopped and fell at your side, gently pulling you to cuddle in his chest. You were silent as you tried to catch your breath and you just giggled when you felt Tom’s heart beat wildly. He kissed your temple than kissed your hair, stroking your face before sliding his fingers up to your chin, lifting your face to look at him. Tom smiled tenderly, leaning to kiss your lips with all his passion and longing, pulling out a small sigh from you.

“God, how I missed you.” he sighed in relief, holding you against his body a little longer before raising from the bed, he picked up his shirt that it was your favorite handing to you so then he could put a boxer, Tom smiled as he lay back on your side and watched you put his shirt. “You’re so beautiful, I really am one of the luckiest men in the world.”

“And I’m one of the luckiest women in the world.” you giggled, lying with your back against his chest so you could sleep spooning and he readily hugged your waist, hiding his face in your neck.

“What would I do without you?”

“You wouldn’t be one of the luckiest men in the world.” you sighed, closing your eyes as you felt him chuckle behind you.

“I love you too, my love.” Tom kissed your neck, and you felt your heart warm. You loved make sex with your boyfriend, but what is really good are the moments that you’re like this.

I know.”

Because finding an otp tag name or one-liner character quotes can be tricky, I’ve decided to collect a few badass ones for you to use. Under the cut you will find a list of #165+ lyrics from JOJO’s incredible album, MAD LOVE. that can be used for muse quotes, ship inspo, verse/otp names, etc. Enjoy and please like or reblog if you find this useful !!

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Emperor’s New Clothes

Tagging: @18crazybutcutealsopsycho

Warning: sounds sorta like incest in the beginning


She’s been there for him through everything, when he rebeled against their brothers and sisters and their father.
She was there when he fell from the gates of heaven and ended of in the deepest pits of hell. He was her brother, her love and her mate.
Their father had made created them to be mates so of course she would stick with Lucifer through thick and thin.
So when he fell (y/n) abandoned her brothers and sisters in heaven and fell with him, even though she hadn’t landed in hell but rather on earth she was still thankful to be close to her mate.
When she heard from a few rouge demons that there was a new king of hell and it wasn’t Lucifer to say she was beyond pissed would be an understatement so when that bitch Ruby came to play fooling that hunter who was addicted to demon blood, and made him kill lilith she was glad.
Not only was her mate free and roaming the earth along side of her now she and up with a plan for him to reclaim his throne in hell and with her along side of him they would be unstoppable.
Now there they were walking down the halls of hell hand in hand. Other demons watched them with fear or bowed down to them, just as they reached the throne room door (y/n) kicked opened the door with her black heel covered foot.
Crowley looked up from the demon who bowing down to him on the floor and toward the couple, a smirk was planted in his face to hide his fear as he smirked at them his eyes ranking over (y/n) goddess like body whiles Lucifer growled. “Now why do I get the pleasure of having two fallen angels here in my throne room?” A cruel laugh left the lips of (y/n) as she walked slowly in a circle around Crowley who was still seated in the throne. “Now, now deary is that any way to talk to your queen after all I got dressed up for this very moment.” Crowley’s breath hitched in his throat but it was silent so no one could really hear it, he cleared his throat and smirked again with an raised eyebrow “And what moment would that be dear-” (y/n) slammed her small hands down onto the arm holders of the thrones chair her eyes screamed anger as she gave a bitter chuckle toward Crowley, “The moment when my husband Lucifer would over power you after all I get dressed up and when I see something I take it and that crown doesn’t belong to you darling.“ (Y/n) hands now tugged Crowley out of the throne and onto the floor his body thumping a few feet away from her as Lucifer made his way up to his wife he sat down in the throne a smirk on his face as he pulled his mate into his lap. Crowley who now was getting up held a look of pure anger in his eyes as he yelled out toward the (h/c) haired angel, “I am your king!” A now amused laugh left the lips of Lucifers mate as she stood up from her mates lap, now stalking toward the demon infront of her, Lucifer leaned back in his chair his leg crossed over the other and his hands folded onto his lap an amused smirk written cross his face while amusement danced around in his cold eyes.
“No sweetheart this is my throne, Lucifer is my king while as for you darling” she smirked an demon blade now appearing in her hands while Crowley eyes widen as he realized what (y/n) was about to do “your no longer alive.” And with that the demon blade was stabbed straight into crowley’s chest, injecting his heart.


Fuck Titles (One Shots):

Let me prove it to you- You and Shawn are FWB’s, shit happens, confessions?

RYAN.- You get back from a year-long study abroad and meet a cute boy named Ryan…little do you know he’s actually superstar sensation Shawn Mendes.

College!Shawn Series:

synopsis: You and Shawn dated in high school, then he left for tour. Now he’s back in University with you. 

He’s Back-Part One. 

Photographer Series: 

synopsis: You and Shawn were in the same friend group in high school, now he has asked you to be one of his tour photographers. 

The Beginning + Amsterdam

Milan + Madrid


London + Leaving

Hogwarts!Shawn Series: 

synopsis: You and Shawn go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He is a Gryffindor, and you are a Hufflepuff. A little bit of unrequited love, anyone?

Jump then Fall


390 Prompts List:

list of three word latin phrases

i was going to keep this for my own references considering that i like to use latin phrases for my character blog titles, but i thought that i might as well share it anyway. under the cut are some three word latin phrases and their meaning, and more will be added as i find more!

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How to Make a Masterlist

Part 1: The Basics

Step 1: Open tumblr on a computer or laptop. It is possible to make a masterlist on a smartphone, but it’s much more difficult and doesn’t turn out as nicely as a masterlist made on a computer. 

Step 2: Create a new post using the ‘Text’ option. 

Step 3: Title your masterlist. 

Step 4: Create a heading. This step is completely optional, but I would recommend this step if you’d like to inform your followers on how often you update. 

Part 2: Organizing Your Masterlist

Step 5: If you write for multiple fandoms, I would start by titling each one. This is optional, but I prefer to make these titles bold, italicized, and I select the ‘Header’ option, although this is entirely optional. If you only write for one fandom, skip this step. 

Step 6: Separate your writing by style. Once again, this is entirely optional. I find it makes the masterlist much easier to navigate, though. I divide my writing into five sections; blurbs, imagines, smut, series, and miscellaneous. If you write for multiple fandoms, make sure to create these categories individually under each header. 

Step 7: List each character who has a post written for them under the proper category. 

Step 8: List all your works under the correct category and character. 

Part 3: Inserting Links

Step 9: Open a new tab, and scroll to the first writing on your list. 

Step 10: Hover over the top right corner of the white box until you see a fold down appear. 

Step 11: Right click the gray fold down. If you are using a laptop without a mouse, click with two fingers at the same time. A pop-up list will appear. 

Step 12: Select the option ‘Copy Link’. 

Step 13: Return to your other tab (the one with the masterlist). 

Step 14: Highlight the title of the link you just copied, and click the option that looks like a diagonal infinity sign. 

Step 15: A blank box will appear. Paste the link you copied into this box, then select ‘Done’. 

Step 16: Repeat steps 9-15 with each writing. This may take a while, but it will make your writings much easier to navigate for both you and your followers! 

I hope this helped anyone who was struggling with creating a masterlist. Please, feel free to let me know if you have any questions or need any clarification! I’d be happy to help. :-)