title makes no sense but it's literally the only halfway decent one i could think of

Glass Menagerie ~ Danny and Sasha

By the time her last lesson of the day had been bundled up into their winter gear and trundled out the door with their parents or nannies, Sasha was praising her own foresight for calling in the takeout order in advance. This late in the day, the building was practically deserted, the older students back in their rooms working on academic classwork and the faculty changing room was empty as she wiggled out of her tights and into a pair of jeans. The stop by her office to grab some paperwork and a few cd’s, and she took a second to adjust the picture frame right next to her computer, smiling a little at the candid photo of her and Mason. It really was clear now, the obvious emotion between the two of them that her mom had un-subtle-y pointed out for years. Slinging her purse over her shoulder, she made her way out onto the busy sidewalks.

The bag of chinese food was both lovely smelling and heavy, and she shifted it in her free arm as she walked the short and still familiar route to the penthouse. It really had been ages since she’d been by, there’d been a quick stop to drop off a bottle of vodka for Austin, but the last time she’d been inside was the day she broke things off with Harry. Sasha took a second to panic and hope he wouldn’t be there, she’d dealt with the emotions but that didn’t mean she wanted to see him after she’d pretty much broken his heart for no apparent reason. Honestly, between the feelings issues with Harry, Austin’s state of borderline substance abuse, and now Danny’s breakup, Tom was the only one of the guys she wasn’t worried about, and she scrunched up her nose as she knocked on the door to the penthouse apartment. They were all adults, and she was being dumb stressing, but that had never stopped her before.